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Ragini and Laksh are going somewhere. Durga Prasad asks Ragini where she is going? Ragini says she is going to doctor as she is having headache. Laksh says he is taking her to hospital. Swara says she will not bear anyone and will tell truth to everyone. Sanskar stops her. Ragini asks Swara to come with her. Annapurna tells Durga Prasad that she don’t want to see Ragini’s face. Durga Prasad says we will come out of this drama. Swara asks Ragini and Laksh, why they are acting. Laksh asks her not to tell anything to Ragini and says she wants to rectify her mistakes. Swara asks him why he is supporting Ragini in her lie. She says do you think that I will change my decision. Ragini says I don’t have any option left. She says you can’t do repentance by lying. Sanskar says my lie was not stretched

for long. Swara asks him, why he stopped her from saying the truth. Sanskar says it would have been embarrassing for us as Laksh already said that he is taking Ragini to doctor. Laksh says you also wants this as you want Swara to be your wife. Ragini asks Swara to give a chance to Laksh. Swara says never.

Laksh says when you can forgive Ragini, then why not me. I can forgive her, but can’t give her place in my life as I always love you. Ragini says I will get more peace by uniting you. Swara says I am tired of explaining to both of you. She says she can’t support them in their lie and will inform everyone about the truth. Laksh says okay you can tell, but then you have to see my dead face. He emotionally blackmails to commit suicide. He says if you don’t stay in my life then this life will not be there. Sanskar asks what you are saying? Laksh says you are also responsible for all this as you is the one who started the conspiracy. Swara asks him not to emotionally blackmail her. Sanskar tells Swara that Laksh is not lying and is serious. Swara comes inside the house.

Swara tells Annapurna that they have returned as Laksh took Ragini to hospital. Sujata asks her to have food. Swara refuses. Sujata asks Sanskar to have food. Sanskar also goes to his room. Ragini tells Laksh that Swara might be worried about him and realized love. Laksh smiles. Ragini holds his hand and tells that they shall go on a long drive as Swara told family that they went to hospital. Laksh agrees. Ragini asks do you belief that I am repenting for my mistakes and want to unite you both. Laksh says not now. Once he sits in car, Ragini says we have to spend life together and I will wait till that day. It is really enjoyable to wait.

Swara thinks what does Laksh wants in life. She says Laksh is supporting Ragini now and says he is very confused. She says why don’t he understand that I don’t want to return in his life and says she shouldn’t have lied. She tells Sanskar why he is silent. She says she needs his help. Sanskar asks her to be silent, makes her drink water and says I know you are very tensed. He says there is one solution to your problem.

Ragini and Laksh comes back home and see some stuff. Parineeta tells them that Swara is going back to her house as everyone know the truth now. Parineeta says Sanskar told them that he don’t want to keep marriage with Swara. She says Swara went to temple now. Ragini tells Laksh that she doesn’t understand why Sanskar is doing this. She says how can he separate two lovers. He will be great in Annapurna and Durga Prasad’s eyes, and says it will be his benefit. She instigates Laksh against Sanskar and fills his ears. She says if Swara goes from this house, then she will never get back to you. Laksh thinks how can his own brother will stoop so low to get Swara and is angry.

Swara dances with Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor in the temple.

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  1. laksh is planing to keep sanskaar away from swara’s life to prevent her bonding developing from further with sanskaar.. and one side ragini wants swara and sanskaar seperate as she is jealous of how much sanskaar lovesher sister. both raglak target is sanskaaar now…. raglak want swasan seperate….

  2. week spoilers;
    10th nov: sonam kapoor and salman khan join everyone and promote their film. later, swara threatens to leave the house but lakshya takes a drastic step in ordered to stop her.
    11th nov: ragini tells lakshya that it is not wrong of him to lie as evrythingis fair in love and war. later, lakshya asks ragini to help him out . does she have something planned?
    12th nov: swara tells sanskaar that she will give lakshya a chance. sanskaar is devastated but wants her to be happy so decides to help her out. what will happen to sanskaar now?
    13th nov: lakshya, ragini and swara leave for the formhouse. annapurna and sujata follow them in another car as sujatha believes something is brewing with the couples.

  3. accrdng to week spoilers after swara meet salman she decides to give a chance to lakshya it means swara doesnot realise her true love…??? confusing… sujata having doubt with them…. both raglak target is keep swasan seperate..

  4. Swasan fn shld start wching the show agn,coz fr wht they r wtng is now going to happen vry soon.writers l know its swasan BT don’t DRG to mch mke it fstr. Love swasan swasan rocks. Mde fr each othr. N vry vry vry …….vry ………..hppy to see them togthr.

  5. waiting for swara decision laksh or sanskar hope she select sanskar who truly loves her from heart better swara,sanskar and laksh tells that ragini regained her memory and throw her out of her house this will be the best decision

  6. Hey jyo thanx fr d spoilers n i agree wid ur second comment
    Lagta hai k swasan or raglak ye chaaron hi puri tarah se paagal ho gye hain ek doosre k liye
    Arre yaar ek baat samajh nhi aayi k aakhir ye rags chaahti kya hai???????

    1. Rags is taking revenge from sanskar lakshya and swara cuz they revealed her thruth

  7. Hi guys I m watching dis serial daily… ragani tum kub suderegi ….swara ur given second chance.. but…? I love guys all team members rocks ☺ I have doubt first love is best love never forget anybody.but swara how is it possible ur forgetting ur first love itana short time..ya I cpt shanker is nice person.. dat mean u also love karlo yasi naahi hey naa.. shanker loveing u not u.OK leave it sansker first love kavitha usike liya pura family ki sat bura karadiya..abhi change hogaye ok.ragini first love laksh isekiliya tum ne marineke kosis karare …abhi laksh first love tum he is also doing fight… wt abt ur love ur not loving laksh..ragini mapkariliya, sansker frnd ga ACPT kariliya…wt any laksh swara. ur given second chance but laksh kitana dur bhag jate tum swara.ragini never change her mind ..laksk bi aabhi aabhi change ho rey.

  8. Swasan hd gud chmtry n strng bnd that to ionic bond sanskar like sodium nswara like chlorine as San… Is always scrifycng fr hr n swara alwys seeking help from sanskar BT they will together from gud condcter of love.

  9. Love u swasan.

  10. Swasan forever, swasan rocks.?

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