Swaragini … ( 2 love birds : SWALAK ) Episode 1


Hello guys .. This my First ff .. I expect some +ve comments if u want me to continue .. As im a damn crazy fan of swalak so that’s y im doing this ff to over come my hangover of swasan marriage .. Don’t mind swasan fans …..

So characters r the same except sometings i.e. There’s no KAVITHA .. And Gadodias are rich … And have a huge mansion just like maheshwaries …

So it’s like this … A girl is entering the music college in her car … As she steps out of her car , every boy slips ( by looking at her beauty ) …. The girl is our swara ( she is wearing a white floral strapless frock till her thighs with a brown leather jacket which ends above her stomach .. And brown boots .. Her hair are open with loose curls and she has put on little pink makeup she is looking s*xy ) … At the same time our hero enters on his heavy bike he’s our laksh .. ( he’s wearing a white half sleeves t shirt and we can see his awsum muscles .. With a black vest coat and blue jeans he’s looking hot ) every girl is looking at him ) .. They both r the most popular students of the college and every girl praises laksh while every boy praises swara but they both don’t like each other because they are each other’s biggest competitors in music as well as popularity :p

Swara and laksh both play guitar and no one can beat them .. They always go for competition and win … Bcuz they mesmerise everyone with their duet music ( they have to play together helplessly )

* I totally hate laksh * said swara to her friend … * y he is so cute just look at him , I just wonder who will be that lucky girl who will have a chance to dance with him on the freshers party tommorow night * SAID her friend *LOL ! U mean the unluckiest girl ‘ right ? * .. Said our swara * stop it ! Swara darling … One day u will fall for him tooo … * * I will never .. I hate love stories … And b/w I don’t fall for anyone every one falls for me … * winking her friend … Her friend rolls her eyes and says whatever …. And drags swara to the music room ….

If u don’t like it do tell me … Plz thnku

Precap : swalak kiss :p 😉

Credit to: Nahal

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  1. plzzzzzzz update soon

    Btw nice start

  2. nahal nice starting plz continue

  3. Amazng…pls do continue

  4. saba it is superb

  5. Very interesting plz continue very nice story actually we all swalakians want a nice one to get out from the swasan which is making in the show let’s don’t talk about it they don’t have any storyline plz continue ur story which is awesome

  6. Nice…. continue ya

  7. Plsssssss update ya……its sooooooo good……… I’m too crazy fan of swalak…..ad ragsan…….

  8. Nice dear,,,,

  9. Wow it’s a awesome plzzz carry on

  10. Is This is only swalak ff not ragsan ah

  11. Nice start…thanks mee too I’m a huge fan of swalak

  12. guys hold to ur horses I will update next soon … And I will introduce raglan in next few episodes don’t worry there will be rags an love story 🙂
    B/w thanku all

  13. I m a swasan fan but like swalak too but not ragsan so if u r nt hurt than plz don’t add ragsan in this

  14. Yeah nahal I agree with anu
    If it is pairing swara k it’s ok
    But don’t make raglan
    Plz don’t mind I don’t have any intention to hurt you
    Hope you don’t mind?

  15. Yeah nahal I agree with anu
    If it is pairing swara then it’s ok
    But don’t make ragsan
    Plz don’t mind I don’t have any intention to hurt you
    Hope you don’t mind?

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