Badho Bahu 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Badho Bahu 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghubir ji is overwhelmed. He thanks Komal for saving Pragya’s respect. She tells him not to embarrass her. I dint do any favour on anyone. He offers to take Komal and Vardaan to their home and sends Pragya with Rana and Teji.

Rana stops the jeep to take water. Pragya says I feel as if you (Teji) are with Zalim Singh which is why he came there on the same time. He says I am not such a bad person. She shows him her western clothes. Tell me how I will go home wearing these clothes. They will kill me if they see me like this. I think I should tell truth to everyone. I have no option. We should end whatever is between us. I cannot take it anymore. He says I can understand your pain but try to understand what I was going through back then. He shows her his scratches. Your brother dint let me go. I was stuck in practising. I couldn’t come even though I wanted to. They see Rana coming back. Pragya asks Teji how she will go home in these clothes. He advises her to run to her room directly. I will handle it.

Raghubir ji brings Vardaan and Komal home. Jamuna ji gets worried for Komal. Komal assures her she is fine. Jamuna ji asks Raghubir ji what happened with the kids. Raghubir ji says a lot could have happened today but thankfully we got saved. Zalim Singh kidnapped Pragya. Don’t know what would have happened today if it wasn’t for your courageous daughter. Jamuna ji reprimands her kids for acting all brave and getting hurt in the process. Raghubir ji says this is how a mother feels. It is just scratches but she cannot stop worrying. I can never repay for the favour your daughter has done on us. Jamuna ji says family helps family only. It is good that my daughter could come to help in the time of need. Raghubir ji nods. He asks Komal to take rest. I have to come tomorrow to take you with me anyways. Payal tells him not to worry. I will look after her tonight. She will be fine by tomorrow. Raghubir ji nods and leaves.

Malti ji tells Kamla ji not to worry. Pragya must be coming. I spoke to him (Raghubir ji). Pragya hurries off to her room. Her bed sheet gets stuck in the flower pot. She closes the door right before Bharpayi could see her.

Kamla ji asks Rana if anything went wrong. Rana says nothing happened. Thankfully Komal came on time. Everyone is surprised. Rana says we wouldn’t have been in a position to show our faces to anyone if it wasn’t for her. Pragya is fine. Go and meet her. Ladies head to Pragya’s room. Teji stops Rana saying it is a girl’s matter. Let ladies handle.

Bharpayi keeps banging at the door. Malti ji and Kamla ji come there. Kamla ji asks Pragya to open door. Tell me what the matter is. Pragya hasn’t changed yet. Kamla ji wonders why her daughter isn’t opening the door. She could have spoken to me for a minute. I would have felt better. Malti ji asks Pragya to open door. Tell me what happened. BHarpayi tries again but in vain. Malti ji tells her Bhabhi not to worry. She will feel better in some time. Don’t worry. Bharpayi blames herself for Pragya’s condition. Pragya opens the door (she has changed by now). Kamla ji hugs her daughter.

Jamuna ji nurses Komal and Vardaan’s wound. Komal gets up to go but Payal stops her. Where are you going to at this hour? Komal replies that she will go wherever her fate will take her. I have understood that I have no place in this house anymore. Vardaan too offers to go with his sister. Payal thinks she cannot force these people now. I will have to change my way. She asks them to stop and apologizes to Komal. I dint mean wrong. I don’t want you to go out of home at this hour. babu ji will come to take you tomorrow. What will we say to him then? Komal says I understood your worry. You want to throw me out of the house anywhichways. Payal says you will mistake me even if I will try to do something good for you. I only wanted your husband and family to love and respect you. My way was wrong but intention wasn’t. You know how much I love you. If they try to take you with him tomorrow then I will clearly tell him no one can take you from here against your wish. Is it fine now? Jamuna ji is relieved. Payal has finally got her senses back. You (Komal) wont go anywhere now. You will stay with us now. She takes her kids inside. Payal refuses to sit helplessly. I have to get ready for what will happen tomorrow. I will send Badho off to her home anyhow. I will have to think of something.

Raghubir ji comes home. Ahlawat ji asks him about Zalim Singh. Raghubir ji says I couldn’t catch him. I have informed police already. Ahlawat ji vows to teach Zalim Singh a lesson as and when he catches him. Raghubir ji tells him to have patience. Komal saved Pragya in time. Ahlawat ji seconds him. Another guy speaks in Komal’s favour. Raghubir ji points out that in Lucky’s absence they only have to bring Komal and Pinki back home. Ahlawat ji nods. Both the brothers decide to bring back Komal in a grand way.

Raghubir ji gets Payal’s call. You should come early morning and have lunch here. He politely declines. We will only come to take our daughter. Payal agrees. Komal stays really sad these days. She cannot even expect her husband to come and take her home after doing such a brave thing. Raghubir ji says no one would be happier if Lucky could come. He isn’t here. How can he come here in a night? Payal says you are right but the one who wishes to come can even cross all borders. I will explain to Komal. It’s ok. I will make preps. They end the call. Payal thinks she has shot the arrow. Hope it hits the right spot. Hope no other problem comes tomorrow. Help us lord!

Raghubir ji thinks of what Payal had said. He calls Lucky. I am proud to know you have won the first race in Chennai. I have a surprise for you. He asks him about it but Raghubir ji asks him to take first flight for home. I will send Rana to pick you up. Lucky is taken aback. I have just come here. Raghubir ji tells him not to say no. I am only calling you for a day. I will book your return ticket as well. Luckt reluctantly agrees. He thinks no one will let him stay here in peace also.

Precap: Lucky asks Rana and Malti ji what surprise they are talking about. Lucky says I will also get to meet that noble person this way then. Raghubir ji and other family members reach Jamuna ji’s place. Komal tells Raghubir ji she wants to talk to him alone about something important.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    I hope komal do not go easily to her in-law house as she need to make them realise her importance which only her FIL knows, but rest only see her body and mistakes but not her favours done by her each time on them…

    1. Hi Sharaddha,

      It is a real shame that poor Komal is judge by her appearence. I truly hope Pragya can now be kinds towards Komal and give her the respect she deserves. As for Teji, hope the rest of the family learn of his dishonesty and scheming ways, along with Pragya intentions.

      Thanks for update Pooja, good storyline so far.


        Rightly said summer.. but i do not think its going to happen soon, as pragya is mad behind teji..

      2. Pooja

        Anytime sweetie…sorry for not replying yesterday


      And i have a feeling that might be Teji is with zalim singh and after ruining pragya life, vardhan will marry with her…

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