Dil Dosti Dance 16th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 16th August 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 16th August 2013 Written Update

VP sir shows the picture of Sharon and Rey .Adi asks who leaked it on YT.Aashi asks why will we leak it.VP says that if this is a prank then actions will be serious. Adi says how can I trust you guys when you always have played pranks with me.You guys don’t follow any rules.Swayam tells that none among them must have done this and they would not do such cheap acts they can play pranks.VP asks team to move out and wait.Rey says there must be an alternative. Adi says if not an alternative they must make one. The team is speaking about the official poster being leaked.Sharon keeps on getting message. Rinni asks why didn’t Rey support them does he also think alike Adi. Vicky says the poster is out and Rey and Sharon are getting their dues. VP come out and says that he does not think

the team must have done anything.Its better to stay silent and so the issue can be solved up easily.Vp says moreover Rey and Sharon are getting famous and this can be a promotion for their team.Vicky says where are we professions.Its only Sharon and Rey.Sharon replies saying neither her nor Rey want to be professional without the team.

Sharon phone keeps on buzzing and VP asks her to attend it.She sees 50+ messages and when Read its all praising her about the photo thats leaked.Vicky snatches the phone from her and readers.Sharon asks him to return back.Even Swayam says to give it to her.Vicky says he is just seeing the message.Sharon says this is Insane and moves from there. Simmi is at Sharon’s house seeing the youtube and reading comments.Sharon comes and gives her the coffee.Simmi asks Sharon did she read the comments.Sharon says yes she did.Simmi asks is she alright with the happenings.Sharon says she has decided not to bother about it as if its a person she can blast at them but this is internet. Sharon adds saying all this will vanish off after few days.

Swayam is in his room lying on the bed lost in thoughts about what is happening around.He remembers the words said by VP and thinks who would have leaked the picture.A new day begins and Adi is speaking with his boss saying him that the poster leaking worked and it has even promoted the team.When Rey enters he changes it as he does not how photo leak takes place.Adi then informs Rey that the poster that has been leaked is being made official as they have no other way.When Rey asks about the team Adi says he is already guilty about what happened and does not want to be even more guiltier. Adi asks Rey to inform the team about this.Rey informs to the team in rehearsal hall when Vicky asks him about team.Rey says they is no other way.A tiff occurs between Vicky and Rey and Rey moves out.Sharon comes to say Vicky that what he did was wrong when Vicky asks her not to interfere.Swayam asks Sharon to be calm and even asks all the girls to leave boys alone for some time. The girls move out.Nil cries thinking about future.Vicky is furious.Barath and Amar and upset. Swayam says they need to do something.They don’t know if Adi wants them in the team or even not. Swayam says God helps those who help themselves.They need to make sure they are in the video and they say they have a plan.The boys agree for it and move to Adis office. The boys tell Adi that they need a contract that they will be present in the team and music video.Adi says he decides.Boys reply else they wont do routines,rehearsals or anything till contract is made.Adi calls Sharon and keeps it on loud speaker mode so the team can listen. He asks Sharon if she is wishing to sign a contract with jigsaw21.They wish to sign a contact with her and Rey.Sharon asks about the team.Adi says the team was absent from video coverage and poster so they can easily be omitted or neglected.Sharon denies signing the contract saying if not with team even she will back out. Adi asks she is leaving a big opportunity. Sharon says with team she can get many more such opportunities.Adi asks very confident.The boys have a big smile on their faces. Adi says he was just testing her and keeps the call.Swayam says now without the female lead he cant make a video so does he wish to sign the contract or not.

Precap: Adi calls the team for meet.The team asks Rey does he know.Rey replies that Adi will be here in few minutes.Vicky says he care hells about what Adi will tell.Adi just then comes in and asks who does he want to drain

Update Credit to: asmaju

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