Roshni 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Roshni 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parvati asking the nurse to call her for any emergency case, her duty will be here. She says Roshni made diagnostic team, so she can call her for any critical case. A lady brings a boy there and Parvati checks the boy. She says the foot is swollen. The lady says he has knee pain. Parvati asks did he have sore throat, you should take him to doctor, some bacteria affects kidney, he has kidney infection, he will be fine. Nick asks Roshni not to be too upset, such thing happens in old age and heart disease. Roshni says she shared things with him, Sameer was left by his mum, he made a wall around him. Nick asks do you know so much about him. She says yes, I found a friend in him, he helped me in freeing me from jail, his vision is like Nanu’s.

He says sorry, but I feel bad seeing you sad, we will go for movie tonight. She says no, Sameer is coming today and I have to meet him to give condolence. He says fine, then we will go out. Doodle checks the patient and praises Parvati for right diagnosis. Roshni comes to Sameer and finds him very upset. She cries and pacifies him. Sameer cries miserably. She asks him to cry and get his pain outside.

Nick says he has booked movie tickets and tells Doodle, Rajat and Mona. Doodle tells about Parvati, she always corrects him on her name. Mona says her resume is impressive, she is gold medalist. Doodle says she is good in diagnosis. He says I was thinking to make her join diagnostic team when Sameer joins hospital again. Nick calls Roshni. Doodle asks Mona is this okay. She says yes, I don’t know its impact. Rajat says no talk about hospital here. Nick thinks why is Roshni not taking call, where is she.

Sameer tells Roshni that his dad did not scold him ever, and always supported him with love. He cries telling about his dad. She gets Nick’s call and disconnects. Sameer thanks Roshni for coming. Roshni messages Nick that she will take more time to come. Roshni asks Sameer to give himself some time. She starts leaving and hears a sound. She sees him collapsing and gets shocked.

She makes a call to get ambulance. She calls Nick and says Sameer has got panic stroke, reach hospital soon. She takes Sameer to hospital. She gets his tests done and asks them to shift patient to ICU. Nick and Doodle come and check Sameer. They all treat Sameer in the ICU.

Roshni says she can’t leave Sameer alone. Nick says Roshni feels extra for Sameer, I feel Roshni is hiding something from me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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