Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 9th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ravan and Raju bribing Pratap and Dheeraj. Raval says leave all problems to me. Dheeraj asks the bungalow to be named on him. He says we don’t care for others. They all laugh. Raval gets a call and talks to Jaggu. Jaggu says there is some tension here. Raval says its big tension Nandu. Jaggu says yes, I was thinking if you increased rate, I will manipulate. Raval says I decided house buying plan is cancelled. Jaggu asks what about my commission. Raval ends call. They laugh. Jaggu worried. Rohit asks about the call. Jaggu says don’t interfere. Rohit says fine, have medicines and leaves. Jaggu eats medicines.

Rohit plays music. Rambhateri sings and Nandu dances. Everyone come out and dance happily. Raju, Pratap and Dheeraj come there and see this. Dev hears Rohit’s music and scolds him for insulting music like this. Raju goes to Rohit and takes the guitar. He plays it and asks Dev are they more wine bottles at home. He taunts Dev and gets sad. Pratap dances with his wife and sings. They all smile.

A lady calls Nandu and asks for help. Nandu does not hear well. Nandu tells Rambhateri that someone called me and asked for help. Raju asks model town to party today, tonight is not dark night, and gives them a good deal to leave model town. Jaggu asks Jaggu why is he giving hope to them. Raju says I m calling for meeting tomorrow morning and welcome happiness, we will leave from model town. Rambhateri sees Mishra taking his wife. Nandu recalls it was Mrs. Mishra who called her.

Raju tells everyone that he feels Mishra has done third murder of his wife. Rambhateri gets shocked. She goes to Nandu and asks what happened. Nandu shows the number and says its Mishra’s number. Rambhateri says why will he call you. Nandu says Mrs. Mishra called and asked me to save her, I m sure her life is in danger. He calls on that number and goes to ring bell. She asks servant about Mrs. Mishra. Raju stops Nandu and asks did she get mad.

He says this servant is deaf and mute, don’t beat him. Mishras got him since he was 9 year old, he does not come out by fear. Nandu says sorry. The servant gets call and tells Raju that its his GF’s call, shall I go. Nandu looks at Raju. Raju goes. Rambhateri asks Nandu to calm down as she has no proof. Mishra calls Nandu and lies that he is taking his wife to her Maayka to visit her dad. Nandu gets angry and says this man is lying, he did something with Mrs. Mishra.

Mishra calls Pratap. Pratap says someone mixed wine in milk, I lost senses and raised hand on my wife. Dheeraj asks whats big thing in it. Mishra says I had hammer in hand at that time. Raju smiles and asks is she alive or dead. Mishra says she is alive, but if I take her to hospital, police will come and she will tell everything. Raju asks Mishra to go to some nursing home. Pratap says I m coming there, give 5 lakhs. Raju signs him. Pratap says this time free service, but sign on the paper I give you. Mishra agrees and thanks him. Raju says we have to convince model town tomorrow in meeting.

Nandu comes and asks them do they know what Mishra did with his wife. Raju says it happens between husband and wife. Dheeraj says we will know. Nandu says I want to talk to you all three. Raju flirts with her. Nandu pushes Raju and he holds her hand. He says I would have really fallen down. Nandu says you are already fallen. He flirts with her. Dheeraj and Pratap smile. Bairi piya………..plays……. Nandu asks Raju about Mrs. Mishra, and says she will drag Mishra and not leave them if they come in between. Raju smiles. He warns them and leaves.

Nandu recalls Raju’s words. She goes to the gym and sees something shocking.

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