Ek anokhi kahani ( A Lovely morning) Episode 1

In laksh house:-
Its a big house showing around all rooms and then its showind mandir where preparations are taking place by shakshi and rajnath .
Just then laksh comes down by wearing suit while reaching temple he notices that arjun is not there and thinks how to save him from mom.
Just then skashi turns to laksh and asks where is arjun
Lsksh looks at his dad and signs something
Then rajnath :- lucky i had sent aruu ( arjun nick name ) for some important work so go and just check whether he came or not beta .
In same time arjun comes runn8ng from dtairs to mandir by saying sry
Shakshi who understands their trick ask arjun
Arjun beta did u completed that work which is assigned to u by your dad
Arjun:- who stands still without understanding anything looks at them signalling .he immediately understands and say yes mom

Sakshi who immediately catches his ears and starts scolding u three will never change .
She gives arrti and prasad to three of them
Laksh asks arjun come to company as after 2 days colz will start arjun agrees and go with him
Skashi :- when will u stop doing these kind of childish behaviour with your kids
One is going to study mba and other is ready for marriage age.
Rajnath:- madam if i had grandkids then also i am not going to stop it by the way u loved me by seeing me like only
They both laugh
Sanskar :- wearing black and blue track suit with blue reebok shoes . Sheena who is wearing pink and cement track suit both are jogging and enjoying nature after completion of rounds they sat on bench .
Sanskar :- sheebu ( pet of sheena sanky only call her if any other person calls her like she wont like)
Sheebu your colz will start in 2 days did you buy all the stuff which u want
Sheena :- yes bhaii if in case i firget anything you are there na to remind me so i have no worries bhaii i love uu alot
Sanky :- even i love my sheebu a lot
They leave for their home

Annapurna comes with coffee to durgaprasad
She gives coffee while returing durgs prasad shout ochhh while lisening his voice annapurna and sheena and shanky who just entered at door runs towards him .
Annapurna gets tears inher eyes and gets worried
Durga parsad see their tensed faces and reslises his mistake
Durga prasad:- i did it wantedly to maje your mom sit for 2 sec otherwise she will roam whole house from morning to evening without any rest thats why
AP:- sanskar tum ready ho kar aa beta mai breakfast ready karunga o kakai tum tumhara e papa office ja saktha hai teekai
Then sanskar and dp mutually say
Yes madam as u say and they leave their room

Pre cap :- introduction of ragini and swara families

I hope u people like my ff
Pls comment what u feel about my ff and if u can and if u need any changed just give me suggestions

  1. Wow plz continue and plz make swalak and ragsan meeting early plz

    1. It will take at least 2 to 3 episodes for couples meeting
      I will make sure you wont get bore

    2. They will meet but it wont be like love at first sight and all for some charaters in this ff is some wat different

  2. No change continue as it is

    1. I didnt get u arti

  3. hey..dear i am going to read ur ff as totally new and different serial so that i can enjoy it very well..the epi was super cute..lucky juno and his dad were cool..maheshwari family was also very sweet..dp rocks..waiting to meet swara and ragini’s family also..

    1. Thanks a lot niti
      I will update next episode tomorrow
      In fact i will try to give 2

  4. superrr….

  5. it’s cool episode waiting for swaragini introduction & thr meet..

  6. Really niice

  7. entirely different.. superb.. go ahead sindhu..

  8. Good goin keep it up

  9. I uploaded two episode in afternoon none of them are posted untill now i will wait by tomorrow and i will repost it again sry for delay
    I dnt knw why it taking so much time

  10. Plz keep it ragsan

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