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Sumit Sambhal Lega 2nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya noting expenses. He asks for new speakers and she refuses to buy it. They argue. He says he earns and he has right to spend. She says fine, you manage the expenses this month. He says you know I m scared of maths. She goes. He asks Aaliya to punch him if he says nonsense. Sumit comes to office and is troubled by seeing home accounts. His friend asks what is he doing, did Maya leave him. He asks her to say sorry to Maya and ends this, they have to see cricket match. Sumit says no, if I call, she will joke on me, I will end this in 10mins. His friends support him morally. Sumit comes home and says Maya I have paid all the bills.

He says he has saved money and calls his friends. They get music speakers. Maya asks him to show bills. Sumit says he is smart. Sumit

asks his friend to learn from him. His friend asks him to check payment. Sumit says open the speakers, and checks message. He says how did this extra zero come. His friend asks did he give 2.5 lakhs in electricity payment. Sumit says no, 25000 for 3 months. They check and suggest for refund, it will come in 2months. Sumit asks what will my children eat. His friend says you will get beaten, you are gone. His friend asks Sumit to apologize to Maya.

Maya comes and asks any problem. Sumit says no, its all supercool. Later, Maya talks to Sumit and shows her nail shade. She says she has spent 1000rs in parlor. He says what else do I want, than your smile. She apologizes to him and says she can sleep peacefully now. He laughs and worried.

Sumit calls Rajneesh and meets him at Jitos. He asks about his savings and calls him smart and caring. Rajneesh laughs. Sumit asks for loan of 2.5 lakhs. Rajneesh asks what, wine, betting, then what is it, you made a GF, cheating Maya, I will beat you. Sumit asks do you think you can do this. Rajneesh says no, you got Maya, that’s big thing. Sumit says I want some money, don’t tell Maya. Rajneesh says so its Maya’s problem, tell me what she did, I m police inspector, I know how to manage, tell me. Sumit says I mean… Rajneesh says shopping right, every home has this problem. I did not think Maya will be such, don’t worry Sumit, if your kids get orphan, I will love them as father. Sumit says fine, as of now, just money. Rajneesh says sure, are you fine my brother. Sumit says yes, i m worried for Maya.

Rajneesh says Maya is so lucky to get a husband like you and holds Sumit’s hand. Dolly and Jasbir come to Sumit’s home. Sumit asks where is Rajneesh. Dolly says he went on duty, he gave this. Jasbir asks why is he taking 2.5 lakhs from Rajneesh. Sumit says Maya will hear. Dolly says I can help Maya. Jasbir says how did Rajneesh get 2.5 lakhs, why is he not paying rent. Dolly and Jasbir argue. Dolly says Sumit will come on road. Sumit says I m seeing accounts now. Jasbir says great, don’t give money to Maya. Maya comes and shows her dress and nail paint. She asks Sumit for some cash, she has to go mall. Dolly asks oh. Jasbir says even I don’t have cash to give Maya. Maya asks what happened. Sumit says nothing, take my ATM card.

Maya says I m thinking to get diamond set too. Sumit says nice joke and sends her. Jasbir asks Sumit why did he give ATM card, he is such a fool. Sumit takes money and says I have to deposit money before Maya chooses ATM card. Dolly says I told Sumit he will regret to marry a pretty girl. Jasbir says its good I did not do this mistake. She stares at him. Sumit comes to bank and sees Maya in queue. He hides and tries to deposit money fast. He requests an old lady and sends her. She beats him and goes. He sees the counter got closed for lunch and kisses the man to request him. The lady brings police. Rajneesh comes there and gets shocked seeing Sumit. Sumit shows Maya to him. Rajneesh asks the man to accept Sumit’s deposit. The lady brings Rajneesh’s senior. Rajneesh salutes him and catches Aumit. Maya and Aaliya see them. Sumit apologizes and is taken away.

At home, Sumit apologizes to Maya and she asks why did he not workout accounts well. He says its not my mistake and blames maths. She asks him about cricket and he says nonstop. She says no one can beat you in cricket scores and its maths. Sumit praises Maya and says you are mature, I m still a kid, you made this a home, I really value you. She smiles and thanks him, as he did not say this before. He says this is my problem. She asks him to keep saying. He says I value you a lot and repeats.

Its morning, Jasbir and Dolly come to take Maya’s credit card, they make excuse and cut it. Maya asks what did Jasbir do. Jasbir tells about ending her shopping. Sumit comes and says I value you a lot.

Sumit asks people to tell about Jasbir. Rajneesh records their statements. Jasbir wakes up and gets scared seeing Dolly with face pack.

Update Credit to: Amena

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