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The Episode starts with Suhani and Sharad telling Yuvraaj about Rohan, they got 24 hours by him and he proved Krishna innocent, she wants him to catch Radhe. Soumya looks for any clue in her room. Rakhi comes and asks for Krishna. Soumya says he is not at home, call his new friend. Rakhi thanks her and goes to talk. Soumya hears some sound and sees phone ringing, is Radhe’s phone here. She gets the phone and sees Rakhi’s call. The phone falls from her hand and she sees Krishna coming. She hides seeing him. He calls out Lalita.

Rohan meets him and asks him to talk to him for some time. He asks him to watch any movie, and makes him busy in talk. He signs Soumya and she goes to pick the phone. She takes phone and leaves. He says he is more smart than him. Krishna says he does not understand

filmi things, he is the player of this game, Rohan will be left behind in this game. He goes. Rohan smiles.

Soumya and Suhani talk and she says she has to tell this to Rohan. Rohan says Dadi is right, you are dangerous, and taunts her. Sharad asks what happened to him. Rohan says he did not know Suhani, and asks him to come to his side. Sharad says mad man, leave me. Rohan says Suhani can see ghosts, she has gone mad. He says Radhe is dead, you need a doctor. Suhani asks why does he feel she is going mad. Suhani sees Rakhi behind, and Sharad too sees her. Rohan signs them and acts.

He says Suhani has seen Radhe flirting with a girl, his wife is innocent and he loves his wife, and Suhani says she has seen Radhe with a girl. Suhani says yes, I have seen his ghost. Rohan says he understood, and fixed her appointment in mental hospital, I will go and tell Dadi. Suhani says my people will trust me. They go. Rakhi gets angry.

Sharad talks to as Radhe to Rakhi and makes her hear that he is with someone else. Suhani says now Rakhi will take us to Radhe, we have to be careful. Rakhi goes and asks Krishna about Radhe. Krishna says he can’t tell her. Rakhi says she will die before Radhe comes. Krishna asks her not to do acting. She insists and cries. He gives her the address and asks her not to give it to anyone. Suhani and group look on and smile. Yuvraaj meets Dadi in the police station, and he says he does not believe Rohan. She says he is good and gives Rohan’s letter. Yuvraaj reads Rohan’s letter with excuses to make, if Rohan loses the case. He says we did mistake of hiring him. Dadi says maybe he has some solution.

Rakhi meets Radhe and beat him, asking who was the girl. Radhe says he loves her and no one else. He asks what happened, tell me. She says you went out, right. He says yes, forgive me. She beats him and says she did mistake to marry him, and leaves. Radhe gets worried and falls thinking about food. Rohan comes and says its fine, you will get food in jail. Radhe gets shocked seeing Suhani and Rohan. He says you are a ghost, as you died, we should sweat seeing you, why are you sweating. Radhe apologizes to Suhani. Suhani scolds him. Radhe puts bedsheet on them and runs from there. Rohan asks Suhani is she fine. She says catch him, and Rohan runs to catch Radhe. Radhe leaves on his scooter, and Rohan and Suhani run to catch him. Radhe’s scooter stops and Suhani catches him, asking till when will he run, he will never be happy. He says this is because of her. She says think about yourself, your truth will be out, and he will go to jail. Rohan is on other side of the road.

Radhe says Krishna will not let anything happen to him, Krishna was framed. Suhani says Krishna is using you, fine, if you get saved today, will you hide and live always, will he able to stay without his family, and with everyone’s curse. She says Krishna is out of jail, she will not give him to police, she will not hurt Krishna’s family, this is last chance in his hand, if he does not come to court, she will see its his bad fate, decide and do what you want to. Radhe signs no. She turns and leaves.

Rohan gets angry on Suhani that she has made Radhe run, she thinks from heart and did all this. Yuvraaj says Suhani always hears her heart. Krishna smiles and says see what happens with Yuvraaj tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode !!!!!!!!!!
    By the way same like last week they telecasting serial this Sunday also……..

  2. Stretching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I kind of want suhani and rohan together

  4. I think yuvraaj will feel jealous seeing suhani and rohan together…so he ill keep her away frm rohan nd yuvraaj illcome close to her..nd then he ill confess his fellings for her…

  5. Amazing episode she’s an idiot to let radhe go

    1. Its how Radhe will himself confess his n krishna’s bad game..AND PROVE THE STRENGTH OF KINDNESS.

  6. Too dragging —-the cream formula —to that idiot dadi — now the food eater —radhe —– n now new love story maybe —-

  7. Really radhe gone now wat I wis if radhe himself come to the court house n see wat Krishna Rakhi n his stupid mother will do

  8. Nice episode …

  9. This Suhani is so irritating and foolish. She needs a tight slap. Who cares about her mahanta? Who gave her the right to make the decision not to catch the culprit and putting Yuvi’s life in danger.

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