Swaragini- Bin tere (prologue)

A man came to a room and open the door
there is a girl is sitting on floor covering her face in her knees weeping silently
Man – are you crying baby(goes to her and try to touch her)
Girl – dont touch me you blo*dy b*t*h
Man – still you are angry its not good you should spend your rest of life with me so…..
Girl – no way im going to spent my life with my soul mate i know he will save me

Suddenly a another man enters

Girl –  (to the man)i said know he will come he came
Pushes the man and run but the man catch her hands and stops her
Man 2 enters
Man 2 – leave her
Man –   in all stories hero fight with villian and took heroine with him but sorry here villian will win
Man 2 – stop your nonsense if you want to take revenge take from me not from her
Man – im not taking revenge im just taking my lo..
Man 2 – hey…..(shouts)
Man – cool down i was waiting for a situation like this now i got it
(To swara)

You know  i always wish to make you mine but this (looking man 2) man came and take you away from me and make you his
(Take a knife and put in her neck) and also put me in jail but im clever i escaped from the jail i also got to know a good news that you are carrying yours and his symbol of love. I cannot digest the fact
Man 2 – don’t do anything to my wife and  child
Man – im sorry if i didn’t get the thing  which  i wish  for then you also no need to get

The  girl was clutching her mangalsutra and closing her eyes
Man – happy journey
He stabs her in stomach
Man 2 – no…….

Is it interesting guys i don’t know you will like it or not but i tried my best
Who is the unknown persons?


  1. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Haww😱😱it’s so mysterious…Plz continue.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.