SwaLak & RagSan frienship that turns to love ( episode 1 )


Hi im khadija aktar and Im back with another swalak & ragsan friendship that turn to love thank you for all the lovely comment and thank you for liking my introduction so enough of my talk and lets get started


In a room we can see one person sleeping

Person1 – please wake up its 9am we going to get late for college
Person2 ( sleepy tone ) another 2 mins pls
Person 1 – I said now or mum is going to shout at us
Person 2 – don’t worry and please shout the door behind you when you are finishing talking
( the person sleeping is our naughty swara )
Swara – where , where is the lizard
Ragini – hahaha now you woke up finally
Swara – ragini ki bacchi
Ragini – you can get me later but quickly get ready
Swara – yes madam


In a room we can see one person playing music really loudly

Person 1 – can u put the music down I got a bad headache pls
Person2 sorry bhai but its really fun to do exercise in the morning
Person 1 seriously if u want to do exercise then go and do running in the park not by playing music
Person 2 – sorry bhai opps I forgot Mr Sanskaar Maheswari doesn’t like loud music
( the person playing the loud music is our dashing laksh )
Laksh – sorry bhai
Sanskaar – its oky now go and get ready we have to go college


Swaragini – maa we’re ready we going now
Sharmishta – no first have break feast
Swara – maa we eat in the canteen
Ragini – exactly maa
Sharmistha – no now quickly have breakfeast or u wont go college
Swaragini – yes maa


Sanskaar – whats for breakfeast
Sujata – aloo ki paratha
Sanskaar – maa thats so oily
Laksh – haa chachi its too oily im not eating that
Sanskaar – we eat from the canteen
Ap – no eat quickly or you will be late for college
Sanlak – okyy


Swara – maa we are going now or we be late for college
Sharmistha – go carefully and don’t keep chatting
Ragini – maa don’t worry we be fine ] Shekar – haa ragini is correct their not little kids anymore soon its their married time
Swaragini – papaa
Ragini – chalo swara or we be late bye maa bye papa
Swara- bye maa bye papa
Shekar & sharmistha – byee


Sanskaar – bye maa we are going now
Laksh – haa ma bye
Ap & sujata – go carefully
Sanlak – yess maa

PRECAP – Sanlak to meet swaragini

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Please comment if you liked my fanfiction and I will post the next one on Saturday night till then bye xx

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