Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima asking Yuvaan his mumma’s name. Dadi recalls Suhani’s kids and stops him. Soumya comes from temple and ties thread to Yuvani and Krishna. Dadi asks her to tie a thread to Yuvaan too. Soumya says sure, and ties thread. Dadi thinks he is Yuvraaj’s son, my grandson, my heir. Pratima asks him to call his Mamu. Yuvaan calls Sharad. He tells him that he is in Birla house. Sharad says stay there, I will come to take you, Suhani is busy. Yuvaan says my mumma is busy in meeting, so my Mamu is coming. Dadi thinks Sharad is coming. Sharad turns and asks Suhani to reach hotel, he will get Yuvaan.

Soumya washes face and cries. She says I did big mistake, I should have told Suhani that Yuvraaj is legal father of Krishna. Soumya goes to kids. Dadi thinks to stop Sharad

from coming here. Soumya tells Krishna that they have to leave home, Yuvani won’t come with us. Krishna asks why, I won’t go without Yuvani and Yuvraaj. Soumya says they won’t come with me, listen to me. Krishna hides in cupboard and Soumya asks her to come out. She cries.

Dadi asks Yuvani to show her birthday gifts to Yuvaan. He says my mumma gave me basketball in my birthday, I play well, but not better than Yuvraaj uncle. Dadi asks him will he play now. He says yes Dadi and hugs her. He says you are really nice. Dadi smiles happily.

Krishna asks Soumya to open cupboard. Soumya pulls hard and opens door. Krishna hugs her and says don’t take me from here, I want to be with everyone here.

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Sharad comes to Birla house and cries recalling the old time. Dadi stops him. He touches her feet and she gets back. She says you all decided to go from here years ago, and promised that you will never come back and move on in life, we all also moved on, see we are very happy, I think even Yuvaan is happy without us, so let things be same, don’t try to spoil things, take Yuvaan from here and don’t come back ever. She calls Yuvaan. Yuvaan says he is my Mamu, and shows the basketball Dadi gave him. Mamu says Suhani taught you not to take gifts from strangers and drops the ball. He takes Yuvaan and leaves from there.

Yuvaan eats icecream. He tells Sharad about Dadi’s gift, and asks why did he throw it. Sharad says don’t tell Suhani about Birla house visit, else she will be worried. Yuvaan says mumma always says lying is bad. Sharad says yes, but its not wrong to lie to save relations.

Pratima looks for Yuvaan. Dadi says he left, his Mama was in hurry, I decided something, we all will go somewhere out, I got Manali tickets, pack bags. Pratima asks when do we have to leave. Dadi says right away, I can’t bear this city. Yuvani gets glad.

Suhani meets Sharad and Yuvaan. She hugs Yuvaan and asks where were you. Yuvaan says I was at Sharad’s friend’s house, they treated me very well, they tied a thread to my hand. Suhani sees same thread which Soumya tied to her hand, and asks him about the thread, what was that aunty’s name. Sharad says whats in name, it does not matter, its just a thread. Suhani says it matters, my friend tied same thread to me, where did Yuvaan go. She asks Yuvaan to say truth. Sharad says don’t ask him anything, I will answer you. He asks Yuvaan to sit in car. Yuvaan goes. Sharad tells Suhani that Yuvaan went to Birla house. She says I don’t want him to go there. He says that is his house, he has right to go there. Yuvaan told me that everyone loved him. She says he will not go there, I don’t want to keep relation with them. He says let Yuvaan decide.

She says I did not stop you from going there, you are son of that house, you have right. He says even Yuvaan is son of that house, he has right. She says I m his family, he has no one there. Yuvaan thinks Suhani is arguing with Sharad as he lied. He says sorry, I will not go to Yuvani’s house. Sharad thinks Yuvani is Soumya and Yuvraaj’s daughter. He asks Yuvaan to sit in car. Suhani asks did you go to Yuvani’s house. Yuvaan says Yuvraaj uncle is Yuvani’s dad. Suhani gets shocked. Yuvaan says Yuvraaj gave me blood right, just like you gave blood to Yuvani.

Suhani says yes, as our bloods matched. He says our birthdays also fall on same day. Suhani cries and sits in shock. She tells Sharad that Yuvani…… is my daughter. Yuvaan hugs Suhani and says sorry, I won’t go there again, don’t argue with Mamu. Shard asks Suhani is Yuvani your daughter. Suhani nods and cries. Sharad gets shocked. He says but Dadi said…… Suhani says I m also thinking this, why did Dadi do this with me.

Saurabh gives tickets to Dadi and says you all leave, I will come tomorrow along Rags and Menka. Pratima asks kids to come, they will leave now. Someone comes there. Pratima opens the door. Suhani walks in with Sharad and Yuvaan. They all get shocked.

Yuvani calls Suhani as aunty. Yuvaan introduces Suhani to Dadi.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. sree

    superb,superb and mind blowing episode….wht an entry by suhani…i hope its not the dream of dadi or suhani

    • queen

      I know I hate that too but she find out her daughter is alive after the nurse said she was dead and dadi had something to do with that better not be an imagination. I will be so peeved

  2. saaya

    Wowwwwwwww great,,.Suhani’s back…sad that Yuvi is nt there,,.bt still let prathima and all knw abt Dadi’s lies…dnt give her time to think else she will cook up new stories …

  3. Iffat Rana

    Tommorrows episode will be very good. Suhani should strong arguement from dadi and tell everyone all about dadi’s evil deeds. But I think that in her confruntation, there will be a big hurdle like Soumya and Yuvani. Soumya will break her best frnd’s heart for her selfishness and Yuvani is only a kid, and she can not easily accept Suhani as her mother in place of Soumya. But lets see, what writers will write.

  4. Producers, pleases please listen
    Now that suhani knows here daughter is alive

    Under no circumstances should dadi get away with keeping her away for 7 years – she needs to be punished

    Do not take long to get this resolved
    In fact I stopped watching for 2weeks
    Because yet again on a previous episode — dadi realised that yuvaan mothers was suhani — but no one else knew in the house — so predicable no one else can add up

    This really makes me angry and instead of taking steps forward – the show takes one step back

    Also so frustrating – you make dadi the only one with common sense

    Dadi is a villain, hero and Angel in this show — so no need for any other actors to be involved in the show

    • Anusha

      Yes ur right I.think suhani never comes.between Krishna n.yuvani…
      She moves on…

      • #UniteYuvani

        I do not care if Dadi gets away with it or not….i know she will always get away with her doings….but all i want is for Suhani to have bother her kids and to be happy that too without Yuvraj….. because with Yuvraj comes all the troubles in her life!

  5. Suhani

    Very nice…….
    Finally Suhani came to know that Yuvani is her daughter
    Her entry in birla house is tooooooo goooood
    Just waiting for next one……

  6. Suhani

    Very nice…….
    Finally Suhani came to know that Yuvani is her daughter
    Her entry in birla house is tooooooo goooood
    Just waiting for next one……
    Hope that everything will get well soon

  7. queen

    Seriously I agree they haven’t even figured it out not even yuaraaj see himself in his own child that stupid and dadi common on man she tore this family apart and put the blame on suhani numerous time and yet I get sad suhani is becoming somewhat like her. Seriously writer try not to let dadi get away with this time cuz I’m a very huge fan of this show and yet can’t deal with another cliff hanger or another twist in the show pleeeeeeeeaaaaassssssse.

  8. Anusha

    Wht do all.think…did ever yuvi know de truth…or wht???I m fed up now…..

  9. ash

    ssel ws now come back the bang… nw suhani wht ill do fr her daughter..?? now she takes her daughter to leave r stay the biral house again??
    lets see tmrw episode am cursiouly waiting watch…. ssel always u rocks ..

  10. ash

    hi guys shall request u one thing pls our ssel serial support daliy yarr.. pls pls commen daliy has ur views… pls pls its my humble request

  11. Anusha

    I m fed up CVS now…we wants yuvi to suffer but it will never hppn…does ever yuvi knows de truth….

  12. Gosh finally and now watch soumya say she married yuvraj and all and now she knows that dadi lied to suhani so that’s good haaye finally I hope yuvraj realizes soon and suhani she gets punishment to dadi. She always lets dadi loose. She better punish dadi

  13. AAYUSH

    Lot of drama is expected in upcoming episodes of Star Plus show Suhani Si Ek Ladki as Suhani (Rajshri Rani Pandey) will fight to get her twins Yuvaan and Yuvaani back.

    As per the current track, Suhani is staying with her son Yuvaan and away from Yuvraj (Sahil Mehta).

    From Yuvaan, Suhani comes to know about girl called Yuvaani who has striking similarities with Yuvaan.

    Suhani gets surprised and decides to go to the root of the matter.

    In this regard, Suhani will meet Dadi at Birla House and will question her.

    Suhani will be shocked to know that she had delivered twins and Dadi took away girl child.

    Suhani will have major showdown with Dadi and Suhani will vow to get her daughter back.

    Apparently, later in the show, Dadi will have a heart change and she will unite Suhani, Yuvan and Yuvaani.

  14. Xxx

    I think sambhav and suhani will marry and yuvraj will stop who knows but if dadi again does anything i will come to u itself and put some brain in his head bcause achild dont know his father is the most horrible idea why to seperate kids please reunite yuvraj and suhani and dont go to birlla house again

  15. you h

    For one time in the life of SSEL…. i want Menka badly now…..she is much better in spilling the beans and gossip….. although foolish but she will do the work…..she will tell everything to everyone and maybe even call Yuvraj and tell….who knows!!!

    I think there is no point for a showdown now… All Suhani should know is that Yuvani is her daughter and should just take her and go…. no questions asked no answers given…let the Birla’s live the way they want but sorry….no Suhani, Yuvani or Yuvan for them…let them have Yuvraj, Soumya and Krishna and be happy! Suhani deservers peace and love and not these stupid and insensitive Birlas…..hate everyone of them including Yuvraj and Pratima…. i mean how can they separate a mother and child….. after all that Suhani had done for them…..i mean JUST HOW!!!! They did not try to find her even once!

    Let Yuvraj come and try to get Suhani and the kids back….with what face will he ask her to come back???? Suhani should never come back…. she should get both the kids! Let Yuvraj, Soumya and Krishna stay together….Yuvraj will get what he deserves….NO LOVE AT ALL! He should not get his love Suhani and neither people who love him….whereas Suhani although she will miss Yuvraj but she will have her own family who loves her so much!!!


    • Anusha

      Yeah u.right…..yuvi has to reliase wht he loss… is the biggest punishment to Dadi also who thinks ie yuvi forget suhani n hppy with his new life….

  16. suseela

    Today episode was mind-blowing. At last Suhani come to know that yuvani is her daughter. Egarly waiting for tomorrow episode. Come-on suhani u have to fight for you r daughter.

  17. Lamees

    I hope suhani never repeat the dress again! I am happy atleast today the serial took a good turn??

  18. Savvy

    Honestly I am so disappointed with Pratima character. she is the worst. no feeling no voice no nothing. she is useless. that’s why Dadi can ruin peoples life. like how she ruin gauri life and how she ruin yuvraaj and now yuvaani life,.

  19. Edel

    If there is a lesson in this serial, I think it’s that if culprits are not punished for their crimes, they will not feel genuine remorse and will always repeat the crime. Dadi seprates Gaura from the family, suhani from Yuvraj, soumya from Krishna, pankaj from his wife and daughters (false allegation and incitement to commit suicide) and now another set of innocent kids are her victims! What does she need to do for karma and justice to prevail? I just hope the writers do not make suhani weak. She should be wise and calculating in handling this situation. Dadi need to be taught a hard lesson. But, I know that will not happen, so will just continue to read the updates. Watching will just be too tiring!

  20. uaha..

    Didn’t see the episode but does Suhani really think that barging into Birla house will get her dtr back..i mean yuvani is such a rude and arrogant child annd dislikes Suhani.All the Birla will blame Suhani for walking away…cos they never think that they are at a fault..let alone Yuvraj speaking such harse words.Suhani should play smart and bring some sense into Yuvraj first and than expose Dadi and punish her.Please Suhani don’t get emotional with Pratima and Soumya as they are both useless and selfish.Mother and a best friend do not stoop this low.Writers please don’t insult our intelligence

  21. Gits

    Wooooow what a episode! This will get good from here I hope!! I hope everyone finds out about the truth

  22. Joy

    I hope it’s true and not dadi’s imagination because if it was true, i don’t think Suhani will go there with yuvaan, let’s see
    I also want Suhani to take her daughter back, but yuvaani regards Saumya as her mother she will never agree
    And Saumya is so bad, she wanted to leave the house only with Krishna, but she is always saying that yuvani is also her daughter so how could she think of leaving her? And she also lied to Suhani for Krishna as she didn’t wanted Krishna to be away from Yuvraj but by doing that she is going to make Krishna away of yuvraj? It’s completely illogical!

  23. Sushma

    Suhani should be strong &confront dadi & she is the only 1 who can do it . I was sooo happy seeing soumya getting out the bh house along with her daughter but the very next moment my dreams were shattered. ….what a selfish lady she is. ..did she ever feel yuvani too is her daughter? She is &always been a coward. Wish to see yuvraj’s reaction, inspite of knowing the truth if yuvraj still doesn’t see dadi’s fault then that’s it. …..He won’t deserve suhani atall.

  24. Ankita

    Frankly I feels like de offscreen Matter effect the story….n yuvani reunion is impossible….n really now I regret n feels sad ie it’s just like playing fans emotions..
    Even truth reveals does yuvi left somu n Krishna big no??? N even suhani don’t come between….people who r thinking ie we gng to c jelous yuvi will not hppn…n somu never tells suhani about dere fake marriage ..CVS wants ie forget yuvani ..n Dadi won de game……seperation is like bullshit…n for me ssel is end….only character I attached m like after leap is yuvan……..will u think ie yuvi will.ever know de truth….Dis is first show where we c dis type of things…all fans supported ssel a lot ….my guts feeling say ie yuvani remains separated for sake of dere children….

  25. uaha..

    Wow..Soumya only just realised how unjust the Dadi is towards Krishna..why..because she has met Suhani and her Guilt is catching up..if she was thrown out why didn’t Yuvraj allow her to stay in the out house or get her a flat…Birla can afford it..why move into your best friends house and bedroom??..again selfish..always wanted what Suhani had.Suhani stop being gullible..don’t need friends like her.Why did Yuvraj need Soumya ..what upbringing..could have hired a maid…anyway Dadi is still calling the shots so who you fooling..Yuvraj..get over your are Selfish..not once you looked for your love and trust that weak and you not owe alot to Suhani??? AND yet you forgave Soumya and bought her home and into your bedroom and it was her husband the cause of the blast…Unless Yuvraj sees sense and repents and punishes his Dadi..and brings Suhani back into his life.and leaves Birla house.this serial is no special just like the others..rating will go down as no real message…men continue to get angry..women get emotional..whilst family members say one thing and do another..and dadis who play dirty are overlooked..WHY??? in this day and age!!

    • Yuvani lover

      Agree to u…..but first of all who will tell the truth to yuvi we know our suhani. She tells to all bh members plse don’t tell truth to yuvi..hope somehow truth is come out..infront yuvi..before suhani.and sambhav marriage hppn..m dame sure somu force n try ie suhani married to.sambhav before yuvi returns…

      Hope no more misunderstand create….like.suhani think ie yuvi move on….n yuvi to that…for fans CVS u have to soon do somethings。。。yuvi should regrets his decision….

      Sry feels pity for Krishna but I m.yuvani lover n watching serial only for dem….so yuvani hve to.reunite….

  26. kai

    oh please even after Yuvraaj finds out the truth he will still be an old cow and be angry with Suhani and also for taking his son.

  27. Yuvani lover

    It’s really fade up from ssel…m I still confused with he still hve any feelings for suhani or don’t..???i
    How selfish are..if suhani take care her child being a single mother why somu.don’t….sometimes I feels he actually forget suhani n love his fake wife…
    Why.suhani has to.sacrifice all the time….
    But pata nhi why I m feeling ie even yuvi return back he have no concern with suhani..he has fear if she take away his daughter…n den again he blame why u kept son away from me…why?? N dey both fight for dere children custody…

  28. Sushma

    Well Ankita after the leap I felt sahil in all the episodes &not yuvraj so I was convincing myself that yuvraj still luvs suhani but as u say if he wants to move on with soumya after he knows the truth then let it be, he will be writing his own fate. …without suhani the Birla house looks like a haunted house &moreover the jodi soumya yuvraj is a complete disaster in itself. & as u say if the off screen issues is affecting the story just bcoz sahil hving contacts with ********* then it’s a total injustice to Rajshri & the fans of ssel.

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