Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mukhi ji leaves the food plate on table saying she must eat if she wish to. He turns around at the door of the room, walks back to Aru. Mukhi joins his hands to Aru that he has understood she is angry because he didn’t appreciate her work. Aru says he could have made her up by offering her the first piece. Aru says it was a different day as she was celebrating his birthday. Mukhi ji says he always celebrate with Sanvi, it was her birthday as well. Aru was shocked to hear. Mukhi ji says she is his best friend, she doesn’t celebrate her birthday so he ceased to celebrate hers as she is a widow. If Sanvi has no right to celebrate only because she is a widow. Aru goes aside and cries, regretting to get it all wrong. Mukhi turns Aru around and says only two minutes are left in his birthday, should they eat the cake before the next date comes. He gets the cake. Aru gives a piece into his mouth, he says she would again get angry then. She denies; both enjoy the cake together.
At night, Mukhi ji was reading the diary on his easy chair. Mukhi smiles thinking she writes such nice things. He watches Aru sleeping on the couch and wonders if Sanvi thinks this girl can be Aru. His phone bell rings at once, he cautiously leaves the room while Aru was asleep. Aru watches himr leave the room and follows him downstairs. She wonders where he could have gone at this time then comes outside and watches Mukhi sitting beside a lady on the stairs. She recalls Mukhi goes to Sanvi for all little matters. After a while, Mukhi ji takes the head of the lady over his shoulder. Aru watches it was Sanvi, crying while Mukhi wipes her tears.
The next morning, Aru speaks to Mummy who asks if she would come for a family function. Aru promises to come. Mummy tells her to bring Mukhi ji as well, they want Mukhi ji to be respected as a son in law here. She asks to speak to Mukhi ji. Aru goes inside and watches Mukhi giving medicine to Sanvi; she was curt. Mummy says they have told everyone here already that she and Mukhi is coming. Aru tells Mummy Mukhi has gone somewhere outside. There, Mukhi ji takes Sanvi inside while she felt unwell.
In the room, Aru feels curt that Mukhi ji is spending too much time with Sanvi. Mukhi ji comes inside busy with a file. Aru asks where he had been. Mukhi ji replies he was a little busy. Aru says she has seen, she tells him about Mummy’s call. Mukhi ji was still busy with the files, he asks if everything is fine. Aru tells him about a family function, they have to go to Ahmedabad. Mukhi ji says only she has to go. Aru says her mother has invited Mukhi ji as well. Mukhi ji tells her to go and tell her parents about the truth. Aru asks if she must face everything alone now. Mukhi ji denies going, he says he would free her tomorrow without giving any hopes; it hurts when hopes break. Mukhi ji leaves.
Rami comes to the room where Aru was upset. She comes to Aru and asks what happened, she saw Mukhi leaves the room angry. Rami asks if she doesn’t want to share with her, she understands she speaks bitter and Aru might have disliked that. She asks why Aru is tensed. Aru shares with Rami that her mother invited Mukhi ji with her but he isn’t ready. Rami tells her to speak to Sanvi, they all do so. Aru was upset and walks around restlessly. Aru says she won’t take Sanvi’s help, she will see by herself. Rami says it would make it easy for her, Mukhi’s wife must have thought what Sanvi has to do with all this but there is nothing like this with Aru. She is anyway going to city. Rami says Mukhi and Sanvi are childhood friends, Mukhi doesn’t listen to anyone else since childhood. Sanvi got married, but returned as a widow; Mukhi confronts anyone who even eyes Sanvi. She says no one knows whose child is Sanvi bearing; Mukhi might know about it but anyway Aru must find a proposal for Sanvi.

PRECAP: Aru speaks to Sanvi in front of everyone about finding a proposal for her. She says Sanvi must hate the person who doesn’t dare to name his child. Mukhi ji stops Aru right there.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I think Aru is overstepping her limits. She did not want to stay married to Mukki. And now she is feeling jealous of Saanvi. The whole thing is disgusting. First resolve her relationship issues and then talk about Saanvi. Saanvi does not appear to be pregnant now. How as she preggy before? At age 42 Mukki has Saanvi as friend who also must be 42. How is it that she is preggy only now? Gaon is so “advanced”: that women get married so late in life. It is all so confusing.

    1. I agree that this character change of Arru is unbecoming of her. Instead of talking things with the necessary people she’s is taking matters in her own hands in the wrong possible way.

  2. Confusion only on saanvi character.

  3. Finally, the age gap is showing and her imaturity (or childishness) is making her do everything wrong. What a shame! And he ‘s not much better either: why is he so afraid to be her husband?
    I think it’s time to stop watching the show. I will get back to it around the 300th episode to check if everyone is still alive.


    I know Aru is little confused with her feelings of loving mukhi but she is acting too immature as she is shown sensible and mature.

  5. It depends upon director or writter how to create story they should show that aru bcom jelious by seeing sanvi nd mukhi ….they should not show that imaturity in aru character just now she has feelings for mukhi she even not sure that she luv him why these stupidity in her charecter i feel confusing in these serial…. I also think in future episodes sanvi create misunderstanding btw them but i don’t like today’s track

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