Yeh Vaada Raha 2nd October 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 2nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sujata’s Child Care centre
Kartik is tensed to hear survi’s request, but he complies. he says that they shall meet tomorrow, and then leaves, while she holds out to him, but doesnt call back. She is sad. he walks on the road listlessly, unhappy with what happened, and frustrated at his helplessness, as they both remember their past moments, and his promise to srikant. he stands beside his car tensed and irritated. raghu asks what happened. kartik asks if he isnt angry at him, as he himself placed him in this kind of a dilemma about both the promises that contradict one another. raghu says that whats done is done, and there’s no point regretting it. kaartik says that he has left it on the lord, for the life to take its course now. He says that he feels that he is the reason everything is a mess. he says that he wronged, but survi is in a problem due to him and his stupidity, and even though he trusts sujata, but still is unable to be carefree instinctively. he begins to go, while raghu asks what happened. He says that he has to verify one last thing. he goes back to find survi being fed dinner by sujata. they both smile at each other, as she sees kartik. then he leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Tai’s residence
tai reminds her children that survi reached this house today but she didnt allow her to enter, as her father is responsible for her husband’s death and also her son’s handicap. They say that they havent forgotten. She says that they shouldnt think that kartik has done a favour on them. they ask why is she saying this to them. she says that she knows kartik well, as he keeps his promise well, and once again he shall try to bring survi in the house, and it might be that he tries to draw them to him, so that she agrees. but she wont allow him to do this. the daughters are together that they wont side with him on this. she says that she expected this only from them. Aniket says that he is wrong, as she hasnt understood kartik yet. he then gets up with his crutches and says that kartik doesnt request as he does what he feels like, and this time also he would do the same, and they wont have a say in it. he leaves from there. the others are tensed.

The next morning, while the entire family prays, kartik prays to the lord, to keep survi safe always, and keep his promise with srikant intact. tai holds out the holy lamp for him to take blessings from. he complies. he then asks the priest to pack a prashad. she asks who is he taking this for. he makes an excuse that he is taking this to Sujata. she reminds him that the lady is a fraud, and asks him not to favour her anyways. he says that sujata is a nice lady and he just tries to help. she says that its okay and its his money hence he can spend it howsever he feels like. She understands that he has taken survi to the care centre. She understands that now survi wont come back, as sujata would get her on business. he then asks raghu if the sweets for factory distributors have been prepared and raghu complies. he is about to leave with raghu, when shanti comes and prays to the lord saying that today is survi’s birthday and then prays to him to keep survi happy. He is happy thinking that its her birthday.

Later lata is going through the arrangements, tai comes and asks the butler to prepare everything for the grand buffet planned today and threatens him not to make any mistake. A crowd of people come and tai shows her pleasure, while secretly hiding the displeasure. lata greets them nicely. tai decides to get rid of them easily.

Scene 3:
Location: Sujata’s Child Care centre
Sujata, the caretaker is actually a pimp and trafficker. She calls her goons and asks them about the business. they say that its been tense, since geeta’s kidnap and now another one shall set alarm ringing. Survi hears this from the room and is scared. but sujata outside waives off their concern, saying that she shall manage, and say that she couldnt bear the discipline of the house and hence ran awy and might even pretend to be sad and upset. they try and come up with a plan. then they get survi and try to hand her over to the goons, while she vehemently protests. she tries to struggle free.

In the locality of the care centre, kartik arrives with raghu, with a gift for survi. they ring the doorbell. Sujata peeps through the keyhole and finds that its kartik and gets tensed. she asks them to take her inside, and not let her voice come out at all. they comply, while kartik waits outside. then sujata composes herself and opens the door. they come in. meanwhile survi is gagged inside by another lady. outside, kartik apologises for disturbing her uncalled, and came here just because its survi’s birthday today. she pretends to be surprised, and says that co-incidentally she got her gift too, as all the girls have gone on a special tour of Mumbai. He is tensed. she asks if she should call survi back. he asks her to let be, as she should freshen up with the tour. He asks her to give the gift to her, and then leaves, saying that he shall come tomorrow. he leaves with raghu. she asks the goons to get her out. They comply. Sujata gets tensed and says that this girl shall create problems. she asks the goons to get her unconscious and take her away. survi is shocked.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Outside, in the car kartik finds that one of the gifts is still in the car and he reprimands raghu for being so careless, and decides to go himself back to sujata’s place to give it. he goes towards the house. Meanwhile, Survi is draped in the burqa that muslims women don, and then she is taken along with the goons. She finds kartik coming from the opposite end. As she is taped across the mouth, she is unable to call out to her. kartik brushes past them, while she struggles to wrangle free from their grasp. The screen freezes on survi’s shocked face.

Precap: Survi tries to struggle free from their grasp, while kartik accidentally collides into someone, and the bends down to pick the gift from the ground. When through the burqa, Survi prays to the ganpati idol, that alerts kartik as he finds a muslim bowing to a hindu god. He sees surprisingly aas she is taken off by the other men.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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