YHM Dil toh pagal hain part 14

Hiii dear friendsss
So so so so so so sorry for delay
Please please forgive me
Recap-Ishita wants to spend time with Raman but amma asks her not to for practice as their son abhi is returning from canada n she wants family to be together,
Ishita n Raman miss each other Raman misunderstands Ishita’ s absence as her anger

Mihika’s Room
Abhi is looking outside window
Abhi-Mihika do u really think I must tell her
Amma comes
Amma-Ofcourse my son, she needs to know
Abhi blushes
Abhi-But how, My mouth doesn’t open when she is around
Appa comes
Appa-Just like u told us son hurry up we cannot wait more to make her permanent member of Iyer family

Abhi smiles
Mihika-come on bhai we all r with u

Iyer’s living room
Amma, appa, mihika, Ishita r sitting
Abhi-I have spl gift for everybody
So here I start with my fatso mihika
Mihika smirks
Abhi hugs her n gives her handbag
Mihika is happy
He gives sari to amma
He gives sports shoe to appa
Abhi-Amma u must wear this every morning n come for walk along with me
Appa nods
Ishita looks on with smile

Abhi-Ishita for u I have something really very spl
He sits on his knees
Takes out rose n a small red box, He closes his eyes
Abhi-Ishita I never knew this was going to be so difficult from past 20 years u have been taking care of my family so nicely u r just so perfect n n n n n since our childhood days u u u have a very special place in my heart Ishita, I love u Ishita, I wish to grow old with u, I wish to make u Mrs Iyer will u please marry me???
Ishita is dumbstruck
Amma, appa, n mihika clap Ishita is speechless
Amma-ishu u will be a ideal daughter in law we all love u
Mihika-ishu we want to make u a permanent Iyer member
Appa-Ishita we cannot see u going anywhere else beta so please please be with us
Mihika sits on her knees
Amma, appa join
Mihika-Ishita we all also propose u today

Ishita’ s eyes r moist she rushes to amma, appa n asks them to get up she hugs them
Appa signals thumb to abhi
Abhi smiles

Amma(excitedly)-ishu this means its yes am sooo happy god bless u
she hugs her
Ishita is unable to react
Appa-Abhi make her wear ring
Abhi makes her wear
mihika hugs them
Iyer family is happy Ishita excuses herself she goes to room n starts sobbing sad version of dil toh pagal hain plays
Abhi (concerned)-Amma what happened to Ishita
Amma-Nothing beta she might be feeling shy

Raman is getting restless
Mihir-Bhai dnt wry she will come tom

Ishita is in garden, Abhi joins her Abhi-ishu I didn’t mean to I mean u r happy, I mean I dnt want to force u, all that matters to me most is ur happiness feel free to share with me
Ishita-Abhi everything happened abruptly I need time, am happy

Abhi smiles n leaves

Ishita looks at ring tear eyed
Raman n her happy moments flash before her eyes

Ishita’s pov-I can do this much for them but Raman I just cannot face him I dnt know what to do

she weeps silently
Raman looks at ganpati idol
n says I miss u Ishita .

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  1. Veronica

    Sad….but awesome!!!!

  2. Sad but really lovely episode . Waiting for next episode eagerly

  3. Really a sad one…
    Hoping u will bring a good twist in ur Next episode?
    Liked today’s episode

  4. Jasminerahul

    abhi proposed ishita n made her wear ring.4 iyers she kept silent as she is grateful 2 them.feeling very sad.wish ishita had told abhi abt raman.poor raman will b shattered

  5. Reshma_Pradeep


  6. Shalu

    I felt very sad today, even I like given, but Ishra is the best. Maybe Divek is the best couple, but in serial I like them only. And I know u ll surely join them only, so it’s not a big deal for me. And today’s episode was nice.?

  7. Neethu

    Heart breaking episode ?
    I want ishu to confess her feelings about raman to abhi soon.. Anyways you nailed it Rushi dear! ?

  8. Kumud

    awwww today’s episode is touching

  9. RUSHI

    kumud thanks alot dear
    neethu thanks u will come to know very shortly what happens next pl stay tuned
    jasmine thanks dear lots more to come
    kv thanks alot dear
    veronica thanks dear
    shalu thanks dear u will come to know shortly
    janani thanks dear next epi coming ur way soon
    thanks reshma

  10. So sad story but love it.
    Ishu must follow her heart who she will love.
    Raman will be shattered to know about Ishu engaged with Abhi.
    Ishu will leave the RISM group that make Shagun happy.
    Shagun will be disappoint that Raman will also leaving the group.

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