Sunrise of tomorrow. ….. Episode 3

Hello frndzzz…… I am back with another ep. Lets start
Sanskar : i have to go to office.
Then a voice comes from entrance saying hmmmm….. My bro became responsible person…. All look at them.
Sanskar: adarsh bhaiyya…… Pari bhabhi…
I don’t wanna talk to you.
Adarsh: oyyyy what did i do???
Sanskar: you didn’t come to my marriage..
Adarsh : yeah sanskar…. Doctor adviced pari not to travel at that time coz she was feeling weak. It was dangerous for her as well as baby. As soon as she felt better i came here with her it is het 8th month right…. So maa can take care of pari.
Sanskar : oooommggggg….. Wt a long speech… Anyways… Meet my wife swara sanskar maheshwari.
Swara looks at him and smiles. Swara greets adarsh and pari. They greet her back.
Adarsh: actually papa… I got transferred here.
Dp: wt a good news… We all will live together.
Ap : parineeta…. Go to ur room and rest for sometime….
Pari : ok maa….
Swara: bhabhi… If u need anything plz ask me….
Pari: ok swara….

Swasan go to their room. Sanskar goes to window. Swara also comes there. Suddenly it started raining heavily. Some drops fall on swasan. They laugh and enjoy. Suddenly swara hears the sound of thunder and hug sanskar tightly. She is damn scared.
swara: i fear for cockroaches… Dad.. Thunder…….
Sanskar smiles seeing her innocence and smiles. He hugs her back. Soon they understand their awkward situation and move away.
Swara: sorry….
Sanskar: it’s ok…..
Swara:Can we be frndz???
Sanskar: sure.
Swara hai dis is swara sanskar msheshwari.
Sanskar: hello dis is sanskar maheshwari.
Swara gives him chocolate and says congrats mr maheshwari….. U got a talkative friend….
Sanskar: hmmmm chocolate is tasty…..
Ap calls swasan for muh dikhai function. Swasan get ready and go. Everyone compliment swara’s beauty and says sanskar is lucky to have her. Sanskar’s friend rithik come with his wife shivanya.(from naagin) rithik sanskar shivanya swara spend good time. Rithik and shivanya invite them to their 1st wedding anniversary party. They say the theme is Western. Swasan says ok. Everyone leave.

In swasan room:-
Sanskar wears a kurta. Button of kurta is broken.
Swara: hmmm mr maheshwari…. Let me stich it
Sanskar: no need swara… I mean mrs Maheshwari… I will wear another one.
Swara: i will change ur name to mr stubborn if u dont let me stich it.
She moves close to sanskar to stich. They have an eye lock. Swara comes into her senses and start stiching. She thinks something and needle pierce her finger. She shouts ouch… Sanskar gets concerned.
Sanskar: wt were u thinking????
Swara : secret behing our marraige. We married coz of…..
Sanskar: ok leave it…..
Swara: OK.
They both sleep with pillow wall.
Pardon me if it is boring. I will bring a twist tmrw…… And plz do comment…
Precap: Swasan go to party of rivanya. Sanskar is shocked coz of….. (Its a secret which will be revealed tmrw). Swasan romance…….

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