Swaragini the beginning…. Episode 11

Distance is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it inflames the great….
Far across the seas away from dehradun away from her… a guy is looking at her potrait it’s her piyali “it’s been years we haven’t met are you still the same miss.dehradun all touche’ for your sisters and family like a lioness a warrior princess but nave and feary infront of your dad well that will be known soon i’m coming get ready my vixen competing with me for the amulets is something that will lead you to lose your heart to me .. he smirked

Piyali’s getting hiccups continuously “uhmm so who’s thinking about my beautiful saali so much that she’s getting hiccups “ said laksh keeping his hand around piyali’s shoulder
“i wonder it’s one of the persons sitting infront of us and glaring me with their eyes and cursing under their breath!” said piyali exasperated. laksh chuckled looking at them swarali’s all bored of and weary even the book seems bored of her and rageshwari ohh my god she looks like a dampsel in distress who has to finish off the book by 12 or the evil sasurji’s gonna eat her raw!
“that was seriously funny dude ” said sanskar jummping in through the common room window laughing at laksh’s thought’s
rageshwari and swarali look at him shocked. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN HERE !” said the two sisters horrified

laksh said mused”dude you don’t even smell dead!”
sanskar turns towards piyali who’s grinning by now “well the credit goes to!” and he doesn’t need to say further
laksh muses “how do you do that always!”
“it’s a charm that’s protecting him that so wherever he goes people won’t know he’s a vampire until the charms working on him well i just thought sisters of mine might want to have some LOVEY DOVEY moments with their gentlemen’s before getting officially blown off by THE TRIWIZARDS CONQUEST !” piyali shrugged. Rageshwari and swarali hug her tightly
sanlak in unison “AWWW girls y so emotional !”
piyali chuckled “and that’s not all, looking at your better halves spell sense now only it’s sheer love luck and your prayers that are gonna save them so do pray for my sister’s !” and she left from there trying to give them some privacy.
Piyali’s up at the terrace watching the stars remincing her mom and bhabhi “i love you both be with me always” she said a tear escaping her eyes and caught by a hand it’s him her backbone her lifeline her vijay banna…

“do you like breaking the promises i gave to mom and mehak ” she looks at him wiping of her face he keeps his hand on her head and shakes it lightly “the promise that i won’t let any sorrow come to you ” he smiles at her and she hugs him saying softly “i just miss them ..”
so it’s night all drift into their sweet dreams while i give you guy’s some info on the TRIWIZARDS CONQUEST well it sounds really big and it is the conquest to occupy the worlds most powerful nine amulets. this occurs worldwide once in every 25years here any creature can participate but it’s mostly wizard’s. the journey begins at a specific point from where the contestants all alone have to search for the nine amulets of divine the one who conquers the amulet’s of akatosh the strongest one which has the power of increasing the person’s magical abilities to multiples of hundred once conquered there’s no other person in the world who can destroy him/her in short he would be the world’s most powerful creature but then it’s nearly well i don’t say completely though but yeah nearly impossible to get it hence in last 1000 years there’s noone who has got it the competition itself is so dangerous that there’s no guaruntee of coming back alive once u’re in, either you do or die or you back off and just loose your existing powers too !

thanq so much guy’s for the comments i’m sorry for being super late in submitting the epi, was a bit too busy this weekend hope you guy’s like it 😉

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