Service Wali Bahu 9th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Service Wali Bahu 9th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Payal checking mortgage papers and telling Dev and Santoshi that if they pay 80% debt, they will get 10 days grace time. Dev says they will have to arrange money and save teir house. Payal says we will do it carefully and not let know Phool about it. Santoshi says as soon as she lit temple lamp, everything good is happening.

Payal, Dev, and Santoshi reach home. Natru shouts at them. Santoshi says she had to go there for Ayodhya’s life. He asks what if something had happened to them. Payal tells about 10 days grace period and they should arrange 1 crore rupees. H asks how will they. Gulkan comes and informs that Ayodhya woke up. Whole family enter in and Natru cries hugging him. Santoshi also cries and says she went to their house to light lamp for his well being. He says phool has criminals with him and they would have harmed him. Whole family leaves asking him to rest. Gulkan asks why did not he think about her and children before confronting phool. He confronted Phool thinking about them.

Phool beats his lawyer for making a mistake in mortgage papers. Lawyer says he was making another contract also that day and mixed clauses in a hurry. Phool says he will not let Natru’s family arrange 1 crore and will trouble them so much that they lose even their saved money. He asks is goons to spy on Natru’s family. Assistant says Payal is backbone of their house and they have to stop Payal.

In the morning, Natru praises Ayodhya that he is tiger who risked his life and says Payal and others are fool who are thinking of arranging 1 crore. Gulkan gets irked seeing his same arrogant behavior, but Payal calms her down. Santoshi scolds Natru to mend his ways, else he will repent. Natru shouts. Gulkan then confronts him and says he is like dog’s tail and will not change. Natru says he will not tolerate santoshi scolding him. Santoshi scolds him more and says only Payal can save their house. Natru challenges she cannot. Payal asks Santoshi to calm down and says natru she does not want to challenge anyone and just her house back.s

Alka sees Indu sadly skipping food and asks her to have it. Bhuvaneshwar says if she gets ill, how will she help Payal and feeds her food. Indu says Rajath that Payal is in trouble and she always used to stand for us, if he can help her now. He says he will not help Natru’s family and they are suffering because of their deeds, Payal will leave that family and will join them back soon.

Dev meets financier and requests for 1 crore finance. Financier says he has to pay huge interest. Dev says he will. Financer agrees, but then he gets Phool’s call and says he cannot give money. Dev asks then why did he agree. He says he cannot go against Phool and sends him out.

Bhuvaneshwar says Indu that he will break all his FDs and help Payal. Indu cries and says Payal is in deep trouble. He says we will help her.

Payal tells Satish that bank officials will come regarding bank loan. Official come and Phool’s goons also enter and plead her to clear her debt. Payal asks who are they. They says her family took debt and did not return their money. Satish sends them out. Bank official says he cannot give her such a hugh debt and will only after proper scrutiny and leaves.

Precap: Rajath joins Phool singh and phool gets him arrested for smuggling liquor. He then calls Payal and informs that her brother is behind bars. Payal with Dev reaches police station and Dev asks inspector how to release Rajath. Inspector says with his crime, he will not come out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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