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The Episode starts with Ragini thinking what is the mystery behind this bullet. She thinks Annapurna’s shot bullet hadn’t hit Utara, as the other gun bullet hit her. She thinks that gun with which Annapurna shot was taken by Rajat. She comes to the conclusion that someone else fired the gun. She thinks someone wanted to kill Rajat and shot at him. She thinks that person hid the gun in the store room. She thinks who can be that person? Adarsh asks Durga Prasad and Ram to be at home till Sanskar gets well, and says he will handle office work. Ram says he is right. Laksh tells Durga Prasad that he got mail from Sen gupta. Parineeta talks to servant and asks did you bring new Aata? Servant says no. Ragini asks him not to use old Aata. She asks Ragini to give tea to everyone. Durga Prasad says I hope Sahil

agrees on his insistence. Laksh says I thought to cancel this deal. Ragini comes and says no Laksh. She says I feel you should go there and take Sanskar with you, as this foundation is for Swara. Annapurna says Sanskar will feel good. Durga Prasad asks Laksh to take Sanskar.

Laksh says I will try. He comes to Sanskar and asks him to come with him for a one day trip. He says they have a meeting with Sen Gupta for the foundation. Sanskar agrees. Laksh hugs him. Sanskar thinks I am sure that I will find Swara through this foundation. Laksh thanks him and thinks Sanskar will make a new start again.

Swara gets flashes of Sanskar as he shoots at Rajat, but she mistaken him and thinks he had shot her. She wakes up and acts crazy. Nurse is sleeping still. Swara goes out of room and is about to fall, when Sahil holds her. Swara brushes off his hand. Sahil says if I leave your hand, then you will fall. Swara asks who are you? Sahil gives his intro and says he found her in the river. He says this is my home and says you have no option than to believe me as I have saved your life. Swara thanks him for saving her life. Sahil asks what you were doing in the river, and asks if she tried to commit suicide. Swara says her name is Swara and she stays in Kolkata. Sahil asks her to relax and says they will talk later. Nurse comes and asks how she came out? Sahil asks her to leave. Swara says she didn’t do intentionally. He asks Swara to call him if needed. Swara thanks Sahil again. Parineeta comes to store room and finds chilli in the box. She thinks where did I keep gun and checks in other box. She finds gun in the aata box and thinks she is saved. Ragini says it is good, now you can hide it safely. Parineeta is shocked and turns to look at Ragini.

Ragini switches on the lights and tells Parineeta that she was doubtful on her when she found bullet in Utara’s room. She says Annapurna blamed herself for shooting Utara. She says everything is happening because of you. Parineeta says she had shot at Rajat, but the bullet hit Utara. Ragini says your lie would work perfectly, and says if you really want to kill him then why did you hide. She says I met Rajat’s fake mum…A fb is shown, Ragini accuses Rajat’s fake mum and says she lost her sister because of her and asks her to tell her 4th partner’s name. Fake’s mum refuses. Ragini threatens to send her to jail. Fake mum tells her which shocks Ragini. Ragini says she got her finger prints tested and says it is done by you. She says even though you know about Rajat, you tried to get Utara marry Rajat.

Parineeta says I never wanted Rajat to marry Utara and thought to hide his truth till marriage. Ragini asks why??? She recalls Parineeta’s indifferent behavior and jealousy. She says I know why did you do this, as you want to make Swara and I feel low infront of family. Parineeta looks on. She says you have snatched my sister from me. She says you wanted to become great in everyone’s eyes. Parineeta apologizes and says I thought my value is getting less in this house and says Rajat has betrayed me, kidnapped me and tried to marry Utara. I didn’t want to hurt anyone. Ragini says I just know that Swara is not with me because of you. Now family members will decide about your future. Parineeta falls on her feet and gives her Swara’s promise. She says family will not forgive her and Adarsh will divorce her. She says Swara have united Adarsh and me. Ragini says exactly and says I will never forgive you. Swara united you and Adarsh and you have killed her.

Ragini threatens Parineeta if she tries to do anything again then she will expose her. Parineeta acts like a vamp and thinks she has to do something to Ragini as she is a threat to her. Laksh and Sanskar might see Swara on road.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Serial hai yeh..yaha koi kabhi kisiko nehi dekta.. they r not going to see Swara for sure ??

  2. parinita pagal ho rahi hai…oh god

  3. I dont lyk this vamp parineeta..plz end her dis track…nd unite swasan soon..

  4. I just hate this show….Very idiotic makes no sense at all.

    1. Dekha jaruri nahi hai bakwaas karne ki bajay apna kam karo its really a fantastic serial

  5. Really wht is happiness in this serial plz don’t separate swasan nd raglak

  6. plz unite swasan……….

  7. Actually parineeta doesn’t need to hid the gun watz the use of hiding???

    1. And also frm where parineeta got the gun??

  8. Ragsan and Swalak

    Plzzzzz separate swasan and raglak. I hate that pair bits. Make it Ragsan and Swalak plz they suit together

    1. am also a ragsan n swalak fan but now they r married. so we have to accept the truth. we cant disrespect to relationship like this idiot cvs. they think they will unite them n again they will seperate them. full of non sense cvs.

  9. episode ws boring… d main intrest of the shw SWASAN moments wr missing….jldi thk kro sb… cs d shw without dm is getting boring

  10. This blo*dy piece of crap parineeta …… I thought she has changed … but NO !!! Kill her asap in the serial …. it would have been far better if they killed pari instead of swara …..

  11. Such a small episode.Nothing happened in today’s episode.

  12. epi was boring…starting nd endng ws super boring……nw i thnk swaras detectvgiri is far better dan raginis…hw much bak bak bak in raginis..really irtitatng…i always want to see ragini got some imp…bt after ystrdy epi me opinion chnged….wht shr dng with her eyes sometimes i like it will jumb out of frm her eyes…hahaha….really irritatng…its better to shw some raglak scene….sanlak scenes were good….dat is d only thng god hppns in ystrdy epi nd also swahil scene…othrwise it ws really boring…

  13. swara’s acting was superb. BT still want swasan to unite. pls writers don’t drag this track

  14. boring pari ragini drama tdy episode.. total on that but atlast rags forgive her and dnt tel anyone pari will do something again she didnt change… and what actually rags think is she think swara alive or did.. once she says swara alive again she died… except sanky all think she died.. he want to go so he can try to see where his lady love… dont show rags like that what she think tell exact…and swara is uncomfortable with him…total 15min took for parigini drama… please end this… show something good… total boring episode..

  15. Parineeta pagal ho rahi hain .

  16. I dont like this serial because of this

  17. Chalo atleast swara ko apna naam to yaad hai par use yeh lagta hai ki sanskar ne usko mara yaar I feel very sad ab swara ki memory ki gadi thodi aage badegi aur use laksh yaad aayega hope they unite swasan soon

  18. plz swara sanskar ko mila do…..last episode was so boring ….

  19. Yesterday I saw the episode, felt ragini is becoming like swara I just hate it. Keep ragini personality as same and give her imp, pls don’t show her as filling swara’s shoes.

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