Asvi: Suryoday hone se jisne roka hai (Kalinga war) episode 7

The epi starts with Ashok calling army manager, he asks him to go n declare Magadha’s win.. Devi gets the news n says ur win was certain Ashok, bt the change this war will bring in u, is quite certain. How could you not melt by seeing the pain of thousands of ppl..! Y not, u’ll surely change… Change is the law of universe. But…ppl lyk ashoka can never change. Never..

Devi is lost in thoughts while ashoka arrives in patliputra. Dasi informs her, rani Devi, samrat is there. Devi replies okay, lost in thoughts completely.Mahendra comes jumping and hugs Devi. See Mata,I told u na PitaShri will win. Sanghamitra comes n says yes, PitaShri had to win after all he’s my PitaShri. Mahendra says noooo, he’s my PitaShri. Sanghamitra says Okay Okay, he’s our best father. Mahendra nods n says Mata, won’t u go to welcome him? Devi says noooo, u two go n welcome ur PitaShri, give him a surprise this tym. The duo go happily n welcome Ashok. Ashok asks where’s ur Mata? Sanghamitra says u always kip thinking abt Mata,think abt ur two sweet kids as well. Ashok nods n says of course, come with me. Mahendra says I’m very excited to listen the stories of ur bravery. Sanghamitra notices Asoka’s wound n says what’s that!! Come here PitaShri u need to rest. Mahendra says go n call Mata. Sanghamitra goes to Devi’s room n says Mata, PitaShri is back, he’s bleeding from his wound. Devi turns back n says what.! Ashok..

She stops. It’s the result of his cruelty, why should I go? Ashok comes there n asks Mahendra Sanghamitra to go. Devi turns away. Ashok says I know you’re angry on me, bt I also know you’re happy that I won , n u r sad that I hurt myself, so that’s how u r feeling,ryt? Devi turns n says yes but how do u know? Her eyes fall down on the bleeding wound n she says shut up, this is how u show bravery, by hurting urself. Lie down here. Devi grinds the herbs n applies on Ashok’s wound. O priyatama….. Plays.. Ashoka says I’ll hit myself thousand times for this sweet pampering. Devi says shut up n rest for a while now. There’s a knock on the door. Ashok gets up. Devi says I’ll see. She Opens the door. A messenger comes in.

Long live samrat Ashok.. Long live maharani Devi. There’s a bad news. Ashok walks to him in a whack. What happened? Messenger says Kalinga’s princess kaurwaki refuses to handover Kalinga to u my lord. Ashoka mumbles kaurwakii………. N rushes out. Devi shouts Ashok… But he had already gone away by then. Devi follows him on another horse.
Where? To Kalinga..

Kaurwaki n a group of other ladies armed with swords and shields r standing at the main gate. Ashok gets shocked. Kaurwaki says beware! U cant enter Kalinga until u kill us.. A lady sys u killed our husbands, our brothers now kill us as well what’s left for us now? Our life is finished. Devi looks on. Ashok says I don’t attack on females. Kaurwaki sys Why, when u can kill the family of a female, wen u can make so many kids orphans, u cant kill a female? Is this ur bravery? Ashok says it’s against shastras.
Devi says which shastra teaches you to kill thousands of ppl, which shashtra teaches u to snatch a lady’s sindoor, which shahstra teaches you to make these children orphans? Which shastra teaches u to snatch a child from an old mother? Which shashtra?? Ashok says I cant kill you all..can’t… Kaurwakii says either bring them back to life or kill us. Ashok shatters looking at the dead bodies and shouts WHAT HAVE I DONE…..!!

Precap:- Ashok keeps his sword down n says u all ladies have ryt to kill me. Kill me…!
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    1. Astra

      Wlcm dear. I hav commented in radhakrisha ff. Update nxt part when u r free

  1. Hey nice update dear

    All episodes r amazing, loved family union scene, kids r so cute, devi and ashok scenes r really amazing, loved the way devi showing her disappointment at the same time supporting her husband, at last kaling war started , hatts off to kaling bravery, here starts another phase of ashok, chand ashok to dharma ashok. Precap s ‘really interesting

    1. Vanshika

      Aww thank you so so much di.. Love uu

  2. Piyali

    Wow dear its just beautiful………..the way you are depicting the change in Ashoka gradually is soooooooooo beautifully…….I don’t have words for it and I really don’t have words…….the way Kaurwaki and Devi made Ashoka realize the truth and their beautiful words , really dear it was beautiful……….I fell for your writing…….so beautiful…….thanks for this beautiufl episode………Love AsVi………Love you alotl…….Be happiest……..

    1. Vanshika

      OMG omg dearie sweetheart love u so much.. I don’t have words to thank u for this support and encouragement dear.. Thank u so much fr ur regular comments ? thank u.. Love u take care..

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