Sun saathiya SS (RagLak and RagSan) Chapter 3: Laksh?

Chapter 3: Laksh?

Author’s note
“Guys do read my important announcement at the end of the chapter for all my readers and SR fandoms!”
End of the author’s note
Unknown person’s pov
“I have to get out of this dungeon and save my wife from the person, whose wearing a mask that exactly looks like me.” “I hope that my Ragini is safe from him.” “I hope he hasn’t done anything to her.” “Minister Rajpal will pay for what he did to my wife and her family.” “What should I do?” “Think Laksh(yeah that person is the real Laksh)think!” “Idea!” “Yippie!” I said, while I started to dance??????for an enternity.
End of his pov

Priya’s pov
“I know that someone is in our dungeon and I will save that person!” “I know that Mr. Rajpal is going to kill me and marry someone else.” “But before that I will go to my love Sahil and tell him the whole truth!” “Your end is coming Mr. Rajpal.
End of her pov
Swara’s pov
“Laksh we should leave Ragini alone!” “But where should I stay at the moment, I don’t have anyone to go to!” He said, hoping that I say yes. “You can stay at my place!” “Ok, I’ll pack my bags and then we can go!” He said happilly and at that moment I knew that something is fishy.”
End of her pov

SwaLak scene
After packing his ?, he came back and both went to her apartment. Soon they reached, she started to arrange another room for Laksh and he said: “why are you arranging another room for me?” “Because this is the room for all my guests.” She replied back to his question. “We can share the same room!” He said romantically, while he tried to kiss her and she answered back: “No, we can’t, because you are the husband of my best friend!” “Have you forgotten that we slept together and that means you are mine and I don’t care about your best friend, she never let me come closer to her!” “You are mistaken Laksh, yes we both were drunk, but we didn’t sleep with eachother!” After saying that she left the room, leaving a shocked Laksh and the apartment.
End of their scene

Fake Laksh’s pov
“What the hell, boss told me to sleep with her, but I failed.” “Boss will kill me!” “Think Suraj think.”
End of his pov
RagSan’s scene and convo
“Sanku can you please drop me at market, I have to buy some veg and fruits.” “Ok, I’ll drop you and I won’t be able to pick you up, because I’m going to meet an important client.” “Ok!” Then he dropped her and went to meet Swara.
End of their scene and convo
SwaSan scene
“Hey ACP Swara Malhotra!” “Hello boss!” “So you have met Ragika’s twin sister?” “Yes, I have, but the problem is that Ragini’s birth certificate is fake.” “So Ragini is Ragika’s sister, that means she is 22 years old.” “Yeah!” “What about her husband Laksh?” “He isn’t the real Laksh, he is someone else!” “That means minister Rajpal has him.” “Now, it’s the time to act infront of that fake Laksh and me, but we do it as per our plan and at my place, Ragika will be coming at that moment and she will slap you and kick you out of our apartment.” “But when will you tell Ragika the truth?” “After she kicks you out!” “Bye, boss!” “Bye, ACP Swara Malhotra!”

Swara trying to trap Sanskar and (fake) Laksh individually scene
(note SwaSan know eachother since ages, they grew up together, until Swara’s parents moved with her to another city) (Swara went back to her apartment and she wanted to get to know the truth, if the Laksh in her apartment is the real one)
“As per plan, I had enough evidence against Ragini and Ragika, I will act infront of their husbands as if they/she are/is betraying/cheating their/her husbands/husband.” So I went to Laksh with an sad expression and told him: “I’m sorry to tell you that your wife Ragini is…” “Ragini is what?” “She is cheating on you with someone else!” I said while I showed him a pic of “Ragini(Ragika) and Sanskar.” He looked at it and was shocked. He couldn’t utter an word, so I left him behind happilly.

Then I went to Sanskar’s, showed him a pic of Ragika(Ragini) and Laksh. The same thing happened except for Ragika coming in at this moment and slapping me, while she said: “I don’t know, what kind of a game you are playing with me and my Sanskar, but I would never cheat him.” Then she pushed me out of the appartment, so I had to leave. I was happy that my plan worked, now I can trap the fake Laksh and minister Rajpal for what they did, then I will track down the real Laksh and that I can unite RagLak and SahIkaGini(Sahil, Ragika and Ragini). “I never loved Sanskar or Laksh, because they were never meant to be with me and I wish that I will find the perfect guy and be happy with him.” “ACP Swara Malhotra, your work is nearly done.”
End of the scene
Important announcement
“I will be posting Sun saathiya a lot right now, because I have so many ideas for this one and it’s going to end soon, maybe in the next chapter.”

“Some might be thinking what a loser, she doesn’t get that many comments in her stories, but she still is writing! I’m still writing my stories, because it’s my passion and I don’t get sad seeing the comments in my stories decreasing.” “And I love all my readers a lot and guys do support me, because I’m writing a few stories, that I will publish as books!”

“To all SR fans stop this nonsense with the fan wars, yeah everyone likes another couple more than the actual one, but that’s not YOUR prob, but some people call RagSan as siblings, which I don’t understand why and guys please don’t bash any fandom of SR or their favourite actors, because the fan war is stupid and you guysare behaving like small children.” “I’m sorry if I hurt someone’s feelings.”
End of the important announcement
The copyright of this story still belongs to me, if anyone copy pastes it, I’ll make sure that you are going to be eaten by?

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