Swabhimaan 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Swabhimaan 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Naina thanking Karan for his timely help and repairing the generator. Karan says I am surprised that you haven’t laughed at me. Naina says I just wants Meghna’s marriage to happen nicely. Karan says I haven’t done anything and asks her to tell where to keep the haldi bowl. Asha and others come. Asha asks Karan to keep haldi in the mandap. Karan sees everyone without shoes and slippers and thinks to remove his shoes. Sharda asks him to take Naina’s help and give haldi bowl to her else it may fall. Naina tells him that she will take off his shoes. Karan hesitates. Naina says I will not touch you and carefully takes his shoes off. Vaibhav is playing cricket there and the ball falls in the shagun haldi, making haldi fall on Karan and Naina’s faces. Naina tries to wipe

haldi from Karan’s face, but he stops her with his umbrella. He keeps the bowl, wears his shoes and goes.

A guest tells that haldi is applied to Naina in this mandap only. Naina looks at herself in the mirror. Karan sees his face in the mirror and is tensed. Naina thinks why Karan reacts with a touch. Vaibhav comes to Naina and says Sharda is calling you. Naina runs after Vaibhav for making the ball fall in the bowl. She stops seeing Taya ji and Tai ji coming there. Sharda introduces them to Meghna and asks her to touch their feet. Asha comes and stops Meghna, asking her not to bend infront of them. She says they never remembered you all till now. Vishnu says they are shameless to come and meet the people whom they don’t love. Gopal says this is our private function and asks with which right you have come here. Taya ji says we have right on them.

Vishnu says you have lost the right when my sister left your house at midnight with her 6 years and 4 years daughters. Tai ji asks them to stop it and asks Sharda to tell them with which right they have come, and asks her not to stand like a statue. She says if we have come here, then there is a reason. Sharda thinks to stop them from telling anything. Tai ji is about to tell them about giving money to Sharda on interest, but Taya ji changes the topic and tells that they have come as Sharda invited them for marriage. He says we came to bless Meghna and will leave. He blesses Meghna for a happy life and asks his wife to come. They leave.

Tai ji asks Taya ji, why didn’t you tell them about giving money to Sharda. Taya ji asks her to calm down, and says game have just started. I have to teach a lesson to Sharda’s elder brother first, and asks her to go home. He says I shall go and see the cards. Vishnu asks Sharda, why did you call them. Did you forget the insult, pain and taunts. Gopal says I used to remember that Vishnu used to be awake all night in her worry. Vishnu says she forgot everything, but I can’t forget. Sharda says I haven’t forgotten anything, when you came there, you cried seeing my condition. She says we got a new life because of you people. She says I have invited them as it is my duty to call my husband’s family here. Vishnu asks what about their duty? Sharda says whatever. I don’t want Meghna’s father to feel that I have forgotten his family. Asha thinks she is fooling us again with her talks. Sharda apologizes to her family.

Asha tells Kalpana that Sharda talks about maan and swabhimaan, and she forgot about relations who have supported her always. Kalpana asks her to sit and says Sharda must have went to her jethji as he is rich. She says we have done enough for her daughter which was in our limits. Taya ji comes to Nand Kishore and greets him. He introduces himself as Land revenue collector of Bundi, and also Meghna Taya ji. He says I am happy to meet rich businessman like you. Nand Kishore says I am really happy to meet you and asks if he will attend the marriage. Taya ji says yes. Nand Kishore asks him to take some time for him. Taya ji tells that he knows about his project and says it is a good project. Nand Kishore says it is a big project and asks him to have something. Taya ji says I am busy with arrangements and goes. Sandhya comes and asks Nand Kishore about the man. He says I met someone wise in this family.

While dance party is going on…..Nand Kishore asks Vishnu to get drinks for his guest. Naina dances on shehnai song.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I just love naina karan

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    Naina karan nice to watch …

    1. Nice judi of karan nd naina really they look gud each other

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    what’s Karan’s secret !!!!

  4. Naina and karan sequence are nice…I want know karan’s secret..waiting…..

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