Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 9)


Scene 1
Swaragini are waiting for Sanslak in the park for one hour. Beside them Sanslak are waiting in the car and enjoying. Laksh says bhai it is so good to see them waiting for us and laughs. Sanskar says it is time to return her and calls someone. Four boys comes to Swara and says ok my darling come to me I will drop u or we go to somewhere. Ragini get up but Swara calms her. Sanskar says go and slap the second girl hard. One guy comes near Ragini and hold her. Ragini slaps him hard and the raises his hand but Swara sprays pepper spray and Ragini splashed the chilli powder on the other guys and starts beating them. Laksh who is watching this says Bhai we are escaped from these Jhansi ki Ranies else Sanskar in terrific mode says ha lucky let’s go else they imagine Swaragini beating them like this and comes out of car. The four guys ran away. Sanslak comes to Swaragini in feared mode and says sorry for the late. Ragini says its ok sanky. Sanskar says don’t call me sanky. Swara says leave it.
Scene 2
Laksh asks what is the matter. Swara says yesterday I had talked to papa. Sanskar asks Wat did he told Shona. Swara sees her hand Sanskar sees the spray and fumbles sssssorry Swara Swara. Swara says ok tells everything. Ragini says so this the matter we have to make them speak. Laksh says its not easy Rags. Ragini fumes and says don’t call me Rags. Laksh starts teasing her and laughs. Ragini’s eyes become red. Swara slowly goes to Sanskar and says Ragini has a bad habit. Sanskar asks what. She says if anybody teases Ragini to the core she loses her conscious and beat the guy. Sanskar is shocked and goes to Laksh tells him everything. Laksh is terrified. Ragini again asks him furious tone and asks what did he told. Laksh says nothing and both brothers ran away to their car and leaves.
Scene 3
Swaragini smiles and gives hifive to eachother. Flashback shows Ragini saw Sanslak in the car and enjoying seeing them. She tells Shona that these guys are again teasing us I will not leave them but Swara says let them do they are for and tells Ragini her plan and smile Flashback ends. Ragini says from now on they will be scared seeing us and leaves.

Precap: Shekar and Do meet eachother in their favorite spot.

By Rini

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