Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj sitting sad. He imagines Suhani. She says you will see me everywhere, as I m in your heart. He asks why did you not come to meet me. She says ask your heart, can I leave you and go. He says that’s why I m saying, come back. She says I m here with you, the one who stay in heart does not go. He says I wish I have sent you home. She says sometimes things happen which change life, but we have to accept the present truth. He says truth is… she says truth is you sleep like this and start lecture in morning. They smile. He turns and sees she disappeared. He cries and sees his marriage pic. He checks Suhani’s last message.

Barbie apologizes to Dadi. Dadi says Suhani is someone’s daughter, sister and…. Barbie says it was an accident and cries. Dadi says

I know its not your mistake. Yuvraaj knocks door and comes there. Dadi says you here… Yuvraaj says the day Suhani disappeared, I got a message, she wanted to tell me about Barbie, what was that? He asks Barbie to answer him.

Barbie says actually, there is something I did not say anything, I had stomach ache that day, Suhani took me to clinic, I was scared and I told her that I m not ready for surrogacy, maybe this was troubling Suhani. She cries and says it was weak moment for me, I m sorry, this guilt will always be there in my heart. He leaves. Dadi asks will Yuvraaj get fine. Barbie says give some time.

Its morning, Ramesh gives clothes to Bhavna and asks what to do about Suhani’s clothes. Pratima takes the clothes to arrange. She says I don’t want Suhani to see the room messed up when she comes. Yuvraaj looks on. Bhavna cries. Yuvraaj goes out and cries. Bin tere……….plays…………

Pratima tells Golu that Suhani will come soon, then we will have samosas. Bhavna looks on. Yuvraaj orders samosas and imagines Suhani with him. He goes to that jungle and cries seeing Suhani’s chain. Sharad consoles Pankaj.

Barbie sees Yuvraaj upset and asks him to have food. He says I m not hungry. Pratima stops him and asks him to sit. He cries and hugs Pratima. She asks him not to cry. He sees Suhani there. Suhani signs him to smile. He nods and smiles. Pratima hugs him. Barbie and Dadi look on. Yuvraaj goes to snoopi and gives him food. Snoopi does not eat as well.

Next day, Barbie gives juice to Yuvraaj. Dadi insists and makes him drink the juice. He leaves for office. Later, they all sit to do Shanti puja. Pratima stops Ramesh from putting garland on Suhani’s photo. She takes the Akhand jyot and keeps there infront of the pic.

Yuvraaj goes to that jungle again. He shouts Suhani. He recalls her and smiles. He sees the mud and recalls how she fell in mud once. He intentionally falls in the mud and looks around for Suhani. He does not see her and cries. He holds the mud in his hands and gets his anger out. A dog barks and some people spot Suhani lying unconscious in the jungle.

Pankaj asks Pratima for Yuvraaj. Pratima says don’t worry, we did not lose hope, we know truth that Suhani will come back soon. Pandit says shanti puja is completed. Barbie tells them that she has to say anything. The lady checks Suhani’s breath. Barbie says I m pregnant. They all get glad. Barbie says Dadi, Suhani’s baby is her life. Yuvraaj comes home and looks on. He says Barbie… what did you say. Barbie says I m pregnant. Dadi says Yuvraaj, your Suhani is coming to you, the baby is Suhani’s ansh. He cries. Suhani takes a breath……

Dadi asks Yuvraaj did he hear that Barbie is pregnant, she gave big news, are you not happy. Suhani is treated in the hospital.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hate barbie i think she is lying. She isn’t pregnant. I hope Suhani will come back soon. Today was a emotional episode.

  2. This serial is like kb.this track is like that of kb

  3. Star plus King of dragging drama , Suhani pls come fast I think so with these episodes rags and menka will change becoz even they were worried for Suhani and barbie just hate I think now dadi will say yuvraj to marry barbie sometimes on marriage day Suhani will come

  4. This show is nothing without yuvan. Plzz let this all end soon. Today i couldn’t controle my emotions. Suhani come back plzz

    1. Yes yaar its too emotional it made me cry and suhani plz come back….

  5. Again – very emotional and nice to see the people who love Suhani – in bits and how they show their emotions

    However I am confused – did I miss something
    Can someone please tell me
    At what point did they do the procedure to Barbie ???

    I thought they just did some test to see if she could be a surrogate candidate

    She cannot be Pregnant – all lies
    I hope this is the case in the coming up episodes

    Please do not disappoint me

  6. Now i didn’t like this serial .this serial is copying from other my favourite serial is krishnadasi which story is different from other serial

  7. Bt sarogacy ki prosses to huinhi nahi to wo oregnent kese hui its not possible never

  8. I hope suhani will come soon

  9. fabulous episode

    1. Is it true suhani will loss her memory.and get a can this is ready to see suhani don’ want to see yuraj and that b*t*h barbies marriage preparations.
      I was sad jabse suhaniji bolna choda.mein unki aawaz ke liye tadap rahi her biggest fan.plz plz.and also no leap plz.

  10. Thinks that barbie &dadi r up to their plots again (baby drama ) . Why the hell do they always make evil to win it’s very annoying.

  11. Yuvani Lover

    eagerly waiting for suhani’s makeover and her rocking entry in Birla House…

  12. OMG !!!!! That berbie iz really a witch…. I hate her

  13. I agree rani and Meghna. I hope Suhani comes back soon too, before wedding day. I also hope someone finds out she’s alive and in hospital but don’t want it to be dadi or Barbie. Maybe pratima or even soumya.

  14. What d hell barbie speaks…..

  15. very nice epi

    1. how can yuvraj agree for marriage.jab use vishwas hai suhani vaapas aayegi.theen mahine mein wo suhani ko phool jayega kya?aisa hai pysar.plz pyar naya roop dikhavo.jaisa ki chahe kutch bhi ho gaye mein shaadi nahi karroonga.aisa hona chahiye.for. example agar use suhani ke liye ye shaadi karo bolongi toh use mana hi karna ho.ahi sahi hoga.then rating will increase.

  16. If I am not mistaken, the Chinese lantern scene is similar to the one frm Ssel in krishnadasi ….remember it seeing in the promos.

  17. Shraddha Sharma

    I think barbie is lying ….

  18. Thinks that even the writers are forgetting what they written and telecast. Barbie only went for tests and were awaiting results. Nothing else was shown so how come she’s pregnant. At least show that you are following the procedure for surrogacy writers, don’t miss things and then show the person pregnant. Hoping Suhani comes back soon.

  19. I hope that Suhani’s family finds out that Suhani is still alive. And I think that Barbie is lying that she is pregnant. When did they do the procedure to Barbie, what episode??

  20. Guys pls tell me.. Eh barbie chaahthi kya he..

  21. As far as I follow this serial., Suhani was never expecting a child., though they were in love., and how in the hell is Barbie pregnant with out an egg???

  22. Barbie and Chandrakala ( looks like a beggar at the Railway station) will die for plotting and making lies after lies. Please remove this old hag from the show .Barbie & Witch (Dadi) are dark too and due to makeup they both look white which can be seen on HD.

  23. Seekram vaa suhani pls…

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