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At nursing home, Akshay comes to Vijay’s cabin and asks if his ordered medicines came. She says he already asked thrice and she replied him. He says he forgot. She says it usually happens when heart things someting and brain something. He says nothing like that and asks when did she buy her purse last, it is old. She says she does get free time from work and household chores. He says she should find time for herself also and leaves. She gets emotional and says thank you Akshay.

At Nandini’s house, Irfan says he is going for work. She asks him to finish yesterday’s leftout icecream and gives it. He asks her to feed him a spoon, it will become more sweater. She smiles and says he is always romantic. He starts conversing. She gets angry. He thinks even in her anger,

her love is seen.

In the evening, while Vijaya is busy in kitchen with Naani, Akshay comes and asks them to come out. He shows different bags and says he bought them for Vijaya. Neeti says they are very beautiful and now mom can take different bags daily. Vijaya gets emotional and Naani thanks Akshay. In the morning, Vijaya asks Akshay how this bag looks, he says nice, she picks another bag and asks how is this. He says it is more nice. She says he is trying to make her happy. He says he is not, he is telling truth and as Neeti said, she should carry different bags daily according to her dress code. Vijaya smiles.

Nandini while cooking reminisces Vijaya telling that she and her husband built Thakur nursing home togethe. She goes into flashback where Akshay says he is going home and will speak to his parents about them. She asks how his house looks like. He says like usual house. She asks to be specific. He says a big lawn then 4 rooms, kitchen, and garden around house. Nandini emotionally says she lived in hostels all her live, after marriage, she will decorate her house according to her taste. Akshay says as she wishes. Nandini comes out of flashback and thinks Akshay left her for money. Irfan comes back and asks if food is ready. She says yes. He sees her crying and asks who is he. She says it is none of his business. He asks till when she will be on medications and till when he will teach her, she knows it is very dangerous to get into depression often. She shouts not to interfere in her personal life and says he does not have to treat her. He angrily goes and packs her bags. She stops him and apologizes and runs into her room.

Akshay at night sitting in study room thinks Nadini is also married and happy with her family, it is good for him. Vijaya asks if he did not sleep yet, after surgeries at nursing home, he is reading medical journal, he should read other magazines also. He smiles and asks if Nandini is married. She says she does not think so, on her profile, her name is Ms. Nandini Bhatt. She asks why he wants to know. He changes topic and says he does not like politics and movies, so he reads medical journal. She says she needs to learn from him a lot, he knos how to change topic if he does not want to answer.

Naani and Neeti plays with ball at home and ball hits Akshay, Vijaya and Neeti’s family photoframe. They both get tensed.

Precap: Ifran gives rude answer to Nandini and says he learnt it from her.

Update Credit to: MA

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