Swaragini 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shekhar hearing Dadi talking to nurse and asks what she was saying? Dadi says I thought Sumi went to hospital and called there. Shekhar says we will search her. Sumi cares for her baby while the lori is played in the background. Lady beggar comes there and thinks why this lady took this baby. She sees constables and gets worried. Constable asks Sumi, if she is stealing the baby. Sumi nods no and hugs him. Swara is searching for Sumi. Sumi says fed him milk and sung lori. I won’t give my babu to anyone. Shekhar calls Laksh. Laksh says he will bring Sumi home and asks him to trust. Lady constable beats Sumi and asks her to come to police station. Laksh and others go to temple. Swara asks God to help her unite with her mum. Sumi holds the baby tightly and says he is my baby.


asks Constables to leave her. Swara and others hear her scream and come out. Constable is about to beat Sumi, but Sanskar holds the hunter. Constable asks who are you? Ragini says she is her mum. Constables says babies are stolen now a days and says she will enquire about the baby’s parents. She says we will take care of this baby and takes him with them in police jeep. Sumi cries and says my babu….Swara says he was not our babu and says he is dead. Sumi says she felt some connection with the baby and cries. Swara asks her to come home. Dadi asks Shekhar where is Sumi. Shekhar says don’t know. Swara, Sanskar, Ragini and Laksh bring her home. Shekhar asks where did you go? Swara says we shall take her to room. Shekhar hugs Sanskar and Laksh and thanks them. Dadi thinks when will this drama end.

Sujata complains to Annapurna that she has to do all the work, even though they have 3 bahus. Ragini, Laksh and Sanskar return home. Annapurna asks about Sumi. Laksh says she is found. Sanskar asks Laksh to change his clothes and says we have to go to office. Ragini tells that she will do the work. Annapurna says this work should be done by the family member, Swara will do when she comes, until then we will do. Annapurna says you have lost truth. Swara calls Annapurna and says she will return once Sumi gets well. Annapurna says I was missing you. Ragini hears them talking. She cries and tells Laksh that everyone is comparing her with Swara. She says I was tensed and handled the situation differently. She asks if nobody will trust me. She says she will close herself in the room and asks Laksh to leave. Laksh goes. Ragini closes the door and cries badly.

Laksh tells Sanskar that Ragini is suffering and bearing everyone’s anger. Laksh calls Ragini and asks her to see at the broken star. Ragini thanks him. Laksh says your smile made me mad. Ragini laughs. Swara tells Sanskar that she prayed for their family. Sanskar says I asked for you. He says I am missing you. Later Swara sees Dadi going got secretly in night and follows her. Dadi gives money to nurse. Swara sees her.

Swara tells Dadi that she saw her with nurse. Later Sumi stabs Dadi blaming her for her baby’s death.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Dadi ne sahi kaha kab khatam hogi yeh drama

  2. Thnxx for the update. Aww raglak scene seems to be cute.Please Ragini my dear don’t cry.Can’t see u in pain. Sanlak scene…yaay..so happy.

  3. I really hate this swara is mahan natak

    Swara fans plzz read the whole commentand then react

    I am actually sick of people showing swara always as a mahan person and ragini on tge other hand the hated one
    I love helly and tejaswi equally but i don’t like the partiality taking place among them….to be honest i am mad at the writters of the show

    When swaragini started i thought this show is going to be about two sisters who will together fight all the obstacles and will support each other but har show ke yahi drame hai

    Pehle do beheno ya bhaiyo ko introduce karo phir ek twist le aao and dono ko against kar do ek dusre ke

    Ek ko sachai ki murat bana do and dusri ko super evil bana do

    Agar dekha jaye toh galat ragini ke sath bhi bhaut hua hai

    For example

    Uski dadi ki vajah se uski mom ki deatg hui and she didn’t knew it….she trusted her dadi and her dadi betrayed her

    Then she was suppose to marry lakshya but lakshya wanted to break the marriage…so he decieved her

    Then again lakshya said he will marry her for sanskars sake and firse mana kar diya….he decieved her again

    Phir lakshya fell in love with swara but swara always said she doesn’t love him and phir ek din achanak se bol diya karti hai ek aur sadma for ragini

    All i am trying to say is the writters on the show need to do some work on swaragini to make it better

    Inka typical story ho chuka hai

    1. Ragini will always be hated

    2. Swara will alwats be mahan

    3. No funny scenes

    4. Swasan ki life me problems ki barish dude we want to see swasan happy now

    5. And less raglak scenes which is also bad we want more raglak scenes

    Infact i think all the fans want more romantic scenes of raglak and swasan

    But inhe har roz koi new villain introduce karna hai..

    And kuch nahi milta toh ragini ko evil bana do

    Vo toh ragini ne show quit karne ki baat kardi varna ragini abhi bhi evil hi hoti

    Anyways i think the writing tean of swaragini really needs to work hard

    1. Mica

      don’t you remember that in whole of swaragini’s history, Ragini got more love than swara ? everytime ragini did wrong thing, she always got forgiveness without being suffer much ?
      opposite with, swara has to working hard to gain everyone trust.
      -don’t you remember that laksh also suffered when he deceiving ragini ? he beated himself in front of temple. he accepted dp’s decision to stay away from his love. he took a consequence for hurting ragini. this is a kind of love.
      – don’t you remember that maheswarys (women) gave ragini trust, over and over since her first step in maheswary mansion ? this is a kind of love.
      -don’t you remember that swara forgive her for murder, sumi forgive her for kidnap, maheswary forgive her for insult. this is a kind of love.
      if you ppl prefer to hate swara to sooo called being mahaan than to see how much love showering in ragini..it’s your problem.
      because for me, ragini is in the same place as swara’s place few back ago when everyone didn’t trust her and insult her. the difference is, you ppl called swara mahaan those time, but in ragini’s case, you ppl said ragini will always be hated, hmmmm

      1. I never said i hate swara i just hate tge writters of the show for messing everything up……i think you don’t want more swasan or raglak scenes…

        And that swara mahan thing is seriously annoying coz every situation is supposed to be resolved by swara….even this pregnancy thing when ragini should have more involvement in this

        And just so you know you can go read my previous comments i have always criticized ragini when she is wrong….so i am not blindly favouring any one

      2. Vyshu10

        Absolutely…true. The track where swara was mistrusted by all lasted for 4-5 months. Actually from the beginning of the show, swara had to go through many obstacles to receive the love she deserves. Ragini received more love and forgiveness without trying at all whereas swara had to fight to gain love even from her father. Ragini also had suffered but that is mostly bcoz of dadi, laksh and herself.
        The real problem is CVs should have given her a proper and slow redemption track where she could have properly earned everyone’s forgiveness. They could have made her character stronger like swara’s. But they always keep giving her a grey touch sometimes.
        Talking abt mahanta….from many months, ragini mahanta track is going on…even now.

      3. Mica

        sorry kiara, but for me everything not just about romance.
        so what do you think swara should do ? stay happy and getting romance with her husband while her parent facing huge problem ? do you want ragini solve the problem by stay at baadi house ? and raglak separated? you will curse cvs for sure

        vyshu10..actually the cvs had given kinda good redemption for ragini, she ever sacrified herself for swara… the most problem is the viewer,
        they just busy to hating and blaming swara until have no time to praising their ragini.

    2. I agree with u Kaira…
      This cvs really needs to do hard work…

  4. Guys first time Iam commenting about this show since I watching this for two weeks then I watch all episode on holster guys I think ragini is correct because if someone judge herbecause her past deeds is not right just think once if you do wrong deed in past and it still reflecting your present good deeds then what it going on just think and one thing didn’t understand why cvs making raglak sidelined from marriage of sanskar and swara there lot of partialitybetwwen pairs and I can’t understand if this fake pregnancy drama given to raglak then why swara is interfering it strated by ragin so it’s end by raglak by again cvs making partiality by solving the problem by swara and again her great and poor girl ragini hearing sujata and ap taunts I think these difference between pairs continue Iam sure one day this show will go off air and being myself I fell degraded when anyone compare me with my sis or bro

  5. Omg love teja feel sooooo bad for Ragini I know Annapurna and Sujata will regret this lol waiting for a good twist

  6. Its right will anybody will compare me with my sister I feel degraded and huge insult of me I love today episode raglak rocks today episode and please end this stupid track and don’t like all members taunting ragini and remember them one thing when kavya send whole family jail it was ragini who got whole family out by selling her mother jewellery and now to whole family she become stranger for her one lie to save a life

    1. Mica

      i hate to the core toward cvs to made ragini talk that kind of rubbish,
      it’s shown how narrow minded she is, she is still feeling jealous toward swara. huuuft.
      i was happy to see ragini’s good deed, happy to see how strong ragini to take such a big decision to save her family.(even i’m not ragini fans, but i’m swaragini fans)
      but then, that rubbish talk ruining everything.
      bout taunting and everything….swara ever got them in the past, but ragini fans called swara maahan. but it’s happen on ragini now. will ragini fans call ragini maahan ?

  7. omg after long time raglak scen was good raglak love u to,the core

  8. Dude Kiara for gods sake plss dont say anything abt swara nd idc whose fan u r

    1. I don’t know what is this bullshit is

      Swara fans
      Ragini fans
      Don’t say anything about swara
      Don’t say anything about ragini

      I will say whatever i want to cox just like you guys i also watch swaragini

      But i don’t think you guys got what i said i am criticizing the writters here and not the characters because if you don’t remember its a fictional show

  9. Kara your 100% right if they didn’t any new villain so they make ragini evil I mean ap and sujata is just humiliating by comparing rags with swara and always taunting about past deeds and now I think that parineeta rights if family do partiality between three bahu and comparing the ragini nd parineeta to swara guys just imagine once in their place and think If I hurt any swasan fan so sorry guys it is fact loved today raglak scenes love u princess teju now a days Iam becoming totally mad for teju for her acting

    1. TEJU cant act all she does is cry like and make a cow sound when she crying most annoying and irritating actress…dont know why they dont throw out that drama queen bicth teju from this show…get a new ragini…


      2. Vyshu10

        sabrina…plz don’t call anyone by bad names. She is also a girl just like us.

      3. Heltej

        Sabrina… I dont know.. Whats ur age… I wana know where u store this much negativity… If teju cant act… Send me ur biodata.. With one video clip of your acting… I will send to SR production… So u can act as ragini… 🙂

      4. hey if u cant say good abt anyone then u hv no right to speak bad abt anyoe got it ?????

    2. I know man…..i think parineeta ke sath bhi bhaut galat hua hai…..inko pari ko bhi vapas lana chahiye. And sabrina you should comment on someone’s acting when you yourself can act well

    3. Mica

      YEEESSSSS…..parineeta was rite, those maheswary family do partially between 3 bahu..this is the prove :
      1.first time ragini’s truth revealed, maheswary accepted ragini on humanity’s sake (ragini’s fake memory loss),
      2.and yet, maheswary still prefer to believing ragini than swara (swara played their 2 boys?), and it’s provoked laksh to do crime toward ragini(he can’t tolerate ragini’s bad deed anymore).
      3.Ragini insulted all of maheswary, blackmailing dp, ALMOST send Dp to jail, ruining maheswary’s respect…and we all can see how easy they all gave ragini forgiveness (did ragini apologize to them ? NO)
      4.kavita entry, sujata prefer to choose kavita as bahu than swara (both bengalis), the reason was : kavita will suitable for ragini than swara (swaragini will create world war everyday) mean, sujata prefer to keep ragini than swara, disregarding her own son’s love to swara.

      swara, should do everything, prove everything to get their acceptance, and trust.
      parineetha sent out without get any chance to rectify her mistake.
      and now, ragini got taunting for aweek…you already crying and baming everyone.

      1. Love you are swara crazy trust me no matter how sweetly i am trying to say things you always have to argue about making it a swara vs ragini war…. seriously just calm down

      2. Mica

        sorry kiara, i just reply on nia’s statement. i;m not arguing, even i agree to her statement..so chill :p

  10. Yar please koi ye rona dhona band karvao aur swasan aur raglak ke kuch happy moments dikhao
    Anyways love you varun helly namish and tejasvi
    Varun you are so so cute i love you so much

  11. Felt really good to see Ragini suffering though this is very small for all the crimes she and her dadi have done,. Every serial it is becoming a trend to do any amount of crimes and get away with it. Ragini did not do mistakes but she is a criminal, attempting to kill her sister, mother and so many others, I still cannot understand how she is forgiven and made to stay in the house. How much she is tortured her Mil and now when it comes to her she is unable to bear it.

    1. Mica

      actually she paid for it already, saved swara and sacrified her life, saved maheswary from jail. i think she done enough repetance.
      and now, she is in the same place as swara’s (when ppl accused her, blamed her, misstrust, taunted her) she should be strong instead of crying.
      ragini fans called swara maahan those time, will they call ragini maahan this time ???
      let see…..
      i bet they will blaming swara, ppl who taunting ragini, and cvs team hahahaha

      1. Vyshu10

        haha true…..ppl r jealous of swara jst bcz ragini is shown weaker. Instead of asking cvs to make ragini stronger, they r saying they hate swara jst bcoz she does right things. Ragini’s taunting started jst a week back and ppl r nt able to bear it. What happened when swara was taunted for months?

      2. Mica

        omg… i can;t even imagine it vyshu,,,,haha

  12. What rags did were crimes…criminal acts are not forgotten or forgiven…they must compare swara and rags coz they all loved rags more and thought rags was a decent cultured girl but in reality rags is just a two faced lying cheating b*t*h who cant choosee the right thing to do,who wants a bahu like that or much less for their son..pari did less crime than rags but they throw her out the house but still keepig rags…why rags crying if she only choosing to do wrong then she should face the consequencese but rags to narcissist whereby she thinks she must be the only loved one and center of attention even if she does wrong

  13. I absolutely agree with Kiara, and I’m really sorry Swasan fans, but I hate Swara, Raglak all the way!

  14. Kiara I would also like to know the real cause of Ragini’s mother’s death, I started the show late, so I don’t really know much.

    1. Mica

      no one caused on ragini mother’s death, it was an accident.
      in the incident, dadi insulted sumi, (shekar and sumi was a lover, but separated due shekar’s parent rejection, then shekar married to janki) janki heard the secret of them, she run and fallen from the stair. (dadi run after her).
      dadi told ragini that it was sumi’s fault.

      1. Mona146

        while dadi was insulting sumi, janaki tried to dissuade her. In ensuing tussle dadi pushed janaki from the top of stairs

  15. if writter want to make the story realistic, then i dont understand how so many problems back to back can knock the door of 1 single family!

    secondly, i thought that everyone will support raghini for her deed after initialy anger… but the story is becoming too naging… the play write is streching each incident so much so like chewing gum… it not only make viewers loose intrest in the plot also divide the characters in black and white shade.

    though i like swara, bt hr charactr is going too high, she can be now equevalent to angel/god who does no wrong, n ragini equevalent to mistakeful devil…. the story is about swara and raghini both and nor swara over ragini…

    1. Mica

      you like someone, but get irritating when she does a good thing ? oho, seem you get perfect syndrome hehehe, just kidding.
      So, what do you think swara should do ? stay happy and enjoy her romance with her beloved husband while her parent and her sister facing huge problem ?
      c’mon guys, this is the way of cvs fullfilled raglakian and TEMISH’s wishes to give them raglak proper tracks in swaragini.
      imagine if swara doesn’t interfere to those problem :
      1. ragini will stay in baadi house and separated from laksh, raglakian definitelly will curse cvs due no raglak tracks.
      2.ragini and laksh stay in baadi house together, you get raglak scene, but maheswary surely will more hate ragini for separating laksh and his family, and ragini’s fans will blaming swara, ppl, and cvs.
      but poor you guys, you really really busy to blaming swara instead of enjoying raglak cute moment.
      swara rocks!
      frustated fansfreak shocks!

  16. What caused Ragini’s mother’s death?

  17. Kiara…u r absltly ryt??Raglak❤️

  18. This problem will be solve by ragini,better swara will not involve in it.swara will bring out the dad’s evil plan .then there will some equality.this time cv’s should make ragini to take some bold decision to solve her problem.not like just crying or waiting for swara ‘s help.this cv’s had shown that ragini as daring during she was negative.but now she can’t do anything,she needs someone help.I Love teju acting,she is a brilliant and beautiful actress.

    i love swara and always love swara..in this centuary girls should be courage not coward like ragini.nd you guys saying na swara is mahan.let me ask you somethng..if somethng like these kinda tragedy happen to ur mom wht will you do.support mother naa..but be in strongest not like a hidden war..

    ragini is a coward dumbo girl who even cant stand for herself..she think only about pride and prestige not about the right path..shr always follow path of wrong. she didnt hesitate to do nasty crimes..she is really a looser and dumbo stupid not even have any courage..a typical BEHENJII..always play with the emotion of her loved ones..i hate raginis charactr..i hate dumbo looser type girl..girls should have some courage to face problems..

    nd coming to swara.she is modern courageous beautifull girl..she always thinks to solve the problem in right and strong pathway..she didnt even care abt the society she always fight with society..thats like a girl..u guys sayng her mahan naa..what she do as a mahan..forgiven ragini??? then what she doo put her in jail or throw her out of house???she is swara not ragini who always in the mood of revenge..nd kavya’s matter??????? what shr doo naginis in laws dnt agrer ragini to help them then who wll help them..swara na.bcz she is their bahu..so its their duty to save her inlaws..nd cmng to care for sumi what u guys think swara is mahan??? if ragini is near she will think that ragini did alot for her baby but can’t save her..then wht wll swara do????let ragini to stay with sumi?????

    soo stop calling her mahan
    if swara is mahan what is that dumbo ragini???
    ragini get stabbed gor swara..isn’t she a mahan????
    ragini got to jail in sankyz attite.isn’t she a mahan?????
    she accepted her step sister and step mom ..isn’t she a mahan???
    she forgive her mother’s killer.isn’t she mahan????
    she forgive laksh who betrayed her..isn’t she mahan????
    she ready to doo fp(stupidity)..isn’t she mahan???.


    nd coming to the taunts of raginis inlaws..the same happend to swara before…eveyone taunts her sujatha didnt leave any chance to taunt her even knwong the truth..even dey called her charactetless….so where is they showed partiality…

    First no one trust swara..but she gain eveyones trust..but ragini???everyone trust her.ap blindly belive her..but what ragini did????always brokrn the trust of her inlaws..kabhi torture karke kabhi face blacken karje..even she accuse fake molestation drama..nd again played with the feelings of her loved ones…

    how can ap forgive her???she want a grand child..is it a crime???u guys think how it affect whrn someone broke ur trust everytime..we can forgiven them but cant forget that thats same happen here.how can ap forgive ragini..

    SWARA GAIN TRUST FROM EVERYONE BUT RAGINI ALWAYS BROKE THE TRUST OF HER LOVED ONE…it is not mahatma of swara..its her upbringing..

    nd sorry if it hurts ragini fans(u guys same melodrama)that i hate a looset like ragini..

    1. Love can you tell me why are you saying begen ji as a wrong thing…… what’s wrong in being a behenji….and wearing Indian clothes and being vulnerable makes a girl behenji ??? And please isme swara and ragi i ko drag mat karna mai ek general way me puch rahi hoon whats wrong in being a behenji are behen ji not humans ??

      And behen ji gali kabse hone lagi ?

      And please again people i am just asking a general question don’t drag swara and ragini in this

  20. why ragini cant tell this to ap???ap blindly belive her. in 5 months she didnt even get atime to tell this to ap.instead of try to tell swara why cant she tell this FP to ap..ap blindly loved ragini..ap have a lot of expectation..ap is soo happy that ragini is pregnant..she see a lot of dream about her grandchild. its broken soo its natural that ap sad with ragini nd cant forgive bcz she again again broken their ttust nd play with their feelings…only ragini can do anything to gain trust..looser ragini..

    1. Vyshu10

      Yup…ap n sujju were very happy as they are getting their first grandchild. Sujju pampered her when they thought rags was pregnant. Since she broke their trust…they r angry and that is natural.

  21. I dnt know when ap nd sujju compare ragini with swara..? Even sujju tld swara l hope n small wrk nt evry wrk. Y ragini tld lyk dat 2 laksh jst ap spoke wit swara dats you?

  22. Vyshu10

    Loved d phone convo….

    1. Vyshu10

      I think CVs are just dragging this track bcz general public (ppl of our parents’ n grandparents’ age) like family drama more. But we r getting bored.

  23. I m a krishnadasi as well as swaragini fan… I have visited this page for the first time and guys why do you all quarrel so much… it’s just a daily soap so be cool… and I have seen some members commenting badly about the acting of our actors.. this is not at all dignified.. you all don’t have the right to humiliate them. Talking about swara and ragini, they only do what is written in their script… so neither swara is mahaan nor ragini is coward.. so guys chill.. atleast don’t quarrel.. it’s not nice to see

  24. When will the current track finished it’s boring pg drama past track is better than this it’s getting wrost day by day they have no new thought routing in same line always showing family drama always cry……..ing there is no logical SPL in current tract they are testing viewers patient ……..all pl are having some pressure in their personal life for their relaxation or entertainment they are watching the show why the director’s are giving these type of family drama not entertainment repeating same stories….

  25. i was laughing while reading some comments u all fight for fictional characters all are different in real it just serial be mature

  26. Luv u swasan swara rockzzz always

  27. U stupid CVS people…..I know u people are working 18 hrs or more in a day just for our 20 mins show……Please put in ur mind one thing, u people are wasting the actors talents….neither any useful message nor happy moments….
    STOP ur biased attitude towards the actors..Most of us are watching this shit only because of the love towards the actors and not because of ur idiotic story.PLEASE STOP UR STUPID STORY AND SHOW SOMETHING BETTER…Give Ragini some bold character ..why she have depend always on Swara???
    Always I have a doubt why u people show that ladies will be in home….why Ragini and Swara are educated right???Why cant u make them to work????Uuuuufffffffffff no use talking abt this…

  28. Love u Ragini ?????????please dont cry…..u were very strong when was Negative….please be strong..Loved ur expressions…U are Unique…….Love U RAGLAK……

  29. I am new here… i am visiting this page for the second time. First time i saw a fight between helly team and teju team. Now ragini vs swara. And not small arguments.. essays and essays over it . Is it not possible to like both characters. I do. Ragini is the human being that we all are familiar with in real life… shes not black or white..shes shades of both. Swara is typical hindi serial protogonist… blotch free. I wish swara was a little less perfect… but fine! Its ok. When i watch serial its not a competition b/w the 2.its just a story … sometyms a bogus script. So y is there alwys a recurrent fight here?!

  30. Guys, Everything else going on in d show is the imagination of the writer, they can do anything, they can one day make sanskar evil, other day they will make sujata evil or some day Annapurna… It’s all under the writer, Everything’s a fiction … In real life mostly evil will not have a change of heart even if it dies, some exceptions are there…
    bt y are u guys fighting among urselves…
    they are nt real. u love ragini she’s so elegant, u may love swara she’s beautiful.. sanskar he’s super hot and laksh is dashing…
    I don’t understand y are u guys fighting for fictional characters… It’s not a national issue either ..
    and yahan swara fans nd ragini fans ek dusre pe gaaliya uchaal rhe h…
    b Mature. it’s a fictional show. . watch it .. enjoy it.. and forget it????
    may b u guys got some gyan with this lamba chauda bhaashan….??

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