DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 51

hey guys, hope you all like it!

A few days later…
Rudra gets discharged from the hospital and they all welcome him home…
Dadi: puttar, i’m so glad you came back safely….
Rudra: Dadi, how could I not? Your blessings and my brothers love would never let anything happen to me…
Jhanvi: i’m so happy that you’re back…why do bad things happen only to you? Next time I’ll tell god to give all your bad things to me…
Rudra: how sweet ma…but I won’t let you do that…
Shivaay: come, I think you should rest for sometime…doctor had advised you to rest…
Rudra: Bhaiya! This is not fair okay? How much do I rest? Till now I’ve been resting!
Om: until you completely get alright, you can’t complain and we won’t listen to your complains!
Rudra: but…
Shivaay: just come with me..
(shivaay and rudra go to rudra’s room)
Shivaay: here, lie down for sometime…I’ll get hot kaadha for you…
Rudra: fine! But only Anika bhabhi special!
Shivaay: okay baba…I seriously don’t know how you seem to like it!
(he goes)
Rudra goes to lie down and he sees a letter under the pillow…he takes it out and reads…it says:-
Hey rudra, how are you? I know that you must be looking for me, probably wanting to speak to me….but i’m sorry, I have to go…mom cannot accept my marriage happening before my graduation. That’s why i’m going to Australia… I don’t know if we’ll meet in future. I just want to thank you for being my closest friend, for always supporting me and helping me…i’m sorry if I’ve hurt you. I know, I should have been there to help you recover. I know that i’m doing the wrong thing by going without telling you personally, but please forgive me. I hope you get well soon. And one more thing…there are a few papers in your drawer under your desk…please sign them. I’ll really miss you Mr.dumbbell oberoi.
With love,
Soumya (your sumo)
(the letter falls from rudra’s hands…he runs to the drawers and scatters everything around, and looks for the papers…he finds an envelope and removes the papers from it…he sees…
Rudra: Divorce papers? (he sees Soumya’s signature on it…he holds his head…all the flashbacks come in his mind…main phir bhi tum ko chahu ga plays)
Shivaay comes…
Shivaay: see rudra, I brought hot khaadha for you, just the way you wan…(he sees tears in rudra’s eyes)
Shivaay: rudra? What happened? Why are you….(he picks up the papers fallen down)
Rudra: why didn’t you tell me?
Shivaay: rudra, I seriously didn’t know about the divorce papers…
Rudra: not that! Why didn’t you tell me that she went forever?
Shivaay: Anika tried but you ran out of breath….the doctor strictly told us not to give you any stress…
Rudra: she just left…how could she? (he cries)
Shivaay: (pats his shoulder) don’t worry, i’m sure you can talk to her over the phone….
Rudra: without her new number? She would have definitely taken a new sim for Australia…
Shivaay: you have a point…don’t worry, I’ll think of something…please don’t stress yourself…you’re still weak…
(he leaves)
Anika: but gauri, I can’t get him out of my head! He looked exactly like shivaay!
Gauri: maybe you were thinking of shivaay Bhaiya, and you saw him in that man?
Anika: how can in be? He looked exactly the same! Same face!
Gauri: was there anything else you noticed? Anything different?
Anika: I don’t remember anything else…
Gauri: think bhabhi, think deeply…
Anika: yes…there was something different…his eyes, they were not kanji, they were black!
Gauri: that means, that means you actually saw his look alike!
Anika: yes!
Gauri: I wish even I saw!
Anika: I’ve been thinking…you do think they have some connection?
Gauri: then, in that case…all look alikes will have a connection! (they both laugh)
Anika: I know it sounds silly, but do you think so? No humshakals can look so so so alike! They looked exactly the same, just as if they were….
Gauri: twin brothers?
Anika: (sighs) I don’t know gauri….I don’t know why i’m thinking about it so much….
Gauri: no problem, it happens….
Someone (pinky) looks at them secretly…
Rudra talks to someone over the phone and slowly walks towards the door of the house…
Rudra: yes chubby, don’t worry please…i’m fine! Please, there’s no need of all of that please? There’s really (someone walks in a hurry and collides with him by mistake….his phone falls) hey you! Can’t you see and walk! (he looks up and the person)
Rudra: (shocked) Sumo?!
They look at each other….(tuta jo kabhi taara plays)

Precap: Soumya runs to shivaay’s room and tells….

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