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Sumit Sambhal Lega 24th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit coming home and telling Maya that he could not died today, he got saved. She asks him to have food. He asks did she hear him. She reacts. He says batsman shot in helicopter speed, he had pizza in hand and he has got saved. She says I was cooking for you, and you had pizza there. He says I did not eat, trust me. She says come for dinner. He says I m not hungry. She gives him angry stare.

Sumit gets ready for office and asks whats in tiffin. She says yesterday night food. She says come soon, I called Montu lawyer to make my will. He laughs and asks why. She says my dad says every responsible parent should make will. He says it means we are inviting yamraaj. Rajneesh asks them to come to have kheer, Dolly has made it. Maya asks Rajneesh did he make his will.

Rajneesh says yes, I m police inspector and shows demo of yamraaj picking careless people. He asks Sumit to make a wall.

Montu laywer comes and talks to Sumit and Maya. He says Lord will keep everything fine, but death can come anytime, suppose you die and your brother takes your property, and Bhabhi ji has to become bar dancer. Maya asks what are you saying. Montu says suppose your kids get raise on roads, and get drug addiction. Sumit says stop, where to sign. Montu asks him to sign on last page and tell about guardianship of kids, suppose they die together. Sumit says Jasbir and Dolly. Maya says wait, Sumit we should think. Sumit says they are best to lookafter lids.

Maya says my mom and dad are better. Sumit laughs and asks are you serious, this is worst idea. She asks why, whats wrong. He asks will your mom have time from high profile parties. She says my mom will give time. They argue. Montu asks them to decide and call him.

Sumit jokes on Maya’s parents, and says Avi and Aaliya will talk like your parents. Maya says they are strange right, so I want my kids to talk like your parents in bad way. He says not funny. She says listen, how Aaliya will talk, and acts like Dolly. He asks Maya not to scare her. She asks do you want our kids to become junior mummy ji and papa ji. He says right, we will make your parents legal guardian.

Dolly brings kheer for kids and taunts Maya. She sees stamp paper and asks did things get so worse. Sumit says no, we are not taking divorce, we are making will. Dolly says Lord forbid, if anything happen to you both, I will manage kids. Maya is about to tell her and Sumit stops her from saying. Maya asks then will you tell her? She says we are making my parents kids’ guardians. Dolly takes the kheer and starts emotional liners. Jasbir comes and asks for kheer. Dolly says we are not worth managing kids. Rajneesh comes and asks what did I do. Maya says we were choosing guardians for kids. Jasbir asks is my name there, I have raised two sons.

He asks Dolly to bear the kids. Rajneesh says no one asked me. Maya says she chose her parents. Jasbir says great. Rajneesh asks Sumit did he not trust him, I will love the kids, just die and see. Sumit says thanks, I have no plans to die. Dolly says we will raise kids. Jasbir asks her is she mad, why does she want to end her freedom. Jasbir goes to get kheer. Dolly says I know why you did not keep our name in will, because of Jasbir right, don’t worry, I m ready to leave Jasbir for kids.

Maya’s parents come and kids hug them. Maya asks Sumit to see kids are happy, we will tell mom and dad that we chose them as guardian. Dolly and Rajneesh come. Dolly gives laddoos to Aaliya. She says she has come to meet Maya’s parents. Maya’s mum says I was thinking to take kids to Goa for holidays. Maya says great idea. Dolly asks did they think well. Rajneesh says emergency can come anytime. Maya’s parents ask what. Dolly says assume potato chip gets stuck in nose. Maya’s dad laughs and asks who is such stupid kid. Rajneesh says Sumit. Maya’s mum says we will take it out by tweezer. Sumit says by sneezing.

Maya’s mum says this is interesting, let them ask. Dolly says I have another question. Dolly asks about stopping Aaliya from troubling in car. She reminds kids should not sit in front seat. Mata’s mum says that’s valid point. Sumit asks Dolly and Rajneesh to go and sends them. Maya says forget this, we want to ask something. She says we want to make kids’ guardians, so ….. Maya’s parents get glad. Sumit asks is this deal done. Maya’s dad says this is so great, thanks so much for his honor. Maya’s mum says I did not expect this, so sweet, love you. Maya says love you too. Sumit says me too….

Maya’s dad says but we can’t accept this. Her mum says he is right. Maya asks what type of Nana and Nani are they. Her mum says we love the kids, we can do anything for them. Maya’s dad says now our life is different, we want to see world and roam, managing kids is tough. Maya’s mum says don’t misunderstand, we are not right for this responsibility. Maya’s dad asks them to give responsibility to right person. Sumit asks who?

Maya’s dad says Dolly ji, she has much experience, I m truly surprised, why did you not ask her. Maya says sometimes we don’t value the person we have. Sumit says thanks for being so honest mom and dad. Maya hugs her parents. Maya apologizes to Dolly. Dolly says its fine, you made me guardian, see how I raise kids. Jasbir says I m crying, Maya’s dad gave kids to us and will enjoy. Rajneesh says I will take Avi. Dolly says Avi will become a real man, and I will teach singing Jagrata to Aaliya. Maya looks at Sumit.

Maya acts like Dolly infront of everyone. Dolly acts like Maya. Sumit and Jasbir act like each other. They all get offended.

Update Credit to: Amena

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