Swaragini Analysis (request to the readers)


A small request to all swaragini fans keep quiet please. How can you all chatter so much???
Some fans will bash Helly some will Tejaswi. I hope you all will keep quiet after reading this analysis.
Why don’t you all cooperate and watch the serial peacefully? Helly and Tejaswi don’t fight like you all do. It’s better to be friends.

Now coming up to the FANFICTIONs…
The One’s who write ff’s there’s a kind request….
Some of the ff writers, actually famous ff writers like Meher, Anjali, Eva, etc…. I didn’t mention others sorry. But don’t think this message isn’t for you all.

You all are too much? Don’t you think??.. Really? You all wait for others to read & comment on ur ff’s why don’t you all comment on their FF’s?
I know their FF’s aren’t good as urs but still that’s called courtesy. I know u all must be busy. But all the time u aren’t right? Can’t u all take out some time and do this?? As I am a SwaSan fan I’m putting only those ff writers name..

It’s a kind request for the readers, if ever you find that they read ur story & didn’t comment then don’t u dare comment on their ff. Anjali when ever I look onto ur ff at least 100 comments are there? Isn’t it??… Then why don’t you comment for others ?? Hmm?…..

From now on If they don’t comment u all too don’t comment in their FF’s. Let’s see how will these people react??
Why don’t you comment??

Do comment guys. How much does it cost? Only 1mb may be or less than that?
I hope you guys look into the matter
Thank you.

Credit to: Anonymous

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  1. Good one?

    1. Thank you so much

  2. Sorry Meher di, sorry Anju di….but I guess this ‘anonymous’ is true.
    Anju di u, and Meher di u, u both have been one of my many inspirations here on TU….and u know what? I wait for u all day long that one day u will comment….but u all don’t.
    In my OS also, I got 83 comments, but I was still waiting for u both. In my FF, I just wish that one day, just one single day U both comment on my FF also. Trust me, it ain’t very bad. I toh even wonder if u both at all read it. U all have a family or something like that I guess, with Anju di, Meher di, Eva…
    Oh, how I wish I was a part! But, dreaming is never offensive! Maybe u all are too busy with ur hectic schedule, but one chapter costs u how much di? 3-4 mins at the most. I am a girl of grade 8, and the amount of homework is really hectic, still I post episodes, expecting that today I’ll get 35+ comments at the least. But no! It won’t rise above 25! I put in all my efforts, and I DON’T make any grammatical errors. None, I swear! I try to make it as perfect as possible. It hurts di, it really hurts. Writers like Jwala di, Affa di, Shatakshi di, Sayeeda di, Saby di (last three of TEI ff’s) they also comment. Even they get 60+ comments, then how do they comment? Meher di and Anju di, u both comment on Eva’s ff, I know, but she ain’t the only writer here u see. Anyways, m NOT forcing u both to comment. I know u both are independent to choose where u will comment and where u won’t. No offence please!
    And coming to the writer, thanku so much dea…I so longed to say these words, it really hurts I know…it hurts a lot…
    Thanku dearie…u toh like stole my words…love u dear for saying these words…
    And once again…I didn’t want to offend anyone…

    1. Anisha

      Ladoo!! Rula dya mujhe…
      Somewhere you are correct too…

    2. Thank you so much…..

      Well said… It hurts everyone so aaj ke bad no comments for these people… ??????

      1. anonymous aap karna kya chahte ho..? r u tryin to create a fight .?
        and ladoo aap kite logo k liye comment karte ho..?

    3. Mavo

      well said

  3. Sumeeta

    ye kai hai ????

  4. anonymous pehle aap batao aap koi story likhre ho kya..?
    dusri bath sab writers comment hungry nai hote ..some are serious writers who write for themselves..
    aur aap khud batao roz ite stories ate hai sab par comment karna possible hai kya..?
    thirdly jab kisi ko comment karna hai toh wo kar lenge aap unko compel thodi kar sakte hai like meine kia toh aap b karo kinds..its not done..
    aur rahi bath anjali meher n sab ki toh i would say k wo likhte hi ita acha hai ki readers cant help but comment..
    i have been on this site for 6 months approx and have followed them ..n trust me they are too good..
    i just would like to say k aap story ko enjoy karo and mann karein toh comment karo ..not just because u want a comment back in return..
    no offense to anyone

    1. Mavo

      hey dear u r right but everyone else is also not wrong… u know its human naturenature to expect…

    2. Mavo

      hey dear u r right but everyone else is also not wrong… u know its human nature to expect…

    3. Dear stoneheart, u might be asking that for how many ppl I comment. So let me tell u that I comment on every TEI & SR fanfiction I read. It’s true that I don’t read all, but I read most of them, if u want I will comment on each and every ff from now onwards. But u know what dear stoneheart? U r blaming anonymous for creating a rift. But I wasn’t fighting or whatsoever. I was jus guving my views. Everyone is free to do that. And I yet again said no offence….if u felt bad I’m sorry.

  5. Mavo

    hey guys h r u all?
    Well I’m also a writer and I really felt bad… I’m so sorry I also don’t comment as I’m really busy and I hardly get time to even reply on my ffsffs… today when I read this I felt bad that I did this because lots of people comment on my ff.. the one “His Lust Or Love” & “Infinite” is my ffs… I felt guilt that I don’t even read any ff I’m so sorry guys I really am… Honestly I never have read ff of Meher, Anjali & Eva… I know they must be good that’s why u guys like them this much but o want to say that they r famous because of u guys even me I’m famous maybe and that’s all because of U people… We just write but we become writer because of U… I have wrote 10 stories 2 r still going and I have also wrote one 2 shots story and one 1 shot story… I have done this much because of u guys and I love u all… I won’t promise but I’ll to comment and thanks to all of u ??

  6. Anjali,Meher and Eva r excellent writer….they have a busy life….Meher and Anjali r college students..and Eva is a school student….u can’t expect so much from them…they receive many comments…becuz of their writings…i may sound rude but..maybe their ffs r awesome compared to others ones….and people r compelled to comment…if other writers do something like that..then they will even receive comments…ismein yeh tino kya karsaktehai…yah koi bhi kuch kese karsakta hai?They post once or twice…a week…so u all must be understanding…how busy they r…they don’t get enough time to reply to the comments on their own ffs…and u r saying that….don’t compel them to comment by telling them like this..use your story whoch compels them to comment….kyuki kehte haina..samma mangne seh nehi milta..kamana padhta hai….sorry for being rude….i know these 3 writers..and they have faced a lot..and they have overcome all the difficulties..that’s why they r here….its not easy to be Anjali,Meher or Eva…..i’m three of them’s fb friend…so i know this..hope u all understand…

    1. R u jealous of these writers?Bhikariyo ki tarah comment kyu mangte ho…acchi baat nehi hai yeh…they may have their own reasons…..khud accha likhoge toh aise hi miljayenge comments….jitna dimaag yaha usekiya..utna ff peh use karliya karo….and miss anonymous….the 3 writers..jitka name tumne liya hai…they never write for comments…these 3 writers..r the stars of TU….they have the talent..that’s why they get comments….they write for themselves….aagar aisa nehi hota toh bash hone peh bhaag jatee….and laddo ji app….app kitne comments karti ho?Aur apko badhi problem hoti hai ki Anjali aur Meher Eva ke ff peh comment karte hai..maybe her writing is extraordinary…..apne app ko behtar karo….naki dusro ko badalnekeliye karo…..seriously..fight karwadoge app yaha..wesehi kya kaam saha hai inn loogo ne…jo aur taklif dena chahte ho?Unka maan karega toh comment karege..aisa bhi hosakta hai ki yeh koi ff parte hi na ho…..so u cant say anything….without knowing…

      1. RiSha

        Pls don’t reply like this…. Bhikhariyo And all that… It’s really humiliating…. If u don’t like the article PLs don’t comment Ms. Siya…. Got that?… It’s better…. I didnt read the later part of your comment bcoz I felt disgusting!!

  7. Vyshu10

    To all writers….please don’t feel bad for the criticism and by the number of comments. Write for yourself, write for your loyal readers, write for your silent readers. Get inspired by the support you get by your regular readers and enjoy writing!

    1. so true

    2. Ameera

      very true. agreed

  8. Dr those 3 writers can’t read each nd every ff nd comment on tem…nd coming to cmnt in eo ff’s tey r frnds so tey reading nd commenting…if u want tem to read ur ff just cmnt on their ff’s asking tem to read. Instead of posting articles like tis…

    Nw I saw sme cmnts abve scolding tis kiddo(schl gngs grl)c she s nt dng to get mre cmnts r attract readers tiz article itself proves hw she inspired by those writers nd love towards tem ..anjali,eva,meher plz do read ff’s of these kind of budding writers nd inspire tem wen u r free..even wen she got nil comments frm others ur oly comment can encourage her nd bring happiness

    Hope I didn’t hurt any

  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    After reading this article I feel so bad thing is I read a lot and a lot of ffs but for last few days I could read very few ff due to my busy schedule and also couldnt publish my ff soon but I dont comment regularly because I m too lazy really your article is an eye opener for me and I myself write 3, and yes I do read some ff I dont comment because I m too lazy and u all rock
    (P.S. Not a Swaragini show fan, I like swasan and ragsan so I read their ffs)

  10. Anjali30

    Well, Someone told me about this analysis so I decided to come and check myself.. Because I dont really come on TU during the week anymore…

    first of all, telling that i don’t comment bcos i think reading others’ ffs are worse than mine… that’s absolute nonsense.. i have never.. not once mentioned that mmai is better than others. The readers say that.. but i never thought that way and still don’t…

    laddoo, i’m so sorry that i haven’t read ur ff or os… if i had known, i would def tried and read it during the weekend.. i never knew u wrote…
    i stopped coming on tu bcos it was really too distracting!! I do have a busy schedule and what time i have free, I spend it with my family and try to write…

    I know I’m in the wrong here and I should try and read ffs here.. i actually don’t read anything nowadays.. meher tells me when she posts and i come.. Many others also tell me when they’ve posted and I read most of them and give them their feedback, either on fb or tu..

    i don’t think of myself as an inspiration.. so i didnt realize that u would want me to read that badly…

    laddoo again. im really sorry… ill read ur ff.. maybe not during the week but during the weekend surely….

    And anonymous! I get y u think this is disregard of courtesy but its not intentional.. I have a 5-8 day during the week.. then come home and record work…
    It is not too much… if u had been here about 2 months ago, u could have seen that i always used to comment in how many i read… I’m just not able to manage anymore…

    as for not commenting in my ff… I am not going to compel you… If you ppl think I’m in the wrong and dont deserve comments, fair enough.. I will not force you all… Comment if you feel mmai is worth commenting!

    Sorry that I haven’t been reading any ffs here.. I will certainly do my best to come here and comment… but don’t.. please don’t think of me as ur inspiration and role model…
    bcos as honoured as i am, i dont deserve it.. and holding that responsibility is a different kind of burden…

    So pls read my stories if u like it.. be my friend.. talk to me freely… or any of us.. meher, eva anyone really… don’t expect too much from us though… we are not great… We are ppl like you…

    1. Anjali di…u r saying sorry? U r forgetting or what?
      U r my elder sister….and hope m ur younger sister too…
      Di…u shdnt be feeling bad for this at the least…
      It’s my fault…
      I shdnt have said this
      Oh damn my words
      Sorry di…m sho shorry
      Please forgive this younger sister of yours….plssshh
      And m not forcing u to read my FF….read only if u wish to. If u find it not so worthy, don’t read it. M telling u, DON’T read it.
      And if u really wanna read it, lemme tell u that I post only on Sundays. Anyways di, m sorry yet again for my words. M really, genuinely sorry. Forgive me if m really ur younger sister.
      And u dnt need to be sorry. I know u r a busy lady. My words….uh…plzz forget them and forgive them.
      Loads and loads of love…

  11. Meher

    Firstly sorry laddo for not commenting.. And sorry for hurting you but it wasn’t intentionally. I will definitely read ur stories as soon as I get time.

    Well ,I make sure I comment on every chapter I read.. I was never a silent reader on TU. But I actually don’t read any ff now, itz not I don’t want to read itz cz I don’t get time. I hv back to back lecturs from 9 to nearly 4 in between i got ‘free’ time of 20 mins.. I got only one off in a week that is Sunday. I hardly post twice a week. I have subjects like law and tax which demands hardwork. I have hectic schedule. Anjali’s schedule is more hectic.

    Rahi baat Eva ke ff pe comments krne ki so I was never a regular commentor of hers too. I comment either cz I read that chapter (which was rare) or to reply the bashers. To be honest i don’t even know her new ff’s name!! I don’t even read anji’s new one shot or the second part of two shot. n Eva too don’t comment on our ffs.

    N dear Anonymous Commenting on our stories is completely ur own choice we can’t compell you or anyone else . We never ask for comments.

    We all are fans of swasan like you all. We all are friends. aren’t we .Please don’t expect too much from us..

    No hard feelings

    Love meher?

    1. Meher di I repeat the same for u.
      U should not be sorry.
      I guess I flowed away with my emotions and blurted out wrong things.
      M really sorry for that.
      And u don’t need to read my FF. M again telling u don’t need to. And secondly, that day I was in a real bad mood as the number of comments in my FF were facing a drastic dropdown. Anyways, di, m really sorry if I hurt u. U don’t need to read my ff, and I really love u…?

      1. Meher

        Dear one side u r calling me di n other side u r saying sry itz not done.. u r my lil Sissy n u hv full right to say anything I repeate anything to me.. so how could my sister’s word hurt me? That too so innocent one. N lemme tell u one thing.. if u get 10 comments on ff then trust me there are 40 more ppl reading that who will never ever broke their silence.. cz of their own reasons so it’s fine..

        I too love u baby!! ???

  12. Eva

    Anonymous..I’m really sorry..that I don’t comment on any ffs..but the truth is i don’t read ffs…as…i’ve having a very hectic schedule…u see..I’m not posting my new ff too…

    Meher and Anjali comment on my ff to answer the bashers..as they know very well that i never reply to them..they r just keeping their friendship…but as Meher and Anjali said..don’t expect to much from us..we have a life…a busy one..and we can’t compel someone to comment..nowadays..i rarely visit TU..

    We r no ones role model…or inspiration…we r humans..just like u all..I don’t comment on Anjali or Meher’s ff…I have my school from 7am-3pm..and them from 4-9 tuitions…so..plz understand…..so sorry once again..and yes..I’ll definitely comment on the ff I read….I’m never a silent reader…so if I don’t comment..that means..i don’t read it….plzzz..don’t expect so much from us…sorry if my words have hurt anyone here..

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