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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabir claps for them and walks in. Rahul advises him against it but Kabir stays put. The bullet is fired in air. Family members panic inside. Shilpa stops Raj from going out. we cannot make them weak by going out. We should wait for them to call out our name. Agni’s mom hopes Agni does not do any mistake. Hope he does not attack Yamini. How can he forget that Yamini has the boon! She cannot die. She will kill Agni if she gets upset. I will have to save Agni.

Kabir holds Rahul’s hand. I have had enough. I will kill you today. Yamini says I will kill you before that. He shoots her as soon as she takes one step towards him. Kabir turns to the couple now. I know it is difficult for you both to decide who will die first. Don’t worry. I will get a solution. Rahul hits at his hand because of which the gun falls down. Agni pushes him and picks up the gun again. Yamini tells Kabir / Agni to stop. You will not harm anyone. Maybe you forgot about the boon I have. No one can kill me. Agni says you cannot harm me in any way. He tries to shoot at Rahul but there are no bullets. Yamini points gun at Agni now. Agni wonders what to do now. I cannot even escape her. Yamini recalls all the lies that Agni has told her all along. I not only lost my Yugant but also killed so many innocent people because of you. I wont leave you. Agni apologizes to her but she refuses to spare his life today. Agni looks at Rahul. Agni’s mom steps in between and gets shot. Agni apologizes to her but then flees from the spot. Agni’s mom says I don’t have time. I am sorry for what happened with you Yamini but please forgive my son. I forced him to get the horn. She breathes her last.

Yamini does something and the dead body disappears. She asks Rahul to come insid with her. We cannot kill Kabir right now. Yamraj’s boon will not accept another death if another innocent person loses his or her life. She brings them in a room. I know I have killed many people to get my revenge. I misused my boon but I want to put an end to it today. I know you both will take my revenge. I don’t want to fight anymore. I want to apologize to you both first by accepting my crimes. She accepts killing the resort manager, the cook. I was the one who misbehaved with Pratima in Harsh’s disguise. I forced her to commit suicide. I also killed Harsh in tiger’s avatar. Manvi is shocked. How can she do this to us? We dint do anything wrong to her. Yamini says I know I don’t deserve forgiveness but no one can punish me like I will just be punished. Rahul asks her if she can bring the dead back to life. This isn’t how the world is run. Yamini says I cannot do it but I can do something because of which Harsh will be free from all the charges. No one will point fingers at him. she writes some letter using her powers and gives it to Rahul and Manvi. It is her written confession. Manvi reasons that this letter wont get them what they have lost. What do you want to prove? Yamini folds her hands before them. I know I don’t deserve forgiveness and I cannot change anything. I wish I had the powers to bring all those people back but I can sort out your problems. I can end the curse on Rahul for forever. he will be free from it for forever. I know you have tried many times but have failed. I will do it.

Yamini does some puja with Rahul. She cuts her palm and also asks Rahul to give his hand to her. it is important to get the spirit of tiger. Powerful people have to sacrifice their lives for it. They tell her against it but she requests them to let her do it. I will lose these powers once I go in search of Kabir. You can take my revenge from him. No one should come in between. Kabir should not get that horn ever. Try to forgive me if possible. Don’t think. I don’t have time. Rahul and manvi look at each other. Manvi nods at him so he extends his hand towards Yamini. He is jolted as Yamini holds his hand. Manvi looks on tensed. The energies transmit. Manvi holds her ears. Flashes of Durgapur Jagir temple are also shown. Yamini disappears by the time the curse gets over. Rahul asks manvi what happened here. Manvi shares that she saw Yamini’s soul leaving her body. I also saw that tiger leaving your body. Rahul looks at the ashes.

He keeps them in a pot. Yamini left us. I don’t know if whatever is happening is good or bad. Manvi tells him to stop thinking. Yamini was right. We cannot forget our past and cannot change it but we can better our future. He says us? She nods. I missed you a lot. I cannot live without you. Rahul holds her hand. I too missed you a lot. I want to change something between us. I realised something long back but couldn’t tell you. I am dumb not to say it. I was calling you while coming home. I was thinking all negative. I thought I lost you. I lost the chance to tell you something which I haven’t told you ever. I want to tell this to you before anything goes wrong. I love you very much. I will love you all my life, till my last breath. I want to see you every second, every moment of my life. I only wish to love you in the rest of life I have. Did I say something wrong? Why are you crying? She shakes her head. you took too much time to say it. I love you too Rahul. I don’t wish to live without you for even a second. I want to live with you. They share a hug.

Shilpa says we should go out and see if the kids are in some problem. There is no sound from outside. Raj and Upmanyu agree. Sonali asks them all to be together. they find Rahul and Manvi hugging each other. Baba coughs to distract them. They question the couple about what happened. you should have told us if everything was fine. Rahul tells his father to relax. Yamini is dead. Sonali is happy that they will have their DIL now. Baba wonders what really happened. Rahul tells them everything in detail (in mute). Baba asks about Yamini. Rahul says you don’t know one thing. Manvi thinks Rahul can tell his truth to Baba. She lies to her Baba that Yamini killed herself realising how wrong she has been. She points at the pot of ashes. Raj asks about Kabir. He left his mother to die? Rahul calls him coward. He dint even face us or stayed back for his mother. Manvi says Yamini is no more but Kabir is very much alive. Rahul wants to kill him tonight itself. Manvi reasons that he is very dangerous but Rahul is ready to go to any extent for his family.

Precap: Rahul shows the horn to Kabir. Kabir extends his hand to hold it when Rahul stabs him with it.

Update Credit to: Pooja


    I have certain ques. If anyone can reply-
    1. Is the show ending??
    2. If really tiger spirt is gone??

    1. Show is not going to end up and tiger spirit I am also not sure about it

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