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Episode 15

Okay let’s start it

Laksh was sitting in the chair. He saw sumi, dadi everyone were praying for swara. Seeing him Ap comes near him and sits beside him.

Ap – what are you doing here? go and pray for her.

Laksh – no maa i had never believed in god.

Ap – I know but if you don’t want to see swara fine.

Laksh – what is this question maa definitely i will.

Ap – then for the first time go and pray. Im sure god will definitely listen to your prayers.

Laksh – but if he didn’t listen by my prayer and  if her health will get worsen then..

Ap – i don’t think that will happen beta. She took all the problems . I know if you will pray by heart then she’ll definitely be fine. Now go.

Laksh -okay  maa  and he went near the idol. And for the first time he folded his hand and closed his eyes. God please for the first time I’m praying to you. Please save swara. She was really very good . And i had heared that you never did bad things with good people na. Do whatever you want please did that with me. But please save her. He didn’t even realise that now he has started crying.

Sumi comes near shekhar.

Sumi – shekhar how can that Dr told that. He told that our shona will not survive. How can he? You know na how much she loves me then how can she go leaving me alone.

Shekhar – sumi nothing will happen to her. Are how can our princess will go. She has to be fine. At least not for us she has to be fine for her husband & for her new life.

Sumi – but shekhar why she wasn’t coming in to sense. I’m getting afraid. If she’ll. …

Dadi – Sarmistha don’t even told that. How can you even think of that. Are my shona has to be fine.

Sumi – but maa saw her na till now she didn’t even talk with me. Tell her to wake up.

Dadi – she pacifies her. Sumi just saw there.

Sumi – maa laksh was praying.

Dadi – haan he was praying. I  had listened while he was talking with Ap. He never have believe on god but today he was praying. And just saw there he was praying from heart. Now tell me how can anything bad happens with our swara when her husband is heartly praying for her.

Sumi – haan maa you are right. Nothing will happen with our swara. And she hugs dadi.

Parvati – baas ab tu chup ho ja. Kuch nahi hoga hamari swara ko.

It’s already some hour but laksh doesn’t know. He was praying till now. His prayer gets disturbed by some noise. He saw the nurse, the Dr were running to swara’s room. Everyone is very much worried. He runs there.

Laksh – what happened papa

Dp – don’t know beta everything was good. Just before sometime the Dr told us that swara will be alright but suddenly the nurse who was sitting inside with swara she called the Dr. When i asked her she told me that it’s emergency nothing more than that.

Laksh – god please nothing should happen to swara please. ..

Dr comes out after sometime.

Laksh – how’s she?

Dr -now she is stable but not out of danger. Now only we had changed her medicine let’s see how will she react to them.

Laksh – when will be she regain her consiousness.

Dr – hope with in 6hr  otherwise may be she can go to coma.

Laksh – but now only you told that she is stable then coma..

Dr – I know that but everything is depends on her reaction to the medicine. Just hope for the best. Excuse me. And he left.

Hearing this laksh shattered. He went near swara. He sits beside her. He saw her. He can’t believe that she was same swara with whom he dance, even who gave a best birthday gift to him. Now he was seeing her with oxygen mask and machines . He cried. He holds her hand.

Laksh – please swara wake up. You are my friend na then who did this with friends. Please swara before sometime you only took the promise na that we’ll stay together then how can you Please give me this gift i’m promising you I’ll never ask you any other gift. Please swara.

It’s already 1 day completed till now swara is not regain her consiousness. All were praying for her. Laksh wasn’t going anywhere from his place. He was sitting beside her since last night.

Ap – laksh you go beta just get some fresh i’m here till now.

Laksh – no maa it’s okay. I’ll not go anywhere till she comes to sense.

Ap – laksh she loves you more than her life. When she’ll wake up and saw you in this she’ll not be happy. I know her she’ll feel guilty. Go beta.

Laksh – okay I’m going. If she’ll wake up call me immediately.

Ap – haan.

Laksh went out .out side he meet with his friend omi . He ask him about swara. After sometime he gets a call that swara regains consiousness. Hearing this he started to run.

Omi -laksh what happened?

Laksh – my swara regain consiousness. I’ll talk with you later. And he went away.

Omi -if he told that my swara. What if laksh loves her. Oh god i know he’ll not realise it now. But may be it was because he was cared for her. I’ll talk with him later.

In the hospital when laksh reaches there he saw everyone is sitting near swara. And all are happy. All saw laksh.

Ap – laksh swara wake up beta. I told you na god will definitely hear your prayers.

Dadi – haan beta just saw here. My shona is fine.

Laksh – yah i can saw that she was fine.

After three days swara get discharge from hospital . Laksh and swara were returing back to their house. Swara was upset.

Swara – what happened to you?

Laksh – nothing.

Swara – please yaar i’m dieing to talk with you. Everyone had talk with me except you. What mistake i did please laksh.

Laksh – nothing.

Swara – what nothing. Stop the car right now.

Laksh – okay and he stopped the car in the side. What will you do. Everyone is waiting for you.

Swara – please tell me first what was my mistake. Why you are not talking with me. I don’t know but please tell me laksh. Your silence is killing me please.

Laksh – really. What you are thinking of yourself. If you are a great ironman haan that the bullet will not harm you. You can tell me about Shaan right. When you know something will may be happen why you celebrate my bday.

Swara – are it’s your first bday after our post wedding. How can i let it be as usual. You know what i had always planned for your bday when i got  such a opportunity how can i miss it. That’s because of that Shaan. You knw what because of this i got two benifities.

Laksh – really but how?

Swara – are sorry not to its more than two. First you started believe in God. Second you cared for me. Third you fight with Shaan for me wow.

Laksh – what you got when i beat Shaan.

Swara – laksh you know i had always dreams that my love i mean you should fight with anyone for me. Wow that dream got completed.

Laksh – really i don’t think so because you didn’t saw that na.

Swara – it’s okay I’ll see it tomorrow.

Laksh – how?

Swara – I think you are forgetting something I’m a doctor at that hospital. I’ll see the cctv footage.

Laksh – wow you are so talented.

Swara – that’s okay.

Laksh – but still promise me after today you will not hide anything from me.

Swara – okay done. One more thing can i hug you once.

Laksh – why.

Swara – okay then.

Laksh – come and he hugs her .

Swara – thanks for this beautiful moment laksh I’ll always remember this day.

It ends with swalak ‘ s happy face.

Precap – swalak nokjhok and funny moments and may be some romance! !!!

So friends how are you all. All are fine na. Thank you sooo much for supporting me . Keep supporting me like this. And next update will be on 30th November. I know you want me to be regular. Just wait guys once my exams will be finished I’ll be regular. Don’t forget to give your coments I’ll wait for them. Bye take care and keep smiling.

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