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Suryaputra Karn 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Shakuni tells Dushyasan that Duryodhan’s best friend Karn is playing spoilsport. He had gone to Pandav’s before Vidur and warned them not to accept gambling invitation. Dushyasan asks if Pandavs agreed. Shakuni says no, they accepted invitation, and says he should get busy with Pandav’s welcome. He then says he will do something to Karn now.

Panchali sees servant mishandling suitcase and runs to stop them. Suitcase falls down and snakes come out of it. She backs off. Arjun kills snakes with his arrow. Bheem says before going to hastinapur itself, they are seeing pranks. Panchali reminsces Krishna and Karn’s warnings. Yudistra asks her not to worry as until 5 of them are around here, nothing will

happen to her.

Karn prays in river bank and sees flower while walking back. He reminisces Vaishali seeing it. Vaishali comes and he gets happy and emotional. Their conversation starts.

Dushyasan informs Shakuni that Pandavs will reach palace in a few hours. Shakuni says even Karn will not be here this time to save Panchali.

Karn tells Vaishali about Shakuni’s conspiracy and says he is feeling helpless that he cannot save Pandavs. She gives him moral gyaan and says change is his motto and he has to try. Shakuni’s sent icchadhari nagin turns into snake and is about to bite Karn when he moves seeing Vaishali moving. Vaishali shows him flower and says just like this flower between thorns looks so beautiful, his motto should also be beautiful and pure. She asks what wil he do now. He says just what he said, he will try to bring change. Snake bites again and he escapes again. He says he will go back to Hastinapur to do his duty. He thanks her for showing him right path and leaves saying some words don’t change. She sadly says some change. He smiles at her and leaves. Snake bites her and escapes. She writhes in pain. Karn runs towards her and asks what happened. She shows snake bite. He hears Krishna’s shank.

Pandavs reach Hastinapur palace with servants showering flowers on them. Duryodhan fumes reminiscing Panchali’s insulting words that blind’s son is blind. Shakuni also fume seeing panchali and says Duryodhan that he has dices and Panchali does not have any barrier. There was only barrier named karn to protect her dignity and he sent Karn away.

Dhritarastra, Vidur, Bhism, Gandhari, and Kunti greet Pandavs. Pandavs touch their feet and take their blessigns. Duryodhan comes with Shakuni and Dushyasan and angrily looks at Panchali.

Karn carries Vaishali and thinks he is examined and stuck between Vaishali and Pandavs, but he will pass through it.

Precap: Duryodhan warns Panchali that there may be magic even in this palace and she may go back to Indraprastha with tarnished dignity.

Update Credit to: MA

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