Swaragini 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update


Swaragini 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara and Ragini making plan to get their brother. Ragini asks Swara to divert woman’s mind, and says then we will tell Chotu’s secret to everyone. Just then Ragini and Swara see Adarsh going to guest room. Adarsh asks are you fine? Woman says yes……Swara and Ragini peep in the room. Ragini says this woman is dumb. Adarsh hugs her. Sujata comes there. Swara and Ragini go seeing her. Sujata sees Adarsh hugging woman and asks what happened? Adarsh says this woman fainted, as she was missing her husband. Sujata says if she didn’t have anything. Adarsh says no. Swara says we shall rub her hands and legs to make her conscious. Sujata asks them to sprinkle water on her face. Ragini sprinkles water on her hands, but couldn’t sprinkle on her face as Adarsh stops her. Rakht

Charitra plays as Swara and Ragini see black water falling down. Swara tells Ragini that the woman is hiding something from us, and she has applied that black color intentionally. Swara says we will expose her real color infront of everyone. Ragini says how? Swara says we will think something. She recalls in a fb. Later woman comes to kitchen and takes milk in bottle. Swara looks at her.

Woman touches bottle and runs from there leaving bottle there itself. Swara checks the bottle and sees black color on it. She follows the woman and thinks she might have went to her room. She follows her to washroom and sees her washing her face and then wiping with towel. She is shocked to see Parineeta face. Rakht Charitra plays……….Swara tells Ragini that veiled woman is Parineeta. Ragini says I saw her falling down in the river, I ran to save her, but couldn’t save her. Swara asks Ragini to trust her and says she is Parineeta only. Ragini blames herself. Swara asks her to stop thinking and says pen ink will vanish within 10 hours from now, and says we have to save our brother before that time. Ragini says what about Maa, Papa ji, Chacha and Chachi….Swara asks her not to worry and says we shall concentrate on our plan. She says we are Swaragini…Ragini says when we are together, we can face big storm also. She says we will win. Swaragini plays…………

Laksh asks Swara, why she is serving him food and asks where is Ragini? Swara says Ragini went somewhere. Sanskar asks about others. Swara says everyone went to attend puja. Parineeta gives chit to Adarsh. Adarsh reads that she needs bomb remote as baby needs to drink milk. He is about to give her taweez bomb remote, but just then sees original woman coming there, and stops from giving it. Swara spills gravy on Adarsh and says sorry. Laksh sees two women wearing same clothes and asks what is happening? Adarsh smashes Ragini’s hand with his feet to stop her from taking remote. She asks Swara to go and save Chotu. Swara runs and asks Sanskar to save Chotu. They stand outside the door to break it. Ragini asks Laksh to take remote from Adarsh hands. Laksh asks Adarsh to tell what is that remote. Adarsh asks him not to interfere between them and presses remote control. Ragini gets shocked and runs to room. She sees burning cradle and cries miserably.

Laksh turns shockingly. Ragini frees herself from Parineeta and asks Adarsh, how can you do this with my brother. Annapurna, Sujata, Durga Prasad and other return home. Annapurna asks Laksh what is happening? Laksh says I myself don’t know. Ragini runs to room and sees cradle burning, she cries. Adarsh asks Laksh to stop and says these are sisters’ trap. Sujata asks what? He says whatever they will tell will be a lie. Ragini cries and says you can’t leave me chotu, cries badly.

Parineta face is revealed. Durga Prasad raises his hand to slap Adarsh. Adarsh stops his hand and asks him not to even think of slapping him. Durga Prasad and his family are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh God….what the hell is going on…it was good first…but they are ending the track too soon….

  2. Finally truth reveled will ragini save chotu ??? Oh god pls save chotu and we need some romantic tracks of swasan raglak and y this blady adrash is doing like this wht happened to him any how today episode was good and nice

    1. Iamsofianeak

      swara & sankar save chotu ! see the new olv 😉

  3. swaragini rocksssssss

  4. HI friends. I am an avid follower of swaragini and tellyupdates. I have commented on various ff with different names. Can I join ur group? btw today is my birthday.

    1. Yashal

      Happy birthday aash ??

    2. Mica

      happy birthday Aash, and welcome..xoxo

    3. Vyshu10

      Belated Happy Bday! Welcome

  5. Belly u were looking so awesome today feel proud to be ur fan n thanks for fast updates H Hasan

    1. Sorry sorry sorry really sorry don’t know what is wrong with my phone’s keyboard whenever I type helly it changes??????????????????????

  6. Bharathi

    I think sansakar and swara already saved chotu.

  7. love swara..i thnk swasan wll save chottu….beautifull swara..love u darling

  8. ragini’s voice modulation is quite bad and boring..hope nothing happen to chottu.loved swara’s new style

  9. ragini’s voice modulation is quite bad and boring..hope nothing happen to chottu.loved swara’s new style..loved adarsh actng

    1. Ragini/teju overacts,her voice is loud shreiking n same high otich tone.ewwwwwwwwwwww

      1. OMG teju u r a singer n u have got soo pleasant n sweet voice.u rock.u r the best!!

      2. sharnelle i just said sometimes tejaswiz sound modulation is not good ay sm places..she cant shw it perfectly..but why u bash her??

    2. sometimes i also feel the same miya..she lack continuity in say a long dialogues or emotional scenes

  10. arey yaar what the hell is going on plz is track ko khatm karke koi accha track le aao

  11. arey yaar what’s going on plz is track ko khatm karke koi accha track le aao

  12. happy birthday aash

  13. well said soundarya we need some romantic tracks of our leads

  14. Oh god hope dis track emd soon…nd i thnk swara saved chotu…hope nthng hapns to him..n thanks H.hasan mam for da fast update..nd swara ws looking awestruck tdy..love u beautifull….nd yeah aash u cn join..nd happy birthday to u..

  15. Heltej

    Aash happy birthday dear!
    I think This track gonna end in this week! Everyone expression is so superb ???meri cutie chottu… U will be saved by ur big sisters! Cvs made parish character as heartless… They dont child… N here they want to kill chottu ??

    1. Heltej

      Thank you H Hasan

    2. Mica

      yups, you are rite dear ! how can parish kill innocent soul, they had nurse him in this few days, did they never have any feeling toward chotu..aarrrggghhh cvs, i hate youuu!
      we are, the viewer, fallin in love to chotu, since his first presence in this serial, rite ?

      1. Heltej

        Cvs are heartless and brainless

  16. Nice to watch swaragini scene… it feels really good.. loved it..??

  17. omg omg omg This is the best ep for this week so far, everything went in good speed not quickly nor slow .. thank u so much for the updates its really helpful for us as International fans as we don’t understand Hindi

    Looking forward for tmw episode ^^

  18. Mica

    ty so much H.Hasan mom for the update, my life depend on your update you know ? :3
    i love this episode..
    swara so beautiful..
    she is cute, sweet in less jewelry and make up
    more glowing with jewelry.
    but poor my laksh, this trio swasanrag made my laksh such a dumb, to know nothing huhuhu, even sanskar knew the half truth.
    but love the way of laksh to defend his wife although he didn’t know the reason.
    laksh trust his wife.
    love you swasan, love you laksh

  19. Mica

    wish swaragini open detective bureau some day 😀 😀
    swara the master plan, ragini the strengthen

  20. gulshara this z for u.im nt jealous of ny1.ysdy did i bash swara/swasan??i ave even sed tat “feels gud to see swasan scene”.bt i think u dint see tat.cz u had already assumed it to be a bashing.i dnt knw y few ppl think tat those who support raglak will hate swasan.no its nothing lyk tat.ysdy it was my frustration towards cvs which u ave failed to acknowledge.

    1. OK then sorry if I took it wrong dear,

  21. Hey guyz did I u c the latest spoilers swaragini saves chotu but fails to take property from aadarsh he threatens mm n throw them out of the house even though ap pleads n begs him not to do so….then mm stay at gadodoia mansion where one more twist is awaiting as sumo shekhar will get to know dadi’s truth n will break all ties with her n disown her while sumo will get her baby back!!!

    1. Sorry lots of spelling errors 1st of all it is sumi not sumo n maheshwri family stays at gadodia mansion not mm

  22. happy birthday aash.stay blessed

  23. i love swara/helly alot..i love my cutie pie helly..she is sooo cute and beautifull…in mndayz epi she looks soo beautifull in that red sari with straightend hair bt again she curled it still she looking sooo cute…love u helly..swara is a strong girl..i love the way she handle everything..and moat imp i love her detectivegirii..yeah i love my detective doll..my intelligent girl..how she used that invisible ink pen..love u my doll..
    love u swara..love u alot..my cutie pie..my doll love u alot..really love u dear..love u love u love u love u alot..my shernii swara love your attitude..love u doll.love u love u love u love u love u love u soooo much..love u cutie pie hellu..my first crush..love u dear

    1. Ya me 2 dear always love her , she is the best

  24. why cvs always show ragini weak and strong swara..if any bad thing happend ragini started yo cry but swara stand strong and consoling ragini..ragini is not a coward cvs..plz show her strong and intelligent like swara..plz show her courageous girl like swara

    1. Mica

      Ragini has low self confidence regarding to what she ever did in the past, and the massive guilty feeling haunted her over and over, so, mostly she will blame herself for everything.
      that why swara consoling her as she need someone to remind her that she is a good person now.
      it’s common feeling for people in the same case lalisa..

  25. Great track but there was a scene which was very unrealistic. Laksh saw someone, a ‘stranger’ with a covered face hold his wife and all he was worried about was a remote. He should have been made to ask the ‘stranger’ to let go of his wife and then deal with Adarsh.

    1. Mica

      don’t blame my laksh.. he did that as his wife ask him to do so….huhuhuhu

  26. Is this swaragini serial only???somebody pinch me???upto now they dragged like rubber n in one episode they finished….yipee finally chottu is saved by swasan???n sanky ur expression is too cute when u asked swara kya!!!swara is looking gorgeous day by day???n chottu is so cute???adarsh bhai???y u raised ur hand on ur papa???but his acting is awesome….but dont forgot to give ur hidden camera to swasan n raglak fans????

  27. arey wah!ragini was looking sooo cute in pony tail.gorgeous doll!!! n swaragini scene was nice wen ty sed we r swaragini n SR bg.wow the sisters r soo adorable..

  28. Vyshu10

    Chotu (choti in real life) is so cute. Swara is very smart. Helly is looking beautiful. Love the understanding between swasan.

    1. Heltej

      In real life… Chottu is girl? ? nooooo…. Here i thot of making him as my bf… Dream shattered ??
      Chottu(chotti) is cutie pie ?❤️

      1. Vyshu10

        ??don’t worry. Few years later, the couples will have kids and may be then u ll get ur bf?

      2. Mica

        even me fainting

    2. Heltej

      I can’t wait… ? what will i do now? ? chottu is my cutie pie

  29. .m soooo happpy dat our lucKY IS backkk!!!! loved myyyyyy rupunzel teju!!! yeyyy chotu is saved by my hero sanky n swara 🙂 …teju u r jstttt awesome in emotional scenes yaar…u always nailed it!! teju ami tumake bahauttttt bhaaalo bashi(i love u more den a lotzzzz) hope i have written it correctly 😉 ..
    stay blessEd ragsanlak 😉 🙂 ;)…

    1. rags is very nice but why stay blessed only ragsanlak?(I mean where did “SWA” go?)Sorry if I hurt u

      1. Hey dear gulshara? its jst my opinion dear… N y u ddnt ask d same question to mica… She had also writtenwritten” love swasan, love laksh”.. Bt ddnt written rags name… .ssry mica no offense ,its jst dat m gvng gulshara an example…hope u dnt mind? ..
        N gulshara i ddnt felt hurt dear,no worries… Stay blessed dear☺

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