supernatural love- epilogue by shinchan

Like this many days passed….ragini was adjusting with laksh’s truth. After some days swara also said ragini about her being a werewolf too n everything that moon goddess n her parents told…
At first ragini was devastated knowing swara is not her real sister n wanted to talk about this with her own parents but swara made her understand that this is not the right time….

Dp have taken out information about continuous rouges attacks..
Sahil, the alpha of silver moon pack was planning to kill sanskar and dp and claim the blood moon pack as his own with the help of rouges.
Dp come to know that sahil took help from a witch n cast a spell on rouges with which they become more powerful n were increasing in number….
He also came to know that they are planning to attack the pack on the full moon night…

After classes both sisters go to the secret place with there loves to get training.
Though swara is blessed n have powers but she have newly shifted n needs to practice n learn the tactics that are used during the fight so she trains herself to protect her pack..
Everyone at the pack now know about swara and ragini being sanskar’s and laksh’s mates but not about swara being blessed.
Only dp new about swara being blessed.

Sometime dp would train her as he is more experienced. He have also shared all his knowledge about the blessed wolves with them.
Training for swara is really tough but she was determined to control her mind and make herself strong to protect her pack.
As ragini is a human so laksh teaches her some self defense techniques n how to use some weapons to protect herself during fight…
All were focussed only on the fight.

Dp and sanskar decided to bring swara to the fight when the situation would deteriorate.
Old members, childrens, pregnant ladies, human mates were kept at safe house inside the pack house.
Ragini and swara was also kept there. Some highly trained warriors are kept for there security if any enemy reach there…

Swara with her powers have hidden her pack members smell from others so sahil was not able to smell them near the borders..
Sahil was of the opinion that nobody knows about the attack n with this sudden attack he could have an upper hand but the blood moon pack was ready at there territory borders waiting for them to attack….
When he noticed the blood moon pack members already there he was astonished that how come they came to know n that’s when kavya( sahils omega whom he had treated very badly) went n joined blood moon pack.

Sanskar being the alpha was leading his pack with laksh n all his warriors were at there designated place…
Sahil being the coward that he was stayed at the back n let rouges n some of his warriors lead the fight.
Fight started.
Sanskar was running and biting the rouges ruthlessely killing them instantly…

Swara was there with the members at the pack house when she realised the witch has to somewhere near the fighting ground for her spell to work.
She signaled ragini about same and told her to take care and went away from the back gate without anyone’s notice to search the witch…
She was in her human form but as it was full moon night all the powers that her wolf Rose possessed, were also there in her human form…
As she was moving around she saw a very old lady trying to pluck flowers. She understood that the lady was none other than witch bcoz no one would pluck flowers at this evening that too from the forbidden jungle.
She shifted into her wolf n bit the witch around her neck. Due to her special powers, witch could not do anything and died and her spell also vanished.

Suddenly the rouges became weak n there number also decreased. The spell have created illusion to make small number of rouges look bigger n stronger.
Now the spell broke n all were astonished. Sahil was the one who was most shocked n knew that he couldn’t win now.
Just then swara came running n killing everyone in her way. She itself was gorgeous n the moon light didn’t help much.
She was literally sparkling.
Everyone was astonished n sahil, well he was beyond shocked….
Fight was almost over. Sahil knew he had loosed n soon would die.

Ragini was getting impatient thinking what might be going outside n thus she went there.
The scene horrified her. Blood were all over the place, heads were thrown away from the body, some were at the verge of death asking for help…
In all these she failed to notice that sahil was coming near her with a smirk. He had noticed her.
He held her from her neck n threatened others to let him go…
Laksh n swara were horrified.
But then swara remembered her power of casting shield over others so with all will power left in her she casted the shield on ragini and in the mean time laksh attacked sahil n killed him saving his love n claiming the alpha’s title.
After this swara was very tired n fainted. Sanskar took her to his room n covered her with the blanket n let her rest. All the while he was sitting with her holding her hand remising all there sweet moments.

Even after this, many fight came but both the couples fought it n conquered it with there love…
Arnav and sakshi still don’t know anything about werewolves but they have accepted sanskar and laksh for there daughters.
They have not yet tell swara that she is not there biological daughter.
swara n ragini have also not shown any sign that they know about this.
Many know about swara’s secret now but sanskar is there protect her from all evil.. They both were like angels having wings living there life together till eternity.
Ragini have accepted laksh totally n is happy with him. She even fell for rocky and loves to play with him as if he is her personal pet dog.
Merry Christmas my all my readers…

This is the last part so if silent readers will also comment I will be very happy. Please, just a single word is enough bcoz I want to know who all read this story…
I know the ending is very abrupt but I had to finish this…. Only 1 week is left for my semesters n I really have to study now or else I will surely fail…


  1. Sneha

    Hello, i m a silent reader nd i read ur all parts its just awesome fab. Nd personally i like these type of supernatural stories nd also intrested in werewolves. Thnks 4 sharung ur knowledge on them.

  2. Pravi

    That was osum…
    Aftr reading ur story nlu i strtd liking supernatural series … Very interesting
    Bt yu ended it soon
    Gonna miss badly
    Anyways all the very best fr yu sem

  3. Shubhangi


    |Registered Member

    Whattttt you ended it? So soon aghhh exams also na don’t know which fool created them well no worries return soon with a new ff ok and i was asking about that channel because u told a new show came in star one channel and i thought it was banned which is true and today itself i saw its trailor in life ok channel which replaced star one and got what u meant 🙂

  4. Sam

    Its really very awesome…. I have read many werewolf story… But I never read any Indian werewolf story… I really love ❤ it.. Thank you for the ff.. With best wishes…..

  5. Shiksha


    |Registered Member

    The ending was indeed glorious but never expected it to end soon however it is good… Come with some other ff after your exam

  6. Niku


    |Registered Member

    It’s excellent….but dear I didn’t expect or u say imagine that u end d story😢😢…but still it’s kk….best of luck….

  7. Shizuka

    This is not fair;how can u finish it but no problem as u r having your exams after 1 week. Biut plz come with season 2. And as always epi was awesome and fabulous.

  8. sneha

    awesome. it was one of my favorite ff.if u have time in between semester plzzz come back with supernatural stories.plzzzzzzz

  9. Simi


    |Registered Member

    Awesome 😊
    Bt ended so soon🙁
    Can u plz give an Epilogue, if u have time
    All the best for ur exams..
    Will wait for ur other ff after exams

  10. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    So soon,ok got it.. Your exams are starting.. So,no problem..About chappy,marvelous, stupendous ending dear.. Loved it specially fight part..I am gonna miss you.. Plz come back with another ff if possible after your exams..All the best for your exams in advance..
    Take care
    Keep smiling😀😀
    Love you😘😘

  11. shalinj

    Sorry for late comment yr
    Pahle mujhe LGA Maine koi epi miss kr dia k itni jldi epilogue bhi post kr dia BT ye last epi tha 😢😢
    BT as always superb mind blowing amazing 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
    Come with new SWASAN Nd raglak stories after ur xms plzzz 🙏🙏🙏
    All the best for ur xms 👍👍
    Nd for ur future
    Thanks u for this superb swasan nd raglak story 💑💑💑💑
    Lv u 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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