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Suvreen Guggal 16th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Suvreen Guggal 16th August 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 16th August 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with yuvraj counting down 1 2 3 n scream..rathi in his ghostly getup scares samar..samar is shown holding his chest n screaming out..then he hits d grnd n lies motionles..rathi is xtremely scared cin this..yuvraj walks in lufing mocking samars fears n calling others to cum n c too..nt knowing d details..alisha follows him..rathi rushes in to inform yuvraj that samar ws covering his chest b4 falling..yuvraj now feels that samar mite hv suffered a heart every1 is concerned..alisha yuvraj rathi tries to revive samar..alisha informs samar is out n cold..she notices n recognizes rathi too..she asks what is he doing here rathi tels we can do al these later..1st lets revive samar..meanwhile suvi is shown in office regreting d kiss..she is ashamed of herself..she debates

if to tel yuvraj or to keep quite..she types in a msg to tel yuvraj n sends it away by mistake..she fears this matter is nt smal or casual n yuvraj mite nt forgive her this time..back in haunted haveli alisha informs that samar is dead as no pulse..she fears rathi n yuvraj may hv to face jail..samars ghost cd haunt them too..rathi asks to give cpr to samar..1 of d female model xclaims heart atak n cpr?yuvraj asks max to cal ash walks in..she doubts samar after hearing 4m alisha all details..she walks up to samar n holds up his nose..samar coughs n gets up..he asks ash whethr she ws trying to kill him 4 real..ash says he can fool kids bt nt fool her..samar murmurs that 1da he would revenge yuvraj 4 this prank..
meanwhile preity walks up to suvi asking hw ws her trip n stay thr?she goes into flashbak mode..regreting everything ofcourse..rc is shown walking by n suvi n he spots each other n avoids each other..later suvi is evn shown hiding behind couches to avoid rc..preity again cums up surprised cin her hiding..she asks her to lunch with vivan drops in n surprises suvi..suvi thnks vivan 4 his gifts..vivan insists to lunch rc vivan n suvi lunch in his cabin..rc n suvi r akward..they hardly eat..vivan luks on displeased..he says they wd hv hd to drive miles to get yummy fud yet nw that he gt it they r nt suvi rc starts pretending to eat..when they try tek a serving thr hands almost tuch n miss..cin them fiddling vivan offers to serve them..aftr they finish lunching vivan asks them to c him rc n suvi cums dwn to c off..they enter a vivan runs down taking d steps leaving behind only rc n suvi..they r realy akward at 1st bt later they both say sorry 4 that kiss n lufs off feeling silly n stupid..finaly they touchdown..suvi gts a call she goes away to attend d call..rc picks up vivan n puts him in his car to be driven home..rc stares at suvi..vivan sees n tels himself i thot u hd no feeling 4 her left nw bt its untrue..u still care..

Pecap:JD is rc’s client n she is cuming to iris..rc asks suvi to cum in his cabin with her designs n meet jd..suvi fears that she wd nw b xposed n lose her job as she designs 4 jd in her psedo name pepper.

Update Credit to: JustMySelf

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