Azad aur Zoya ke Beech… Pyaar ya nafrat…

Hi friends..
I hope that u all love azad and zoya from qubool hai. We enjoy their funny fights, intensive love, their chemistry,etc… I just wanna recreate that love

magic. U r gonna see the charming zoya and rude asad. Hope u all enjoy..

A car is shown driving at full speed with perfection and the car is parked at Airport in most stylish way.. Asad is out of the car and wears his

coolers and walks inside the airport(azad bgm plays). He is carrying a board with name “Ms.Zoya Farukhi” and waiting for her arrival to pick her up.

A plane is arrived and zoya steps inside India. She removes her coolers and feels emotionally attached with India.(zoya entry tune plays) She thinks

“hope I will find all my past secrets which is disturbing my present. I wish I will find my biggest happiness of my life here.”

In airport azad is standing in front of the way. A child spills water near him and someone’s driver carrying the board with name”Mr.Thappu” slips on

that water and falls on Asad. their name board gets exchanged and asad doesnt realize this. The name board having zoya’s name gets damaged

because of water. so driver also cant able to realize. Zoya is searching for azad and comes towards azad unknowingly. zoya also slips on that water and

falls towards Asad. Asad catches her (mitwa plays).. eyelock..

Asad: dont you see and go?
Zoya: sorry. I didnt see water on the floor.
Asad: girls like you never learn to watch ground and walk.
Zoya: allah miya..! wats wrong with u?? girls like me means..?? u r seeing me first time how could you judge me?

asad gives angry look and says “whatever..” and starts to leave.

zoya: excuse me mr.gussa wala… I dont know why people in India are so judgemental. while seeing u , i want to say a shayari..
” khana ke saath khathe hai papad…
Mr.thappu se aapko milna chayiye ek thappad..”

Asad: whos is mr.thappu??
zoya laughs and says : dont you know the persons name whom you have to pick up.. ? she laughs funnily and leaves from there.

Asad sees the name board and realises tht name board got exchanged..

Azad angry face and zoya’s laughing face is shown in split up screen….

Precap: Dilshad and najma receives zoya. dilshad says to azad that zoya is nice girl..

Friends.. this is my first story. if u like this episode.. do comment here..

  1. HBD NiTi the doll ILYSM

    Awesome!! Loved AsYa!! Thnx fr writing this story!! Miss the old rockin qubool hai!! Superb shayri! Love zoya’s tune n mitwa ofcourse!

  2. asad and zoya is my favorite Jodi

  3. Nice ! ♡
    Actually its asad not azad

  4. My favourite couple is ksg and surbhi
    Just love tgem ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

  5. liked zoya’s entry scene and shayari

  6. thank u guys.. stay tuned..

  7. 10q frd kalai. I love this story. I love asya and i am also miss them. Wow i imagine the scene what u wrote. It’s realy amazing. Keep it up

  8. Sugarplumprincess

    Awesome… kepp it u…
    We want more!

  9. Awesome, please continue

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