Suvreen Guggal 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 20th February 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Suvi telling Yuvi she wants to meet him and she made her decision, Yuvi is stunned, Rathi asks Yuvi what did she say, Yuvi comes out of his thoughts and says Suvi made her decision and she wants to meet and say it
Mannu asks Yuvi if Suvi rejects then…Yuvi tells him whatever will be her decision he will accept, she respected his decision and now he will respect whatever she decides, he says sadly even after him rejecting her she still was his friend and all this have been so difficult for her, she beared it all but now maybe its his turn
Back at college Annie Naro and Zorro are waiting impatiently for Suvi, Naro spots Suvi coming and they all run to her, Annie asks her to tell why her phone was switched off, Naro excitedly asks to say what has she

decided, they keep asking her about her decision, Zorro asks Suvi if she is okay, Suvi says she is fine but first she needs to talk to Yuvi and leaves from there
Annie tells Zorro he just let her go like that, Naro says she even didn’t say anything about her decision, Zorro tells them off they talk too much and says Suvi knows what is right or wrong for her and like always she will decide from her heart and whatever she decides will be right and he leaves from there while Annie says from behind but they need to know what is her decision exactly
RC packs a luggage and sits down to rest, Vivaan comes there asking him if he is going again on another trip, he informs him whatever it is he is no ways staying in Monali’s house as her mom always feeds him white milk and doesn’t even add chocolate
RC laughs and says not to say like that about elders, he then says that if he doesn’t like it here without him then he can join him, RC takes out a bag for Vivaan and says they can go on a holiday together
Vivaan becomes excited and jumps and hugs RC, RC thinks to himself he needs to get away from here, far away from this place
Alisha on the other hand cuts off her birthday party clothes in madness and anger and thinks about the party how everyone prepared everything for her and wished her
Alisha tells herself she thought they were all her friends but that was all an act, her mom was right that she shouldn’t have mingled with them but she never listened to her mom, she listened to them only but they all lied to her, she starts crying
In the empty old classroom, Yuvi and Suvi are standing facing each other, Yuvi thinks why isn’t Topper saying anything, the pin drop silence will definitely kill him(damn Yuvi is soo adorable)
He finally speaks up saying to Suvi even if her answer is no he will accept because he knows after what he did how difficult it is for her to start everything again, Suvi cuts him and says he said a lot and now she will speak and he will listen
Yuvi nods, Suvi says what does he think what should be her answer after what all he did, does he even realize how much he hurt her, she tells him there were so many nights she kept crying thinking was she that awful person that Yuvi even didn’t think about her, Yuvi tries to say its not like that but Suvi cuts him and says enough
While outside Annie walks here and there impatient and says don’t know what must be Suvi saying inside, Rathi tells her not to worry as he knows her answer will be yes, they both will come out laughing for sure, Annie hopes its like that only
Suvi asks Yuvi if he remembers this place, Yuvi nods, Suvi says it’s the same place where she told him about her feelings, Yuvi shocked asks her does she want to take revenge(OMG in between all the tension this guy manages to crack me up so much…aaahh i just luv Yuvi)
He says will she say no, Suvi says no, Yuvi becomes happy and asks will she say yes to him, Suvi says did she say that, irritated, she tells him to stop his questions and let her say what she wants to say, Yuvi tries to argue back and Suvi says this is what she is talking about, he always tells her she is the problem but her problem is him and his habit
She goes on saying for him whatever he says is right and others are all wrong and this is his problem, she kept telling him she will talk and he will listen but no he has to say something, he has to be the one to listen, he has to be the one to talk which means why are others existing in the world, he compensates for everything as he is the best
Suvi on full on hyper mode goes on about how irritating she finds these habits of him, and what will happen when they date she will always listen and he will talk, Yuvi looks at her surprised, and Suvi goes on that how can he expect her to handle his 20 thousand questions and smile all the time, she tells him just because she loves him doesn’t mean she will handle all these problems and she never will and she is saying it to him now, on the other hand Yuvi is smiling at her words
Suvi finishes off and asks irritated what is it, Yuvi says nothing but smiles, she asks him why is he smiling stupidly now its not funny, Yuvi tells her he wont ever fight with her, he moves closer and says even when they are dating he wont ask 20000 questions and promises her
Suvi says when did she say she will date him, Yuvi is still smiling and Suvi says is he mad he is still laughing when she is shouting at him
Yuvi moves his hand to her back and holds her(Ok thats it till now i was fainting and now i’m sooo *Dead* hahaha and that too watching it on replay aaahh)while Suvi tries to get out of his grip and asks him to leave her, Yuvi moves his other hand and holds her tight and says he will never leave her (Shit the way he says this OMG OMG that was soo effing romantic, damn Shivin was fantabulous today)
He then asks her what was she saying now, Suvi says that she wasn’t cracking a joke, Yuvi says before that, Suvi says this isn’t funny, Yuvi says before that, Suvi says she cant handle all this, Yuvi says just a sentence before this, Suvi says just because I love you and stops staring at him, Yuvi smiles and Suvi moves her gaze down and starts blushing(aaahhh hahahaha ok my throat is gone screaming so much damn i’m in Love with this scene shit Shivin and Smriti so nailed it, this was sooo effing cuteee)
Yuvi asks him about her answer and she says Yes and they both start smiling with Suvi looking down, their heads resting on each other, Yuvi holds her chin and puts her face up and says ‘I Love you Suvreen Guggal’, Suvi hugs him saying ‘I Love you too'(Yesss finally after almost one year, coming through over all the bickerings, the fights, the arguments, the disturbances in each other’s life and the rejection of love, they are TOGETHER YYYAAAYYY)
Song sequence- Saibo, YuvReen holding each other, Suvi hits him in between and then they laugh and hug each other again
Both speak up together to lets go and tell everyone
Outside everyone is in tensed situation, YuvReen run out of the old classroom happily
Rathi says to Zorro how could he let her go atleast he should have asked once, Mannu irritated says he cant handle this tension anymore he is going and is about to leave when he sees YuvReen coming all serious, everyone luks at the two and at each other tensed
Rathi goes to Yuvi and whispers and asks what did Suvi say, Yuvi gives a grave expression, Naro asks Suvi to say something, all keep pestering the two asking what happened, when suddenly Yuvi starts laughing and looks at Suvi who looks angrily at him while others are super-confused
Suvi hits him and says he cant hold onto one expression he cant even act a bit, Yuvi side-hugs her and says sorry and tells everyone to meet his girlfriend Suvreen Guggal, and Suvi says meet my boyfriends Yuvraj
Everyone gets a good surprise and scream and jump in joy, each hug each other jumping and screaming with Saibo in the bg
Rathi and Annie are about to hug when they stop and then they ignore everything that happened in the past and hug each other in joy(awww i hope these two are next to hook up)
Yuvi tells all everyone was in tension because of them so today they will all do a mass bunk and go to V spot caf to celebrate, everyone cheers
Yuvi tells them to wait and screams out and announces to everyone in college ‘Suvreen Guggal Loves me’, everyone cheers for him, he turns back to Suvi who smiles at him and comes to him and hugs him, both are lost looking at each other, Yuvi kisses her forehead

Precap: YuvReen dancing with everyone in a song sequence, YuvReen are lost in each other when Alisha comes and screams out Suvi’s name

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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