Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 14

Love is not a maybe thing. You know when you’re in love.
They hear a ruffling sound as if someone’s there swalak look here and there but do not find anyone but then ragsan too hear some sounds weak whispers sanky’s freezed it’s her piyali ……
Rageshwari and swalak too hear her sobs they move a bit further tensed to find piyali trying to move away from uday “just leave me you freak just because we met after years doesn’t mean I’ve changed so just …” she said trying to free her hand from his grip he chuckles “seriously princess !” he pulls her towards him”you just forgot what happened moments ago or is it something called amnesia that your suffering from!” he looks into her eyes as if trying to read them they share an eyelock “just because your handsome doesn’t mean every girl will fall for your tricks it’s a competition and we are competitors so I think you should stop behaving like a majnu !” she said trying to ignore his gaze.

Sanlak have their grips tightened and all ready to rescue their saali when swaragini hold them back
Sanskar miffed “rageshwari..” rageshwari looks into his eyes trying to calm him”let them sort it out sweet heart he won’t hurt her we know him” laksh looks at swarali who nods in concord “he loves her but don’t know y my sweet little sister doesn’t want to express that she feels the same way for him her eyes say it all laksh she loves him……..”
“no I don’t I just hate you uday just get lost !” piyali’s successful in getting herself freed from his grip and turns to see ragsan and swalak who are looking at them . sanskar smirks at her last said words because he knows that the words are just the opposite of what she just felt for him.

Uday holds her again ignoring the presence of swaragini and sanlak “Comeon princess go wherever you want to I bet you till the end of this conquest it’s you who’s gonna confess the truth and yea thank you for the” he lleans cLoser to her ear whispering “ kiss…. “ she goes from there leaving him embarrassed when he looks at sanskar who’s smirks looking at him
Uday “well well so these are the ones who have stolen my girlfriends hearts !” he winks at swaragini who nod at him smiling cutely and moreover blushing

Rageshwari teasingly“I wish you could have done the same daddy would have found at least one flaw inn his all so perfect daughter !” uday shrugged “well that depends now on how the conquest is gonna shape just pray I get your sister as partner you’ll have all of your wishes fulfilled including mine “ he winke at them going to laksh “I don’t think we need any intro “they share a hug laksh whispers “be ware the ball is at the court hope you goal it this time “ he goes to sanskar “sanskar karma right? Udayveer singh “they hug and sanskar whispers “don’t worry the kiss is gonna be a secret try not remembering it when I’m around I’m just a bit too touche’ of my younger saali !” he nods and leaves saying see you at the podium
Swalak go in holding hands while our ragsan share an hug tightly . they stand there close touching each other’s forehead he says”I love you “ she too complies “infinity… “ he kisses her forehead and she turns to leave at a distance she turns back again to see him still standing there signing her to go in she nods and goes ..

At the podium the loud noises have all turned into whispers when the chief consorts enter it has two witches a vampire and a werewolf as the judges for the whole conquest . The host announces the contestants names and people start cheering for their favourite ones the host continues “swarali singhania ! rageshwari singhania and lastly piyali singhania !” the croud goes silent. Swaragya enter th podium smiling brightly at the chief consorts who give them each a small pouch which has the required elements like books for help some healing portions(the pouch is enchanted by a charm spell just like the one hermoine granger has in harry potter series it’s given to all participates as there are vampires and other creatures who can’t do magic so these will help them in critical times )

“THE CONQUEST BEGINS !” and a big whistle sound is blown all the contestants enter the forest area and go to their ways given. No wonder y the forest is chosen as the first round for them it’s so vast that anyone can easily get lost in it. The first round concludes with the finding of the amulet of Zenithar (the money charmed amulet) to be remembered that these amulets can be disenchanted
a few contestants are inspecting the ground as if they’ll find it digged somewhere piyali (to herself)”how idiotic of these people to think that they’ll find the amulet anywhere thrown in these jungles !”
“yes princess your thinking right “smirked uday piyali turned around to find uday throwing the magic pouch up and catching it back again
“y god ji ! y always me!” frowned piyali to which uday chuckled “well that’s because your his favourite little angel my princess !” he winked at her. Piyali

Precap : swara : that’s it and what happened next did anyone find the nine amulets swarali rageshwari piyali what about their love lives??? sanskar nods in a no laksh interrupts:
thats what we are going to find out! ragini looks worriedly at her : at the singhania mansion !

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