Madhubala- A New Love Story (Episode 43)

Aarya comes and stops angry Deepika and takes her away from there.Gowtham sees the direction where Deepika is leaving and smiles thinking about her,he asks the receptionist about Madhu and leavrsto see her.Chandru sees all this and tells in his mind that “So,Aarya bhaiya is also cheated my
di”and hold the stick in his arm with so much anger.

Aarya asks Deepika to calm down and asks her reason to visit the hospital,she tells about her student Rohan and his mother.Aarya sresRajini seeing her from balcony and waves hands towards her.She smiles seeing him and thinks that Aarya is very helpful in nature.She sees Aarya ralkingveith some women and thinks that she must be his girlfriend and feels a bit jealous.

Deepika leaves from the hospital,in the way to home she sees Gowtham.standing near his punctured car and stops the car near the car and gives a sound horn and laughs seeing him struggling in the road.Rohan dashes with Aarya and says soory.he tells about his mother’s condition and takes Aarya to Madhu’s room.Aarya sees Madhu and gets very much shocked.his mouth says the word “Madhu” without his knowledge. Madhu feels something and tries to see the person standing out.But she could because of the high raised window.Aarya asks Rohan whether his mother name is Madhubala.he nods yes and runs to play in the garden.

Gowtham asks Deepika for a lift and smiles seeing her happy face on knowing that he defeated.He gets glimpse about his wife and says “You don’t want to help me ?” and walks from the place with a confused look.Deepika feels very much bad for hurting him and sees him through the rear view mirror. Aarya sits in the reception and waits for Madhoo to come.

Raj thinks about Rohan and gets happy thinking that someone is caring and happy on seeing him.he thinks about his own son ,who must be nearly Rohan’s age and opens his cupboard and takes the photos of his son Rishab.and tears drip on the photo Madhu searches for the photo in her purse and finds it missing,she hears door opening and gets shocked to see Madhoo standing with tears and happiness in her face,she comes inside the room followed by Aarya.

Rajini sees Chandru standing in the hospital verendha trying to see Aarya and asks him the resin.he turns and finds Rajini and gives some fake excuses and runs from there.Rajini thinks about his wrurd behaviour and walks towards Madhu’s room but stopped in the middle seeing one pregnent Lady trying to pick s bottle from the floor.She goes to help her.

precap:Madhu sees Raj and cries by standing near a pillar (Tum hi ho)plays.

  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Waiting for precap superb janani loved today epi and pls post next epi soon I can’t wait for a day or hour or??

    1. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

      Minute or a second ranaji???

    2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      All wellwisher superb precap iam waiting for their reunion even my ff readers also tell me unite abhigya and ishveer soon but I have added many spice above me janani writes superb

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      ya dude……… she is the best writer……… but she s disappointed that there s noy much comments……… i have an idea shall we request all our friends to read this and comment?

      i will tell in siya ke ram page and in my ffs. and u in ur ffs?

      done na?

  2. wellwisher (ww) ragna and zaya fan

    Superb di…. waiting for all the pairs to unite….

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