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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 9th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rags and Menka acting sweet to Yuvraaj knowing he chose someone. He says no bad feelings, as I have rejected your cousins. Rags says all the best and leaves. She thinks how Yuvraaj confidently taunted them. Menka says he is right, Soumya is more beautiful than you. Rags says I can’t forget that insult, I will show him. She asks Menka to give her phone. Menka says why, will you threaten him. Rags says idiot, give me the phone. She calls someone. Krishna and Soumya are taking the pheras in the temple. The pandit asks Krishna to fill sindoor in her maang. Krishna does so. Soumya looks at him and they smile.

Suhani waits for Soumya. She gets a call that she has to go for presentation. Lata brings tea for her. Suhani says don’t know where Soumya went and I have to

go for presentation. Suhani leaves. Yuvraaj and Sharad are happy. Sharad says whats the next plan now. Yuvraaj says yes, I will talk to Soumya today. Suhani is on the way and sees Soumya and Krishna outside the temple. She goes to meet Soumya saying what is she doing here. Soumya and Krishna leave. Suhani thinks she imagined Soumya there and leaves.

Soumya talks to Krishna and says I married you to prove my love but I should tell everything to Suhani. He asks will it be good. She says it won’t be good if I hide now. He says fine, tell her. She says I will go her home now and but this thing should be only among three of us. She says I forgot my phone and goes to bring it. Yuvraaj passes by and the mud falls on Krishna by his car. Krishna sees him and shouts. Yuvraaj stops his car and sees Krishna. Krishna scolds him calling a rich spoilt brat. Yuvraaj says sorry, Krishna asks him to come out.

Yuvraaj comes to him and asks now what will you do, see I have come. Krishna throws a stone in the mud and it falls on Yuvraaj’s face. Yuvraaj beats him and they have a fight. Soumya comes and sees them fighting. She says whats Yuvraaj doing here. She thinks what to do of her sindoor and wipes it. She stops them. Yuvraaj says he has to talk to her, in private. She says we will talk later, you just go. Yuvraaj leaves only for Soumya’s sake. Yuvraaj calls Sharad and tells him about Krishna.

Sharad asks him not to beat Krishna infront of her, come home and send Pratima at her house with marriage proposal. Yuvraaj says what, now , are you mad, you are right, I will come home and talk. He ends the call. Dadi calls Pratima and asks for Yuvraaj. She says call everyone and make me talk. Everyone talk to her on videochat. She thanks Rags for giving her a laptop. Pratima asks is she fine there. Dadi says leave it, Yuvraaj how is the girl you chose. Yuvraaj is surprised.

Dadi says I know everything going on there, I m far but I have people there to tell me everything. Yuvraaj looks at Rags. Rags says I spoke to Dadi and told her in excitement. Dadi says I know she will be beautiful and fair as you chose her. Yuvraaj says she is the best. Dadi says I will have meet her, you know I like only my choice. Rags and Menka smile. Dadi says I want to see her photo. Yuvraaj sends her Soumya’s pic. Dadi sees the pic and says if my son was alive, I would have told him this, before Yuvraaj changes his mind, fix the proposal, if his mind changes like last time, it will be bad.

Pratima agrees and asks will she come. Dadi says how can I come leaving Tirath Yatra incomplete, you manage there. Menka tells Rags that what we thought did not happen. Yuvraaj thanks Rags. Rags is angry. :Pratima shows bangles to Yuvraaj and says this is for his bride. Pratima comes to Suhani’s house and meets Suhani. She goes to meet her parents. She gives them Yuvraaj’s proposal for Suhani and they are shocked.

Lata says what are you saying. Pratima says w elike her and want to make her our bahu. Suhani hears this and is stunned. They look at Suhani.

Pratima tells Yuvraaj that his marriage proposal is talked about and they replied that……….. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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