Suvreen Guggal 22nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 22nd July 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 22nd July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Yuvraj thinking about Alisha when she wanted to kiss him. She confessed her love for Yuvraj and said that Suvreen is characterless’. Yuvraj doesn’t let her speak and wanted to slap her. And then Yuvraj noticed that Suvreen will go early morning to Delhi. He goes to Suvreen.

Suvreen gives paper to the watchman and asks what is this?? Soni asks him what happened after the meeting? Soni gets angry. After a while Yuvraj comes. Suvreen hugs gim! (how cute..!! ) Suvreen asks him what are you doing here?? He says that he missed her. Yuvraj asks what happened? Soni shows the paper to him. He asks they are taking you out of the building?? Soni and Suvreen say yes but they don’t know why. Suvreen says that she will talk to Khurana soon and she says to the watchman

that he is a watchman so he definitely knows why they got the paper. Yuvraj says let him he doesn’t say anything. They wanted to go but the watchman says that he can’t go. It’s a rule! Yuvraj says If I go there what will Khurana do?? Will he take us out of the building? He laughs and then they go.

Rehan says omg ira loves me?? And then he imagines what Ira said. He says why did this thing happen? How can ira know that I love suvreen.? He tries to call Ira but her phone is closed. He leaves a massage and says that he has to talk with her. She is his best friend! After a while he massages Suvreen that he will pick her up in the morning.
Suvreen sees the massage. She thinks that she can’t go with him full 2 days and then she says to Soni and Yuvraj that she doesn’t want to go to delhi. Soni asks why? Yuvraj says are you mad? He says that she has the chance to meet her parents.

Alisha has a picture of Yuvraj and herself on her hand and watches it. She says that she really loves him. Suvreen doesn’t deserve you! I deserve you. We look good together.. but you don’t see it. I didn’t love someone else and you say that you love suvreen? Why can you see that I love you?? And that she remembers how he said that he loves suvreen. And then she says Alisha is the best for you! But he don’t get it. I’ll tell him. And then she calls Yuvraj. He is in washroom. He takes his phone and sees it’s Alisha but he doesn’t want to talk with her.
Suvreen asks to Soni what are you doing? She says that she has to spend 2 days with Rehan and it’s not easy. Soni says that’s why she has to go with him for 2 days. So she has the time to solve the problem. After a while Alisha calls him again but he doesn’t take the phone.
In the morning. Rehan picks Suvreen. Suvreen looks at Rehan.

Yuvraj and Soni are having breakfast. They are talking about Khurana. They are really confused but then they got an idea when they saw the paper again. (sorry I didn’t get it what was written on it) and then they are going to the watchman. After a while the watchman says that it was a plan of Khurana. He tells everything what he did. Yuvraj and Soni get angry .
In the car. Suvreen says sir but then Rehan shows a design and asks something but Suvreen doesn’t listen at him. Soni and Yuvraj want to take revenge. They say together: MISSION END OF KHURANA BEGINS!!

Rehan asks what are you thinking Suvreen ? I have asked you something. She asks what did you ask? And then she says I’m sorry. He holds her hand and asks what happened?? Are you ok? She says I’m fine. She remembers what Soni said. Suvi says to Rehan that she want to talk with him something.

Precap: Rehan says : Maybe suvreen knows that from Vivaan but how can Ira know it? He says maybe Ira saw the diary she went to my cabine after this she is behaving not good. After this Svureen is not behaving good too. Maybe she saw the diary too.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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