Tere Sheher Mein 24th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 24th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gupta asking Amaya to see Sumitra and everyone has come to help her. Rama thinks to help Amaya as he is responsible for all this. Amaya worries seeing less time. Kangana asks her to come. Rama thinks how to help Amaya. Rachita and Jaz come there. Rama thanks them for coming. He says he needs their help, his everything is at stake, Amaya started work, she is not losing, her dad is her inspiration. He asks them to call friends if they can. Rachita calls her friends and asks them to come for urgent help.

Rama thanks Rachita and Jaz and asks them to come. Amaya gets surprised seeing her sisters. Rama says we have less time, if we have to complete order, we have to just focus on work. Amaya hugs them and smiles. They see Rishi’s pic there. They join hands and say for dad. Jaz says Rama told us to come. Rama asks them to start working. Amaya asks them to come. They all work even at night. The power goes. Tilak smiles by switching off the power.

They all worry about completing work, how will machines run without power. Rama says I will see. Tilak says I checked, fuse blew off, I called electrician, he said he will come in morning. Rama says work will happen and goes to see. Tilak stares at Amaya. Rama brings the fire torches and says work will not stop. Gupta says we need power for machines. Rachita says don’t worry, my friends got the car battery, as Rama told me. Rama says we will use batteries to get power in workshop. The power comes and work resumes.

Rama gets hurt and Amaya cares for him. Tilak looks on angrily. Its morning, the sarees are made. Amaya says just 6 hours and 100 sarees are to be made. Rama says don’t worry. Tilak thinks order can get completed, I have to stop it. Rama gets the vans for delivering the order. Tilak sees the driver and thinks he got a way to make Rama zero from hero.

Rama says Amaya you can the first lot, I will get second one. Kangana says yes, its just 50 sarees pending, Rama will come soon. Tilak says I will go with Amaya. Sumitra says we will come too. Tilak gets angry and acts sweet. Rama asks Amaya not to worry. Amaya goes to deliver the first lot. Tilak smiles and puts hand around her. Sumitra asks when will we teach and he stops. He says in some time.

Amaya and everyone reach. The man says he wants complete order in 20mins, else he will cancel the order. Amaya says my husband will reach soon.

Amaya says where is Rama, I will call and ask. She calls Rama. Rama says don’t worry, I got items loaded in tempo, driver is not here, I will drive and reach in 20mins. She says fine. Tilak asks where is Rama. Amaya says Rama is bringing tempo. Tilak says that’s good. Amaya says we will go to godown. Tilak thinks how will Rama get driver, this was my plan. FB shows Tilak tying driver to the tree. He smiles. Rama drives the tempo and is on the way. Everyone wait for him. Amaya thinks its just 12 mins now. Tilak thinks Amaya is waiting, she does not know neither order nor Rama will come. The man says just pray all sarees reach in time.

Amaya says Rama will come, he is on the way. Kangana asks where is he. Amaya says don’t know, I have belief he will come. Rama realizes brakes failed and tries controlling the tempo. The van gets stuck in a put and he gets hurt, he sees the time. He says I have to do something. The man says he won’t give a min more. Rachita says Rama will come. Rama asks someone for help.

He says he can’t upset Amaya again, he will not lose, he has to do anything, Amaya always supported him. The man asks Amaya to think how will she repay the amount. Rama keeps the items on the cart and takes it. Tilak says Amaya, did Rama not call? Don’t feel bad, but your head will get down because of Rama today. Rama is on the way.

The man scolds Amaya and says he has seen the sarees ruined in rain, so he has called saree association people. Amaya says don’t do this. Rama will reach. The man says thanks for coming, this girl did not complete order on deadline, so she should not get any other order, why did she say yes if she could not complete, we have to bear the loss, I want everyone to see this girl is unprofessional, boycott her company, we should put heavy penalty on her, we should ban her company as she is defaulter. Amaya is shocked.

Tilak colors his face and throws knife at Rama. Rama bends and knife hits the bike. Rama sees him and runs to catch him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mar chutiya rama ko sala Marta nahi.

  2. This show is sooooooo stupid. Tilak is causing problems, and apparently Amaya will start to feel soft towards Tilak now. This Amaya girl is sooooo pathetic. They are trying to make her like a fearless woman who will fight for any cause, when in actual fact she is looking pretty weak, with no respect. There is actually no character that I like in this show anymore.

    Not gona waffle on about this rubbish anymore. One thing I will say is, where have all the people that make comments about this show gone???? There used to be 50-60 comments, maybe more on this show, when manta was around. Now, it will be lucky if there are 10 comments, let alone 50. Shows you how downhill this show has gone.

    I was looking on the Diya Aur Bhati Hum and Yeh Hai Mohabetein shows, and there are 100+ comments for those shows. Tells you the difference between this show, and those right. My mother watches DABH and YHM, so I have seen them, but they didnt feel as fresh as this show, when Mantu was around.

    Either way, I may or may not comment on this show anymore, depending on if I have the patience to see if it gets better, which right now, my patience is running on a knife edge. But i’d say, this show, as it stands, is not worth anybody’s time right now. SOOOOO PATHETIC!!!!!! Can you believe someone gets paid to write and direct this garbage. Money better off going to charity in my opinion.

  3. Right. Popularity of this show seems to have gone down.

    Amaya’s character also does’nt seem to be that strong and interesting anymore.

  4. Pathetic show.kill all characters and end this show atleast other good show will take a slot

  5. Gud going aamaya ?jo tumhare saath hain unka dil thod detiho aur jo tumhare khilaf hain un k leya kuch b kerogi

  6. Star parivar awards favourite heart breaking award gos to AAMAYA ?kitno ka dil thodo gi pehlay parday par tsm k loog k dil bhir fans ka dil ?

  7. Completely agree with you all.
    There is nothing good happening in this show, except the negative characters.
    The girl they potraited in the beginning of the show, as a rich girl whose life changes overnight… lands in bananas from Paris. . Is gone far far away..
    The semail initially showed how amaya, is sternly decided on getting the lost respect of her father and her family.

    And now as the current track is being potraited. … she is not better of with the prominent bahus of the television industry like tulsi and parvatthi. .. For whom family was everything. .. left aside their own personal life… This is what is currently happening in the show…

  8. This is for you dimeo. For old times sake. Lol

    I often don’t even read the updates anymore. I can’t stomach reading about amaya and how much she cares for Rama and vice versa. They can live happily ever after. Good riddance. There is zero incentive to watch as there is zero characters we would like to tune in for! Kangana? Tilak? Rama’s family? There is no one to Root for. And now this whole sari association order thing? Brilliant writing. Haven’t seen that one before.

    Anyways dimeo is right. Comments are 5-6 top end. Ppl can’t be bothered. So alvida. Good bye. I don’t have sony but there is a new drama that started with the jassi girl (Mona Singh). Cud be interesting. It not. Can’t be asked to invest time anymore after what happened here. Still feel betrayed.

  9. Watched show from episode 1,but stopped as mantu vanished,reads written updates. Would like to suggest writers, to bring mantu back somehow !
    If I were writer of this show, will bring a twist by the character tilak to ruin Amaya n Rama married life n get them divorce,as kangana doesn’t like Amaya,she will b pleased with tilak n falls for him. Rama becomes devdas again,n Rachita shows sympathy towards him n start liking him. Whereas Amaya being tough super girl of his dad,at first feels loser n walks away from banaras,on lonely a roads of highway she meets Mantu again,where she breaks her silence of pain n sacrifices when mantu insist her to speak n mantu feels great love n respect for her once again n supports her to fight back for her dignity. They both returns to banaras, Amaya lives at mantu home, (in between love scenes , romance, cute fights,struggle,etc) till she proves her right n gets back the haveli to sneha with mantu’a help.

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