Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 7th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi coming to Suhani and wishing her happy marriage anniversary. Suhani thanks Dadi. Bhavna gets tea and congratulates Suhani. Suhani says thanks. Dadi says I did all puja arrangements, then Babu ji will fill sindoor. Suhani asks sindoor. Dadi asks why are you asking, he does this every year. Suhani asks did I say anything, I know what to do, I want sindoor to be from far temple, you will get it. Yuvraaj sees Dadi and hides. Dadi asks Bhavna to come with her. They leave. Suhani says what’s this new problem. Yuvraaj comes. She asks him to solve this problem. Dadi says Amma mai is so strict, don’t tell this to her. Bhavna asks her not to worry. Dadi goes. Yuvaan talks to Bhavna.

Krishna goes to room and sees Saiyyam getting ready. She smiles. She says I was

talking to Yuvraaj today, he was saying about him and Suhani’s marriage, they were very different, I know I used to hate you as per your doings, now everything is changing, I think we can try to keep up our marriage, I mean I want to keep this marriage by all my heart.

Dadi asks Bhavna about silver plate. Bhavna says its in storeroom, I will get it. Dadi says no, send someone else, you help me. Bhavna calls out Yuvaan and sees Saiyyam. She says I thought its Yuvaan. He says no, he is not here but I can help you.

Krishna faces the cupboard and says Saiyyam, I like you. Yuvaan hears this. She says I know you can make fun of me, but you also like me, I did not wish to delay my feelings, so I said all this. Yuvaan turns to go. She turns to him and does not see his face. He says think and answer me. He leaves.

Pratima says Suhani will not listen to you. Yuvraaj asks why, I m making varmala as Dadi said. Suhani says I will not do this. Pratima asks him to think how to avoid this. He asks them so sit. Pratima asks who’s Suhani’s husband. He says me. She asks whose responsibility is it to save her. He says mine, I thought about this, I have sent Sharad out of city for few days.

Yuvaan thinks how can Krishna like Saiyyam, he used to love me, she is behaving as if the marriage was not forced on her. Krishna sees Saiyyam on call. She drops her phone. Yuvaan sees them. Saiyyam stops Krishna and picks her phone. She thanks him. He smiles and goes. Yuvaan thinks I m a fool to choose Baby instead Krishna, I fought with everyone for her, but she does not deserve this. He gets Baby’s call.

Yuvraaj says Sharad will be away and Dadi will forget this. Pratima asks who will tell Dadi. He says you have to tell her, she will understand if you say, this is only way to make Dadi recall. Baby begs to Yuvaan for a chance. He agrees and says you will come back on one condition, you have to help me. She agrees.

Yuvraaj signs Pratima to tell Dadi. Pratima says Babu ji is not at home. Bhavna asks what, where did he go. Pratima says he had to go factory for some imp work. Saiyyam gets silver plates. He asks why do you all look worried. Suhani comes there. She asks Dadi to start puja. Bhavna says Babu ji is not at home. Suhani sees Yuvraaj. He asks her to go for it. Suhani asks what do you mean. Dadi says Pratima told me now. Pratima says he goes factory every year on this day. Suhani says no one told me, I got ready and came here. Yuvraaj signs Suhani to scold Dadi.

Suhani gets angry and scolds Dadi. Saiyyam smiles. Dadi says I went to get sindoor, I did not get time to talk to Babu ji. Suhani says don’t make reasons, it all got spoiled. Dadi apologizes. Dadi goes. Yuvraaj says I know whatever happened was wrong, but it was necessary, Dadi’s memory can come back. Bhavna says Dadi was saying she is worried by Amma mai’s rules. Baby comes and thinks what’s happening. Suhani says yes, when I talk to her badly, she gets scared.

Yuvaan says Baby’s trip cancelled. Suhani says its fine. Suhani says Baby, I will not take Yuvaan’s side, I know you well, if you are confused about this relation and change, if you stay with love here, I will be good to you, you are married now, I want your love to be just for Yuvaan.

Baby goes to Dadi and gives her food. She fills Dadi’s ears against Suhani. Suhani sees Yuvaan and asks are you fine. He says no, but I will make everything fine. She says its good you understood nothing is impossible in love, you have to work hard to get love. Krishna comes there and smiles. She keeps plates on table and goes. He says yes this time I will try my best to get my love.

Baby says you have no value, even when you do so much. Dadi says what to do, its because I m bahu, I would have not bear all this being in your place. She thinks to break Dadi and Suhani.

Yuvaan asks Baby to promise him to break Saiyyam and Krishna. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hi guys congrats i love kriyam but rarely get to c any of their scenes and the ffs are amazing i am a silent reader but chose to comment today due to the 100 comments se zyaada hone ke liye love kriyam forever.

  2. Good one 140 comments.
    Kriyyamites rock…

  3. Aarti I mrant siddharth nigam fans if any. The one who was young ashoka in chakravartin ashoka samrat…

  4. Thanks for the link aarti. I will surely read and comment too. By tge way I am already commenting by the name anonymous also.
    You can identify me with the green sign….

  5. Krishna should now be able to identify sayyam in darkness but here she could not understand even though yuvan had just turned around.
    And why couldnt she understand that yuvaan had come in place of sayyam there. Or do yuvaan and sayyam have wings to fly and enter or exit the room.

  6. Please comment all of you. The writers should use longer scenes of kriyyam to lure viewers amd not these one-minute eyelocks or smiles.
    Wake up cvs. Give us more of kriyyam and your show will live…
    I guarantee that coz kriyyam rocks and romantic scenes of kriyyam will surely make kriyyam fans watch episodes twice a day. And then trps will surely increase..
    Right guys…

    1. Yes I agree with you.
      Wow today episode!
      Yuvaan what is the matter with him!
      But I still believe that this is not love for Krishna.

      I hope that baby, don’t actually try to break kiryyamite up.

      Yuvaan is somehow a spoilt rich boy, who had thing the easy way of life. Now he findings marriage life, hard and a LIE!
      Yuvaan think by getting Krishna to leave saiyyam, and marry him. He would be happy.

      But he wouldn’t be happy.

      I do hope that Krishna find out first!
      Because it won’t be more better.

  7. Swetha7

    160 Not a bad number as a start.comment guys.say whatever you feel.let our sound reach to cvs and brig this this lovely serial.i completely agree with kriyyamite.just one minute of kriyam scene will never work.

  8. Jagoooooooo….we want to see more n more kriyam scenes

  9. Hey guys….has anyone watched yeh hai aashiqui starring karan jotwani?????

  10. farina hossain

    But Arshi 123 krishna said Sayam she likes him she does not say she loves him it was not a exactly love confession from krishna

    1. Arshi123

      Yaah,that’s true.This cvs don’t pay attention to these logics.
      Wake up, wake up ……cvs

  11. Guys Amazing to see 170 comments, today’s episode is was good…. Hoping to see nice episodes

  12. I think yuvaan loves Krishna n dat y he want baby to break up them but I think Krishna should show him dat she really loves saiyyam now n let him stay with dat devil baby

  13. Arshi123

    Let’s enter the 200 club today 🙂 🙂
    And plz,maintain it further ……….

    If we support the show this way,of course it’ll somehow have a positive return.I think India forums follows this site. coz many times I have seen them talking about it.Like how many ff r here,they mention it.
    So,friends both Kriyyamites and YuvAnians …….
    Keep going on 🙂

  14. Hello everyone. I don’t usually comment. I just read the updates and the ffs actually I’m a silent reader but I’m obsessed with kriyyam and this has now made me comment… i have recently heard of a term for kriyyam lovers that is kriyyamites.. so I’m definitely a kriyyamite now?❤

    1. Arshi123

      Yup…. u r a kriyyamite .join us here regularly 🙂

  15. Rukmini rudra

    Loved the way in precap yuvaan tells baby to break krishna and saiyyam interesting and good karma slap on babys ego hehehe

  16. Syedul

    Wow . I hope Kriyam don’t get separated . They look so good together

  17. We r on the verge of reaching 200 cmnts guys!! Kudos to all of u and thanx fr cmnting #sselrocks

  18. Jessica Agarwal

    Hi guys I am new on this , so can anyone please tell me how I can register? I want to comment every day As well. Holly shit . Today we got 198 comments That’s great actual.

    1. Arshi123

      First visit the site,Telly Update login/register .Then continue requiring process,also they’ll send u a confirmation email, check it out.

  19. Shayal

    Hy everyone ….. M new to this group…..

    Today episode was one of those I was eagerly waiting for when I read the spoilers…….. I only read Krishna confession and kriyam part….
    The rest I skipped….. Tomorrow epi will also be a interesting one to c if baby will agree to yuvaan saying or not…and if so how…….
    I really want some good kriyyam scenes at least beyond 5 mins…….I hope our demand for beautiful kriyyam scenes reaches the director and he adds so………coz I believe that now kriyam are becoming the parallel leads in the show……
    I started to follow this serial becoz of kriyam…… I really hope that there is an increase in trip and diz serial doesn’t end???
    Kriyam are the latest Jodi to enter my list of top fav Jodi’s of all tym

  20. Shayal

    Are any of u people on twitter….. I wanna follow u people for kriyam scenes and VM….
    And does anyone know wea can I watch kriyyam Vm…… I really wanna c it

  21. Jessica Agarwal

    Holly shit I am so happy today we have 198 comments today.

  22. they r made for each other…kriyam…

  23. 204 comments
    Kriyyam rocks…

  24. Yuvaan is really spoilt brat who needss to understand that krishna is not his to keep anymore. She is married now and he has no rights over her now as she is happy with her marriage.
    Yuvaan is really a narrow-minded person who thinks that krishna is just a toy whom he can use and throw whenever he wishes.

  25. And as for Baby she will definitely agree because she is here just to break relations. Because even if yuvaan has disowned her she can stay with badi dadi and maje her against amma mai. So she can do whatever it takes to stay in birla house as she just wants to stay in birla house. She can even bteak kriyyam up.
    So guys love kriyyam hate yuvaby.

  26. Aarti32

    Guys, we crossed 200 comments mark!! Yippieeeeeeeeeeeee ????

  27. Wow the comments are above 200….great…and lovely thank you for ur reply hope to meet u daily in this forum

  28. Hi guys .I am from Bangladesh. I also love ssel.nowadays I see this only for kriyam scenes. I like sayyam and Krishna very.they look so good together?. But they don’t show kriyam scenes much. Pls show more kriyam scenes. Or yea yuvan KO villan kiyu banaya.yuvan KO negative banana keya itna jaruri tha.pahla sai to it a negative roles tha.thanks for the update.

  29. Yuvaan humare kriyyam KO alag ni kar sakta coz kriyyam k feelings true , genuine aur honest hai … I hate yuvaan

  30. Guys,

    Krishna ye bola na ki wo sayyam se pasand karthi nahi bola na ki wo usse PYAAR karthi hai.PASAND aur PYAAR me different haina.PASAND MEAN LIKE PYAAR MEAN LOVE.tho main confuse hu ki Krishna sayyam ko PASAND karthi hai ya PYAAR.yuraaj bhi aise hi suhani ko propose kiya tha kya.yuvraj ne kya bola tha suhani se.”suhani main tumhe pasand kartha hu” ya phir “suhani main tumse pyaar kartha hu”.yuvraj iss main se kya bola tha pasand kartha hu ya pyaar kartha hu.


  31. Yuvraj bola tha I love u Suhani.

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