Khamoshiyan 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Khamoshiyan 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Khamoshiyan 20th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Gauri wishes Prateeksha and asks her to start a new life. The duo share a hug. Prateeksha says Gauri had grown up and wants to know what will be her reply if she says the same to her. Nikhil tells them that Raji permitted him to stay until he catches his flight. He says Gauri to think before taking any decision regarding Vikram as he is a good guy and his mother too. Nikhil wants her to do so as she should not regret for her decision later.

Poobai asks Vikram about Gauri. She informs him that she saw Gauri talking to Sid a while ago. Poobai tells her that she was telling on phone that she needed to go alone somewhere. She is happy as now Vikram will leave Gauri . Vikram says his fear came true. He closes the door and opens the parcel. It has photos and a letter which proves that Vikram was behind Sid missing on the marriage day. Vikram fears what might happen if these get in the hands of Gauri and decides to destroy the evidence immediately.

Part 2

It’s night time. Vikram sees Gauri sleeping. He takes the box and goes out of his room. Gauri notices that Vikram is not in the room and wonders where he had gone so late. Vikram wants gauri not to know about Sid anytime. He burns the photos but wind blows. A half burnt letter reaches Gauri. Before she could see it flies away. She asks Vikram about the same. Vikram replies that it’s some old papers. Gauri says it would have been better if they are able to erase old memories in a similar fashion. Vikram tells even he couldn’t do and so only he was backing upon the bad memories for past 20 yrs. He asks her to sleep n tells he will come late. Gauri is worried as Vikram has not returned . It’s 3′O clock. Gauri tells Raji that Vikram is missing and was very much worried regarding some matter. She goes to ask Nikhil about Vikram.

Poobai, Raji, Prateeksha , Gauri n Nikhil are in the. Hall. Nikhil asks Raji not to worry n says he will find Vikram somehow. Gauri accompanies him. They ask a few people on road whether they have seen Vikram anywhere. Gauri is too much worried and thinks where must he go. Raji does prayer for safety of Vikram to Ganapathi baapa.

Part 3

Prateeksha consoles Raji saying God will never do any bad thing to them. Gauri and Nikhil go in different paths to search Vikram. She notices his jeep and decides to ask the tea vendor. The man informs Gauri that there was a big accident few hours ago and is doubtful whether the guy will be safe or not. Gauri gets tensed and worried as what will she reply to Raji. She has tears in her eyes. Gauri calls Nikhil n says about what she heard.

Gauri hears Vikram’s voice and turns. He is drinking and blabbering that what will he do as Gauri left him. Vikram is on self talk and he talks to God. He is not able to stand properly and asks God to laugh on seeing his condition. Vikram asks God why is he taking away Gauri from him when he wants to go in right path and live with Gauri. He takes a stone and throws on sky as God has broken his heart.

Gauri shouts Vikram’s name. He asks why is she here so late. Gauri asks the same to him n scolds him. She calls him a gunda due to his activities. Vikram says even she called him a gunda n asks whether she will call him a gentleman if he wears coat n suite. He says he can’t become so even after changing dress. Vikram asks why will a girl from London love a local guy.

Part 4

Vikram asks whether her reputation will reduce if he accompanies her. Gauri says she is not here to listen to these talks of his. Gauri is here just he helped her so much and she doesn’t wish something to happen to him because of her. Vikram asks why is she getting troubled because of him. Gauri tells that even she has gone through many problems but never did such activities. She says she didn’t know that he is so weak from inside. Vikram asks her why he is weak. Gauri tells that everyone at home are worried. Vikram asks whether she is worried for him. Nikhil reaches Vikram and wants to take him home. Vikram wants to know why Gauri is leaving him for Sid. Gauri is shocked to hear his words. Vikram asks whether he is so bad and wants Gauri to answers. He asks for assurance from Gauri that she will not leave him. Vikram says he will not let her go and asks nikhil to stop as he needs to get down. He tells Nikhil that Gauri, his wife says that there is no relation between them n doesn’t love him. Nikhil receives a call from Prateeksha and he informs her that Vikram is with them. Gauri receives a message from Sid asking about the letter. She wonders what it might be and decides to check mail immediately after she returns home.

Precap – Gauri switches on the laptop. It’s battery is down. She brings the charger but power goes off. Gauri calls Sid and gets to know about the courier. She is shocked to hear what Sid said on the other side.

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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