Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Barbie signing that couple. The couple starts taunting Yuvraaj about his wife’s death and how Yuvraaj is roaming with his pregnant girlfriend. The lady says did he himself kill his wife. The man says such rich people have habit to do this. Yuvraaj says shut up and beats the man. The lady scolds him and asks him to think of this girl, Barbie will lose her respect, the way you are roaming with her. The couple smiles and leaves.

Yuvraaj comes home and does aid to his hand. He imagines Suhani coming and doing the aid. She asks why did he fight. He says that man was doing cheap about us. She does the aid. He asks her not to go anywhere, he has to talk to her. She asks where am I going. He says I don’t trust you on this, wait here. She smiles and asks what is it.

He says I read something in laptop. She asks how can he read a girl’s diary. He says I m your husband, and if you are away, I can read it, fine I m sorry. She starts beating him for reading her diary. He says stop it enough, and sees she is gone. He gets sad and cries.

Pratima comes and asks are you fine. He says yes. She says you did right to beat that man. He says if anything talks against Suhani… she says I m sure Suhani will come back, that day everyone’s mouth will get shut, she will come home soon, don’t care what others say. She hugs Yuvraaj.

The doctor tells the old couple that they can’t treat Suhani here, we will shift her to city hospital. Suhani gets restless. Doctor treats her. Lata consoles Soumya. Soumya hugs Suhani’s clothes and cries. Pankaj says I know Suhani matters a lot to you. Soumya says yes, and tells few past moments between the friends. She says Suhani and I fought for this dress, when Suhani got this dress, she did not wear it so that I don’t get sad. Pankaj says Suhani never supported wrong, and always supported right. Krishna comes and says even then wrong is happening with her. He shows the newspaper with Yuvraaj and Barbie’s affair news.

Dadi asks Barbie whats this, that hospital incident and now this. Barbie is behind all this and starts acting. She cries and says I lost my name, even my name is there, I can’t go out of home now, what should I do now. Dadi asks Barbie not to lie, I know you are involved in this. Barbie denies. Dadi asks her not to do anything without asking her.

Rags asks how can they write this about our family. Pratima says how did they know about Suhani, how dare they declare her dead. Pratima blames Rags and Menka for all this. Rags says I did not do this. Bhavna says Rags did not do this, mum and dad got Suhani’s obituary. Saurabh says Yuvraaj come, we will ask that reporter who wrote all this. Barbie’s mum comes there and talks rude to them. Barbie comes in living hall with Dadi, and sees her mum.

Rakhi asks Soumya to get ready now, Suhani is dead, you move on in life, Bhakts are coming, if I show this video to Krishna then… Soumya asks Rakhi to show the video to Krishna and put it on tv, I don’t care, I will not be scared of your warnings, whats wrong is wrong, I will not go this now, do anything you want. She goes.

Barbie’s mum asks her to come along with her. She says I won’t hear this nonsense now, you all trapped my daughter. She asks Dadi how did she do this, being my mum in law’s friend, why did you drag my daughter in your family drama, how can you all be so selfish. Dadi says Shakuntala, you know our family, we don’t force girls for anything, Barbie said yes for surrogacy. Bhavna says I wanted to do this, but Barbie took this decision. Shakuntala says I can’t ruin my daughter’s future. Dadi asks Barbie what does she think, is her mum right. Barbie nods. Dadi asks what, how can you move back.

Barbie says if Suhani is not here, who will take care of baby. Bhavna says I will take care. Shakuntala asks what about Barbie’s future, who will marry her, do you guarantee this Dadi. Dadi says I will get Barbie married to my Yuvraaj. The family gets shocked. Yuvraaj looks on stunned, by Dadi’s declaration. Pratima says Maa ji…. Shakuntala says why will Yuvraaj marry Barbie, he lost his wife now. Dadi says if anyone is doing big favor on me, I will repay the favor. Pratima shouts and asks how can you take such big decision. Dadi scolds her. Pratima argues. Suhani gets conscious… and moves her fingers. Pratima says Yuvraaj is my son, you can’t take any decision for him. Rags says yes Dadi, Pratima is saying right. Dadi asks her to shut up. Rags says this is too much, its just few days Suhani went and you are doing this. Dadi scolds Rags and asks her not to interfere. Menka asks Rags to be quiet. Pratima says this marriage will not happen. Dadi says Suhani is dead, this marriage will happen. Suhani is shown.

Barbie gives money to Shakuntala, and asks just fix appointment in hospital, Yuvraaj will agree. Rags gets shocked seeing this and asks what the hell is this Barbie. Barbie gets tensed seeing Rags.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow. It’s good that pratima won’t let this marriage happen. I think rags will come to know everything and she will tell this to pratima. And then pratima bhavna sharad rags menka and somu will make a plan. Plzz yuvi don’t marry Barbie.

  2. Soo proud of pratima atlast she has raised a voice against dadi, keep it up. .
    Rags talked sense today, why the hell menka &rags fear fr dadi? now is the time they should realise they r in the same position as suhani ,their condition will be the same as suhani, Dadi is a witch she will never support them in any situation but only utilise them.apt time fr them to get in positive characters.
    Yuvani scenes r a treat to watch. …..v miss u suhani come back soon.
    Well barbie &dadi deserves all the bad words frm dictionary.

  3. What these writers want..crap..when will dadi stop all this rubbish..writers do one thing make dadi kill everyone and let her be in peace..or kill everyone and stop this rubbish..can you show a single drama without any villain…and a nice love story..please stop it.. guys can you all check out a new ff “music sheet” by bella hope you like it..

  4. Just don’t understand why do the writers make yuvraj so dumn at times when he has to take a decision? Why does he give the liberty fr others to take decision on his behalf ?

  5. No rani barbie will never let that happen, she will either try to harm rags ,or prove her wrong or will hypnotise her .

    1. I hope that she won’t do something like that

  6. Watch Suhani come on Barbie and yuvraj’s wedding day in a new avatar and let Barbie get the shock of her life and dadi also but I just hope Suhani doesn’t turn negative to teach dadi a lesson she should be nice with everyone except dadi behind closed doors but in front of them she should be rude and rags and menka should forget taking their revenge on Suhani or insulting her and support Suhani I will be so happy if that happens!!????

  7. Pratima well done — finally you that b*t*h Dadi –

    However still didn’t stop her
    What’s wrong with the sons don’t the know right from wrong

    No one speaks up – how frustrating
    This one woman can call all the shots unbelievable

    Again — why did Rags have to speak when Barbie was passing the money

    Typical no doubt they will do something to her
    So predictable

  8. I do mean Pratima told that b*t*h Dadi

  9. Uff kab khatam hoga ye Barbie ka drama and this irritating dadi

  10. barbie s nthng bt soumya part2.. lik mar 2015 soumya yuvi marriage announce by dadi… nw yuvi barbie marriage….it seems no other story track fr those writers…

  11. barbie s nthng bt soumya part2.. lik mar 2015 soumya yuvi marriage announce by dadi… nw yuvi barbie marriage in mar 2016….it seems no other story track fr those writers…

  12. I don’t think yuvraj will marry ediot barbie n Suhani will walk in on them that same wedding day n stop it

  13. I hope rags and menka do some planning and plotting and find out what Barbie and dadi are up to. Hope Suhani comes back soon and they help her instead of going against her. Please make Suhani come back, hopefully before the wedding. Hope that lady reads the paper and tries calling yuvraj at least someone but not dadi or Barbie.

  14. Indian’s are sending such a callous message with these shows. At least give a person some time to mourn the lost of a loved one before pushing them into a relationship with another person. Though Yuvraaj should never show any type of niceness to that idiot Barbie…she may be fair but she is definitely not prettier than Suhani…keep looking at her, only when her make up is done properly she looks half decent otherwise, her lips are too big and her voice is annoying!!! And nobody gets pregnant so quickly…

  15. Come on suhani… Please wake up 🙁

  16. Yuvani lover

    Wen wl Suhani cum back? I cant c Yuvi crying like this in evry epi.. 🙁

  17. Suhani / Suhani / we want Suhani

  18. yuvi ll accept d mrg..bcz barbie emotionally blackmail yuvi nd pratima by abort yuvanis baby…

  19. Who is barbie anyways! She is such a low life! And dadi who claims to love yuvi ready to marry any gal..doesnt matter if she is a kidnapper or a killer! Disgustin!

  20. pamela suppanee

    Suhani come back soon indian culture cannot be so ridiculous after someone death planning for yuv wedding. disgusting why did yuv not answer back dadi.dadi and Barbie to be exposed for their foolishness

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