Sun saathiya SS (RagLak and RagSan) Chapter 4: The truth!

Chapter 4: The truth!

Ragini’s pov
“I can’t believe it, my husband and best friend were cheating on me!” “I hate both of them!” “I’ll kill both of them.” “I won’t spare them.” “They are the reason of my tears!” “Swara, I hate you!” I heard the door opening and saw…
End of her pov for now
Meanwhile at Rajpal’s

Minister Rajpal’s pov
“Ahahahhahaha!” “My plan is working!” “My next and new wife will be Swara Malhotra!” “Whahahahahahaj(this man is really nuts and evil with an old mindset).” My old wife Priya came in and served me food like a wife should do it!” “They are nothing then a pair of shoes, when they are used, just throw them away!” I said to myself, while I pushed Priya on the floor and started hitting her, like every other day, but this time she stood up again and started to hit me with a knife, until I was unconscious!” “I will come back and then Sahil can kill you!” She said, that’s the last thing I heard.
Laksh’s resque scene
Someone came downstairs to the dungeon and opened the door, Laksh tried to attack the person. “I’m on your side Laksh!” “Who are you?” “I’m Priya!” “So you are Sahil’s fiancée!” “Yeah that’s me and I got forcefully married to that nutty idiot Rajpal.” “Hahah, nice name mam!” “Lets go Laksh or else this idiot will wake up!” “Yeah we went to someone else’s house.” She rang the doorbell and someone opened the door.
End of this scene
At Sahil’s

Sahil’s pov
I opened the door and saw an hurt Priya and Laksh, it seems like both were tortured ruthlessly, I let them come in and then I searched for the first aid box. I found the box and started to apply ointment on both of them and asked: “where is Mr. Rajpal!” “At home unconscious!” “What?” “Yeah, I hit him with a knife!” “That means I can arrest him for committing assault on you Priya and for torturing Laksh!” “I will go now!” “Good luck bro!” “Why are you calling me bro?” “Because I’m married to your sister Ragini!” “That means Rajpal knew everything about my sisters!” “Yes, he did!” Then I went to the Rajpal mansion.
End of his pov
RagSan’s convo
“Sanskar do you believe her?” “No, I don’t, but the truth is that she is an undercover ACP, just like me!” “What do you mean by that?” “That I’m an undercover ACP and the other girl in that picture is your twin sister Ragini and you have an older brother as well!” “What?” “Yeah!” Ragika broke down cryingly and Sanskar hugged her to calm her down.
End of their cono
SwaRag’s convo
“What are you doing here Swara?” “I’m here to tell you the truth!” “I’m an ACP and the guy staying with you as Laksh isn’t Laksh, his name is Suraj and he works for the minister Rajpal!” “What nonsense!” “It’s the truth and another truth that was hidden from you is that you aren’t 25 years old, but 22 years old and that you have an older brother and a twin sister named Ragika.” Ragini was shocked by the revelation that she broke down, but luckily Swara was there to support her.
End of their scene

The whole night two souls were crying for one another.
Meanwhile at Sahil’s place

The real Laksh’s pov
“Soon I will be with my wife!” “Soon I will meet my sisters and one of my brother-in-laws!” “But the funniest thing is that both live in the same building.” “Really?” I asked them and they replied back: “yes!” “Yay!” “Guys I’m going to sleep, good night!” “Night Laksh!” Then I went to the guestroom to sleep. “I’m so happy, I will be with my Rags tomorrow!”
End of his pov
At Swara’s place

The fake Laksh’s pov
“I need to call boss, because he hasn’t called me till now!” “I need to know about the next step of our plan.” I tried to call my boss, but he didn’t pick up the phone. I tried to call Sahil and he told me: “someone complained against minister Rajpal!” “What?” “I have go!” Then he disconnected the phone call.
End of his pov
Sahil Bhag played by Karan Tacker
Priya Rajpal played by Krystle D’Souza

The copyright of this story belongs to me and if you copy paste it I will make your life hell?

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    2.Did swara know the truth earlier that the person staying with ragu is not real lucky ,if she knew that then why did she slept with him?? (accha hei vaise I thought lucky cheated on ragu??laksh is really a nice person?loved his chara)

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