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Sumit Sambhal Lega 11th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sumit, Rajneesh and Jasbir coming home after cleaning the terrace. Dolly pampers Sumit. Rajneesh says even he is hungry. Dolly says she loves Sumit, as he is younger one. Mistakes can happen with first child, but mistakes can be rectified with second child. Rajneesh gets jealous. Some bottles fall from the bags. Dolly scolds Jasbir for drinking wine at terrace. Jasbir says he did not drink this. Rajneesh says I m sure of this, its clear that this bottle is 14 year old. Sumit says yes, its mine. Dolly asks what. Sumit says 14 years ago, I called my friends at home when mummy went away. We kept a party. Dolly reacts. Rajneesh says don’t react now, hear more.

Sumit says we ordered food and wine. Dolly is shocked and asks what, you drank behind our back, when

you were 18 year old. Jasbir is glad and hugs Sumit happily. Dolly asks Sumit what else did he do, tell me, did you smoke. Sumit says just once… sometimes. Dolly gets angry and says you are my son, my blood, I told you not to drink and smoke, even then you did so many mistakes, and lied to your mum. Jasbir says your character was great Sumit, hug me. Rajneesh asks Dolly to pamper Sumit. Dolly says Sumit is not my favorite now, I will not talk to him. Sumit jokes. Rajneesh and Jasbir pity on Sumit.

At home, Sumit is also upset. Maya gets romantic. Dolly and Jasbir come there. They bring clothes to wash in Maya’s machine. Sumit talks to Dolly. Dolly avoids him. Jasbir asks Dolly to stop it, whats wrong if Sumit enjoyed. Maya gets to know this matter. Dolly says Sumit is not good son now. Sumit says mummy ji has gone mad. Jasbir says I did not tell you, but I felt you are Lallu kid. Sumit says you told this before. Jasbir says now I feel you are a spoiled character. I m proud of you, you proved you are my son.

Sumit comes to Maya and acts naughty. He asks for a prize for being so hardworking. She says you wll surely get a prize, I m very impressed, I felt you are cute, sweet and Lallu guy, but I m seeing a bold Sumit now, you look handsome and a bad boy. He says yes, I m a bad boy. She says you don’t care if your mum is annoyed, so you are bad, you don’t care rowdy boy. He says what if mummy ji does not talk to me all life. Maya gets glad and says come to me. He says sorry Maya, I can’t concentrate to get my prize, I m a good boy. She says no, you are a bad boy. He says no, I have to convince my my, I m a good boy. He goes to Dolly.

Dolly stays annoyed. She says she did not make halwa for him. He asks who else deserves this, and backbites about everyone. Rajneesh comes. Dolly gives him the halwa and pampers him. Sumit gets jealous and asks about dry fruits in halwa. Dolly cares for Rajneesh a lot. Rajneesh gets glad. She praises him. Rajneesh says whats happening, you are doing this to make Sumit jealous. Dolly asks who. Sumit says fine, you be happy with Rajneesh. Sumit leaves. Rajneesh says so I was right. Dolly says no, this was for you. He asks her to call Papa ji. She says don’t spoil my mood, I want to talk to you.

She asks shall we give ad for your marriage. He says please… She says you will also have someone like Maya and kids. He says don’t try to make me Sumit, will you be annoyed with him all life. she says yes, he broke my heart. He says he is not that bad, it happens. I did not stop him knowing he is drinking, I was in my maths extra tuition. She says it means you did not spoil my Sumit from spoiling his life for few maths marks. Rajneesh says what spoiled, Sumit has good wife and kids. She says don’t praise Maya, someone should have stopped Sumit, he is a good boy. She takes halwa and goes. Rajneesh gets sad.

Dolly comes to Sumit and apologizes. He asks what happened. She says Rajneesh told me everything, that he made you drink beer. He says yes… she says forgive me. He asks her to first give halwa. She makes him eat halwa and says you are good boy. He says yes, I m your good boy. Maya looks on. Jasbir comes and sees them. He asks whats happening, Sumit became good boy again, I lost halwa. Sumit and Dolly smile.

Rajneesh, Jasbir and Sumit sit talking about childhood. They say we all three are bad boys. Dolly and Maya call Jasbir and Sumit. Sumit leaves. Jasbir says Rajneesh is lucky, there is no one to call you and leaves. Rajneesh sits alone.

Maya tells Sumit that Rajneesh needs money, we should help him. Sumit gives money to Rajneesh, while Rajneesh refuses. Sumit and Rajneesh make a wish at the well.

Update Credit to: Amena

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