DEHLEEZ : Mere Dil Ki… part 2

Thank u all 4 your support and lovely comments
This is the 2nd part of my ff deheleez
: mere dil ki and one more thing while writing convo i am using short forms insted of names like
F-swadheenta aka freedom
A- adarsh
S- suhasini

So the episode starts here…..
RECAP : swadrsh helped an injured lady, swadheenta reaches her office

Freedom arranged clothes from a frnd residing nearby, changed and went 2 Suhasini’s cabin
‘’this is the file of a new case I want all the research done by next week ‘’ she said, freedom noded and left the cabin

It was near 3 pm she was working on the new case when her phone vibrated , Adarsh was calling her she picked up
A‘’I disturbed u ‘’
F‘’no u never disturbs me, anything imp or u were free and getting bored and u rang on my no.’’
A‘’ all correct advocate madam’’
F‘’I know that but u know I feel I am cheating her’’
F’’suhasini ma’am , I don’t feel good hiding things from her’’
A’’ 2day onwards u will not feel the guilt I will talk 2 her 2day itself and tell her about our relation ship’’
F’’really  promice!’’
F’’ thank u sooo much’’
A’’ now I will keep the phone som1 is calling’’
F’’OK take care ‘’and she kisses the phone
A’’ u 2’’ both keeps the phone down smiling nd got back 2 their work

It was 4:30 freedom stood and started collecting her stuff nd left with Aanchl. She reached a café and sat Aanchal went home with active.
Freedom sat and made herself comfortable, when waiter arrived with a glass full of water and gave her ’’1 cappuccino nd 1 cold coffee with icecream’’ he said. Freedom nodded positevly.

The order arrived and then Adarsh ’’No not at all u r here at exactly 5’’
A’’ so how was your day ‘’
F ‘’ nothing special I got a new case to assist and yours’’
A’’ congrats! And my day was as usual’’
F ‘’do you remember what is 2morow’’
A’’ tuseday I feel’’ he replies with a grin
By now freedom is disappointed and narrowed her eyes and spoke ‘’don’t u remember’’
A’’u will never let me forget I very wel lremember we met on 2morow 7 years back’’
She is satisfied the finishes their drinks and left.

Swadrsh are sitting side by side on a bench freedom laid her head on adarsh shoulder and his head is on hers they r not speaking just enjoying each others company

Freedom was in class 11 and adarsh was in 12 .the met for first time at play rehearsal 4 annual day. They were the main leads but the irony was they were killed in the first scene it self .as a result the had a lot of time 2 talk
And soon they became frnds, as time passed they shared a good bond and even met many times after play ,but there meetings were rare when adarsh passed from school they didn’t met each other for many months but when destiny wanted them to meet so they crossed deheleez of each others heart many times WILLINGLY OR NON WILLINGLY ’’

Freedom got up and they both started to leaveadarsh dropped swadheenta at her homethey hugged each other freedom kissed her on cheek and left. Adarsh to left 4 his home
Adarsh home
Suhasini is waiting 4 adarsh as they have to attend some marriage so adarsh changed and came to his car

IN CAR while driving
A’’I need 2 talk 2 u something really imp.’’
S’’first answer me. Why were u not taking my calls?’’
A’’oh ! my phone was silent ‘’
S’’in office ‘’ adarsh was about 2 nod when suhasini confronted him and said’’don lie, I called 2 your office they told me u left b4 5 as usual tell me dose it take 3 hrs to reach r home nd that 2 daily‘’
A’’ I was with som frnd ‘’
S’’ daily u meet that frnd ok now tell me truth the frnd I he or she’’
A’’she ‘’
S’’only frnd’’ he stops the car takes a deep breath closed his eyes and spoke
‘’mom believe me she wanted me 2 tell u about this from last 2 months but I did’nt had the courage2 tell u (he takes a very deep breath) I lov her I want 2 marry her ‘’
Screen freez on adarsh tensed face

PRECAP : suhasini’s reply . swadrsh meets at marriage

I need a suggestion plz opt 4 a choice given below
CHOICE1- first I reveal the whole past and then continue the plot OR
CHOICE2 :continue telling past in flash backs
Plz reply and thanx once again 4 support

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  1. Hey its just lovely continue tellin us the past choice 2 otherwise all suspence will ruin .and this is amazing trust me.

    1. thank u

  2. CHOICE 2 will be more interesting but don’t drag it much anyways your ff is good

  3. choice 2 dear


    wow….. i really love it yaar………. swadarsh r already in love amazing. by the way who is this anchal?

    n thanx sweety for the translation……… bcoz of that only i understood the ist epi n 2nd epi………..

    sunna really superb dear………….


    eagerly waiting for next part……. update it soon………….


      and yes i too opt choice 2

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