Swaragini (Chand Ka Dusra Chehra) Episode 2


The episode begins with Ragini and Laksh reaching MM, DP comes out of the car and AP stands at the door step with Sujata,
Sujata: JiJi, what happens if Ragini finds out?
AP: Shhh, talk quietly, everyone’s going to hear.
Sujata: But what will happen JiJi?
AP: She will leave Laksh
Sujata: Even I think that too JiJi, I told Bhaisa not to hurry with Lakshs wedding, now only God can handle the rest.
AP nods, she then sees Laksh and Ragini coming, Sujata and AP smiles, AP does the Aarti, Sujata then places the rice pot down and spreads the white sheet for Ragini to walk on, Ragini kicks the Kalash and comes inside the house with Laksh, DP worries.
DP signals Sujata,
Sujata: It’s so late at night right? We will do one thing, we will do the rituals tomorrow, okay?
Uttra: But Maa, why can’t we do the rituals today?
Sujata: Shut up Uttra, look at the time!
Uttra: It’s only 10!
Sujata: Do want us to dance till 1?!
Uttra nods no,
Sujata: Then shut up!
Uttra: But Maa…..
Sujata: If you don’t shut up then I’m disconnecting the video call!
Uttra: No Maa, I was joking.
AP: Give me the phone Sujata and you take Ragini to her room.
Sujata: Okay JiJi.
Sujata gives the phone to AP and takes Ragini to Lakshs room.
AP and everyone talk to Uttra via video call, Uttra waves and disconnects the phone.

Ragini is sitting in her room waiting, Laksh comes in,
Laksh: I’m going out for some work, I’ll be back soon.
Laksh leaves before Ragini could say anything. Ragini lifts her ghunghat and looks on.

Uttra comes downstairs, she sees Swara making dinner,
Uttra: Bhabhi, the smell is nice.
Swara: Thanks, where’s Sanskaar?
Uttra: He’s obviously with our Chotu.
Sanskaar comes with Vivaan,
Swara: There’s your brother and Chotu!
Vivaan: Mamma!
Vivaan walks holding Sanskaars finger,
Uttra: Vivu, come to Bua!
Vivaan lets go of Sanskaars finger and walks to Uttra, Uttra picks him up and kisses him on the cheeks.
Uttra: Bhai?
Sanskaar: Hmm
Uttra: I was wondering if we….
Sanskaar: What?
Uttra: If we can go to Kolkata?
Sanskaar looks at her, Swara looks at Sanskaar.
Sanskaar: Why?!
Uttra: Laksh Bhais got married.
Sanskaar: What?! Lucky got married, when?
Uttra: Today.
Sanskaar: If you want to go then you can but I’m not coming with you!
Uttra: But….
Sanskaar: Please Uttra!
Sanskaar leaves and Uttra gets sad, Swara puts the food on the table and goes after Sanskaar.

Swara comes in the room,
Sanskaar: If your here to support Uttra then I don’t want to talk about it!
Swara: But they are your family Sanskaar and….
Sanskaar: Family?!
Swara: Haa Sanskaar.
Sanskaar: What family?! The family that kicked us out? The family that neglected us? Forget about us Swara but Vivaan? They didn’t even accept him why? Because your half Bengali?
Swara: But….
Sanskaar: No Swara! Vivaan is my everything and where you two got insulted, I’ll never enter there!
It goes into a flashback when Swara and Sanskaar used to be friends until they fell in love, Sanskaar and Swara then made love(consummated before marriage) and Swara got pregnant,
Sanskaar went away for 10 months leaving Swara alone, Shekhar asked her to get abortion done by Swara didn’t listen to him and gave birth to a boy, Sanskaar then comes back and finds out Swara is pregnant, Shekhar then kicks Swara out and Sanskaar accepts her by marrying her, they come to MM and DP shouts at them, then they start alleging Swara and start questioning whether it’s Sanskaars son or not, Laksh stood up for Swara and Sanskaar and Sanskaar leaves to America with Swara and their child Vivaan.
FB ends,

Swara: It’s been 2 years since that happened.
Sanskaar: So what?! They questioned if Vivaan is my child or not, they called you names and what else would’ve I done?
Swara: It’s Vivaans birthday tomorrow and 1 month after is our wedding anniversary.
Sanskaar: I remember.
Swara: At least let Vivaan see our hometown.
Sanskaar thinks while Swara leaves,
Uttra: What did he say Bhabhi?
Swara sits down on the dining table,
Swara nods her head no,
Uttra: Don’t worry Bhabhi, you tried, anyways I can’t believe our Vivu is turning 2 tomorrow.
Swara smiles and nods, Sanskaar comes out.
Vivaan: Daadi!
Swara and Uttra look at him, Swara gets emotional by hearing his words.
Uttra: Haa Vivu, Daadi is at home.
Sanskaar comes out and sits on the table, Swara and Uttra look at him,
There is an awkward silence, they start eating.
Sanskaar: I have booked the tickets to Kolkata for all of us.
Uttra smiles and shouts: Thank you thank you thank you soooo much Bahi!
Sanskaar smiles seeing her happy, Swara smiles too,
Uttra: See Vivu, we are going to meet Daadi.
Sanskaar: But we will not enter Maheshwari house.
Uttra and Swara are shocked,
Uttra: Okay Bhai but at least let mum meet Vivu.
Swara: Haa, Vivaan wants to meet his Daadi.
Uttra: Maa doesn’t even know she has a grandchild, she wasn’t there at that time, she was gone to Rajasthan to meet her brother because he was ill.
Sanskaar thinks,
Sanskaar: Your right, Mom and Dad didn’t know about this because they were in Rajasthan but when we come would they accept us?!
Uttra: Don’t worry, Mom can fight against Bade Papa for Vivu! She doesn’t even know I’m living with you here, she thinks I’m in a hostel!
Swara: When are the tickets booked for?
Sanskaar: Tomorrow morning at 8 and we will land there at 6.
Swara: I’ll start packing.
Uttra: I’ll come and help you.
Uttra takes Vivaan and follows Swara, Sanskaar thinks about Sujata and RP.

Morning in MM:
Ragini wakes up and looks around, she doesn’t see Laksh, she gets worried,
Ragini: Where is he?
Ragini stands up and opens the wardrobe, she sees Morden day Sarees and Anarkali suits, she thinks where did her other clothes go, she looks for her suitcase, she finds it and opens it, she is shocked to only see jewellery inside the boxes and no clothes.
Ragini: Where are my other clothes, I can’t wear Anarkali suits or these modern day Sarees, Ragini thinks what to do, Sujata knocks on the door, Ragini looks back, she thinks where Laksh is gone, he said he will be back soon but he’s not back.
Sujata: Chori! I brought your Moh dikhayi clothes.
Ragini opens the door,
Sujata: Is Laksh in there?
Ragini nods no,
Sujata to her self: How would he be if he’s….
She looks at Ragini,
Sujata: Quickly get changed and we are waiting downstairs.
Ragini: Do you know where my old clothes are?
Sujata: No, are you sure you packed them with you?
Ragini: My Daadi did.
Sujata: You get dressed and I’ll tell someone to search for you.
Ragini nods and Sujata leaves, Ragini then thinks what Sujata said about Laksh, she gets changed and comes out, then the Moh Dikhayi Rasam starts.

Sanskaar, Swara and Vivaan land in Kolkata, they come out of the airport and hire a taxi,
Swara: Where are we going?
Uttra: Home of course.
Sanskaar: You go, we will stay in the hotel.
Uttra: But Bhai….
Sanskaar: That’s final!
Uttra: Okay, I’m taking Vivaan to Mahehswari Mansion and that’s final!
Sanskaar looks at her, the taxi driver starts driving.
Swara: I also want to meet Maa Baba.
Sanskaar was about to say something when Uttra and Swara start singing Happy Birthday to you and Sanskaar shuts up.

Precap: Raginis old clothes are burning outside MM, Laksh comes home.

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Credit to: Halima

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