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Sumit Sambhal Lega 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajneesh dining with his friend Rajat at Jitos. He says he is finding hard to forget Simran. Rajat tells him about that girl staring at Rajneesh. He says this is best way to forget Simran. Rajat goes to the girl and lies that Rajneesh is Sumit. She talks to Rajneesh says I can’t believe I m sitting with Sumit Walia. Rajat signs Rajneesh. Rajneesh says yes, I m Sumit. She gets friendly with him.

Rajneesh tells Sumit that a girl is interested in him, he met her at Jitos. He says there is a small problem. Sumit asks what is it. Rajneesh says she feels I m you. Sumit asks what, are you mad. Rajneesh says Rajat told her a lie, she was excited and I could not say anything. Sumit asks did she get excited by Sumit Walia’s name, but she will know I m married. Rajneesh

says yes, but I lied that Maya died 3 months ago. Sumit asks what. Rajneesh says yes, but don’t worry, you cared for Maya and its good you did not have any child. Sumit says so many lies. Rajneesh says don’t worry, I m you. Sumit says you will get slaps. Rajneesh says I felt she is right girl. Sumit says its my first affair and I was not there.

Sumit comes to Rajneesh and says your Natasha is sending me gifts at office, what if Maya knows. Rajneesh asks him to go. Natasha comes from the room. Rajneesh introduces Sumit as his brother Rajneesh. Natasha says finally, its so good to meet you, Sumit praises you a lot. Sumit asks really, did he say I m at same post of sub inspector since 7 years. Rajneesh says yes, its because Rajneesh is honest and does not take bribe. Sumit says Rajneesh is foolish, that’s me.

He says my brother Sumit is something. Rajneesh says no, Sumit just takes interviews cricketers, they praise each other. Natasha says I can’t believe such respect and love in brothers, your parents would be very sensible to give such good values. Sumit and Rajneesh look at each other. Sumit says yes, our mum and dad are one piece in world. Natasha says I will leave now, how did this gift come. Rajneesh says Rajneesh got this from my office. Sumit asks for a cake. Rajneesh gives the cake. Natasha laughs and says so sweet, I m getting late. She leaves.

Rajneesh says let me explain. Sumit says you did tell her you are you. Rajneesh says first I will praise Rajneesh and then Natasha will come to me and say why don’t you become Rajneesh, then I will say I m Rajneesh. Sumit says you will be trapped, psycho, Maya will give me divorce. Rajneesh gets sad. Sumit says but Natasha is very beautiful. Rajneesh says if you were Sumit, you would have not got it. Sumit says if you were Sumit, you would have not got her too. They decide to get together and become big romeo sujneesh.

Sumit and Rajneesh go to Jitos. Sumit asks Rajneesh about Jito’s niece. He says we will try Sujneesh here. He tells the lady that this is Sumit Walia, he likes you. The lady smiles. Rajneesh hides his face. She gets glad. Rajneesh says she smiled. Sumit asks him to convince her. Rajneesh asks her name. She says Komal. He says nice to meet you, when will you get free, I wanted to take you to cricket studio. She agrees. Sumit says great, now we can get Deepika too, I feel like living my young days again.

Natasha comes to Sumit’s home and asks for Rajneesh. Maya says he is not at home. Dolly asks did you meet him. Natasha says he is good. Dolly asks did anything happen. Natasha says with Rajneesh… no.. I got a back massager for him, as bull has hit him. Dolly says such a nice girl. Maya says you should have given this at Rajneesh’s home. Natasha says Sumit said his brothers lives on first floor.

Jasbir comes and Natasha greets him. He asks Maya to call Sumit. Natasha asks does Sumit stay here. Maya says yes, he is making kids sleep, how do you know Sumit. Natasha says Sumit and I met in restaurant and we love each other. They get shocked. Maya says I m thinking how did Sumit get time to have affair. Natasha says but Sumit told me his wife died. Dolly says what. Sumit comes and sees Natasha. Dolly stops him and asks how dare you see any other woman, did I teach this to you. Natasha calls him Rajneesh and asks whats going on. Dolly says he is not Rajneesh, he is Sumit. Sumit says I will explain, I m Rajneesh. Jasbir says good you said, we were mistaken.

Rajneesh comes and sees Natasha. He starts acting. Natasha asks his name. Rajneesh asks his name. Natasha asks Sumit his name. Sumit and Rajneesh try leaving. They tell the right names. Natasha asks why did you lie. Rajneesh says Rajat lied, I felt good being sports reporter. Natasha says Its my mistake, I did not see tv, I m going. She goes. Jasbir asks them why did they not take his name.

Dolly and Maya ask Rajneesh why did he feel people will not love him, he should be confident. Rajneesh says yes, but Sumit and I were enjoying. Maya asks did Sumit know. Sumit says I was helping Rajneesh. Rajneesh tells about the girls they got. Maya gets angry. She asks Sumit to come with him. Sumit runs.

Maya tells Dolly that we will write my family essay for Aaliya. Sumit, Jasbir and everyone fight to write essay. Aaliya says I don’t want, I wrote it. They all read the essay.

Update Credit to: Amena

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